HPAM study guide

Participation in the VHA Medical Team Training program was associated with
a lower surgical mortality rate
To convince higher level management that teamwork is worth the effort, one should point to
-improved communication
-increased productivity
-increased job satisfaction among team members
-decreased nursing turnover
Nursing turnover costs are about
$65,000 per lost nurse
Costs of teamwork include
-opportunity costs
-costs of rearranging schedules to meet
-interpersonal costs, loss of time
Lucente, Rea, Vorce, and Yancey’s examination of a new multidisciplinary team organization demonstrated that
Staff did not like change
Teams go through the following stages, in the following order
Forming, storming, norming, performing, adjoruning
Virtual teams are being used for
Telemedicine and Telecommuting
One of the questions you should ask when you are assigned to a team is
What are the goals of the team?
Tame problems can be….;
wicked problems are…..
difficult to define and hard to solve
A wicked problem has which of the following features
-no stopping rules
-no test of a solution
-is a symptom of another problem
MBTI stands for
Myers-Briggs Type Indicator
The MBTI can be used to
-determine leadership strength
-assess followership
-evaluate introversion
-estimate extroversion
Which of the following is correct about emotions
-we are hard-wired to learn emotions through mimicry and mirroring
-emotions are communicated in nanoseconds
-women and people in helping professions are more sensitive to emotions
-emotions are contagious
Social facility does NOT include
Primal empathy (goes under social awareness)
social facility does include: synchrony, self-presentation, influence, concern
Frequent, positive organizational communication can
-increase team trust
-empower employees
-improve job satisfaction
-retain nurses
Eisenhardt, Kahwajy, and Bourgeois found that teams with minimal interpersonal conflict…
– maintained a balance of power and injected fun into the process
-worked with more information, not less
-debated facts, not personalities
-had multiple alternatives to enrich debate
Crew resource management is…
The application of airline industry training to the hospital
A free rider is
Someone who does none of the work and get credit on a team and a social loafer
Guidelines for teamwork can
-improve communication
-establish goals
-delineate responsibilities
The failure to provide a service when it’s benefits outweigh cost is called
Who introduced concepts underlying Statistical Process Control?
Walter Shewhart
What is NOT included in the CQI?
structure focus
4 letters of PDCA model
Plan, do, check, act
Medicare for reimbursing hospitals
DRG (diagnosed related group)
Determination of total costs for producing a specific assigning costs is called
Cost allocation
Using work capital to enhance “good will” includes
future investors
Type of Budget that forecast cash inflows/outflows for the next year
Operating/cash budget
CMI stands for
Center for Medicare/Medicaid Innovation
Resident work hours have change due to…
the death of an 18 year old college student Libby Zion

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