hospitality ch 8

School that participate in the National School Lunch Program are able to take advantage of
federal funding in the amount of about $2.29 per meal per student
Budgeting is easier with on-campus college food service because
students have prepaid for their meals and their numbers are easier to forecast
Managed services contractors have about ___ of the business and industry market.
Some of the driving forces and trees with college campus foodservice are
branded concepts, privatization, campus cards and computer use
Inflight foodservice management operators
plan menus, develop product specifications, and arrange purchasing contracts
Colleges are more diverse in their food service operations
because there are many places and occasions for food service
In an efforts to increase cash sales and to manage profitability, managers of health care operations have become more resourceful by
developing concepts like medical malls with retail shops, bakeries, catering, and restaurants
A person considering a position in a high-end hospital food service setting should
have knowledge of dietetics and nutrition
Companies that operate their own food service operations are called
Inflight foodservice refers to
food service onboard aircraft
Compared to commercial operations, managed service have the advantage of
being able to predict the number of meals and portion sizes
Sodexo, a leading food and facilities management services company in North America, deals primarily in the areas of serving
schools, restaurants, and hospitals
Military food service is interested in management companies mostly to
save money and be more efficient
Which of the following would be considered a disadvantage of using managed contract services?
may be perceived as institutional
The rationale behind the enactment of the National School Lunch Act of 1942 was
if students received good meals, the military would have healthier recruits
A popular trend in military foodservice that offers alternatives to its personnel is
McDonald;s and Burger King franchises on military bases
Examples of the types of service a company like Sodexo might provide include
housekeeping, groundskeeping, and foodservice, and plant operation and management as well as facilities management
In college campus foodservice, the daily rate refers to the amount of
money required per day from each person to pay for the foodservice
Responsibilities in managed services do NOT include
building and grounds
Commercial foodservice differs from noncommercial in that
commercial foodservice is for profit
Managed services labor costs range from
the low teens to 50%
For patients whose diets are not restricted, some hospitals have adopted a concept called
room service menu
Businesses use managed food services for many reasons, one of which is that
quality and financial arrangements are better
If foodservice expenses for one semester of 101 days amount to $695,000 for an operation with 1100 students eating, the daily rate would be
Which of the following is NOT included in manages services?
Hotel cafeterias
The main focus and recreation segment of managed services includes
stadiums, arenas, and parks
In terms of managed services, feeding military personnel includes
feeding tropps, officers in clubs, dining halls, and military hospitals
Airlines regard inflight foodservice as
an expense that needs to be controlled, resulting in less food served onboard
What managed services company began by turning vending into a service?
Which of the following is a major challenge in elementary and secondary school foodservice?
balancing salability with good nutrition
Elementary and secondary schools may participate or not in the National School Lunch Program. Participating allows the school to
save money when federally funded

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