Human Resource Management Exam 1

Human resources
people an organization employs to carry out various jobs, tasks, and functions in echange for wages, salaries, and other rewards.
Human Resource management
set of managerial actitities and tasks concered with developing and maintiatning a qualified workforece in ways that contribute to your organizations effectiveness
hierarchy of human needs
Abraham Maslow was developed during the human relations era. The human relatins era was instigated by the Hawthone studyies
Sientific management
one of the earlierst approaches to management, was onerned with structuraing individual jos to maximize efficiency and productivity.
TheoryX and Y McGregors theorys
grew from human relations movement
the human relations era supplanted scientific management
during 1930s
personnel departments
specialized organizational units for hiring and admisitering human resources became popular 30s and 40s
personnel management
new type of management fuction grew from recognition that human resources needed to be managed the manager who ran the presonnell department was called the personnel manager.
knowledge workers
employeses whose jobs are promarily concerned with the aquisition and application of knowledg, and they contribute to the organzation throughw that they know and how they can apply what they know
process of hiring outside firms to handle hrm functions
an economic measure of efficiencyt that summarizes and reflects the value of the outputs created by an indiviudal, organizzatino, industry, or economic system relative to the value of the inputs used to create them
psyhological contract
overall set of expectations held by the employee with regard to whatt he or she will contribute to the organization and that are held by the organiztation with regard to what it willl provide the individual in return
total set of features and charactersitics of a product or servie that bears on its ability to satisfy stated or implied needs, what happens to productivity usually when quality improves. they go hand and fist.
Goals of Human resource management (4)
Facilitating Organizational Competitiveness
Most important . All organizations have a generla set of objectives they try to acomplish, the orgnaiztion nees to emplaoy individuals most able to help accomplish its goals and help it remain competitive. The human resource management fucntion musth have a bisic goal of clearly understangin how it competes, the kid of hr necessary to promote its ability to copete and the most appropriet methods
Enhancing productivity and quality
Most managers relaiz e that productivity and quality usually go hand in hand that is to say quality alwasy inccreases productivity.
Complying with Legan and Soial Obligations
organizations stay within the releevenet legal boundries in deal with employees.
Promoting individual growth and development
may offer programs in areas that do not directly relate to job responsibiitis, sucha s stress management, wellness and fitness and personal financial planning

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