HOSA Bowl Study Guide

What is the duty of the state parliamentarian?
1. Be prepared to advise the presiding officer and other Chaptermembers on points of parliamentary procedure 2. Have reference material pertaining to acceptable parliamentary procedure available 3. Be very alert and call attention to significant irregularities with thought about the fair and equal rights of all members 4. Assist Chapter members in understanding the fundamental purposes of parliamentary procedure 5.Follow Robert’s Rules of Order, Newly Revised, as the final authority for procedures 6. Be dedicated to seeing that no business is conducted within the Chapter without the application of parliamentary procedure

Is the time fixed which to adjourn debatable?

When was HOSA founded?
November 1976

What does the 5th line in the HOSA creed say?
I believe in myself

What are the official colors of HOSA?
navy blue, medical white, maroon

The term “rules of order” refers to what?
Parliamentary procedure

When is National HOSA Week?
The first full week of November, this year

Who presides over a meeting in the absence of the President?

What is the new name of each of the following categories in National HOSA Competitive Events I,II,III,IV,V
Health science, health professions, emergency preparedness, leadership, and teamwork

What are the new changes related to Alumni membership?
They are not part of the outstanding chapter anymore

Who is the 2012-2013 HOSA Inc. Chairman of the Board?
Denise Abbott

Who is the Executive Director of National HOSA?
Jim Koeninger

What is a chapter program of work?
The Program of Work for a HOSA chapter is a list or calendar of activities that your chapter has planned for the year.

What is the curriculum guide that assists instructors with teaching HOSA?
HOE-HOSA partnership

How many hours are required to receive the President’s Award in the Barbara James Service Award?

What does it mean for a chapter to be a member of the HOSA 100 Club?
HOSA chapters that submit their paid affiliation fee by October 15 are recognized as part of the HOSA 100 Club

What US Government agency is HOSA working with emergency preparedness?
Medical Reserve Corps National

What are the 6 HOSA charter states?
New Jersey, Alabama, North Carolina, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Texas

What competition requires a written test and question round after students have read five approved books?
medical reading

What is official dress for males?
tailored navy blazer, white closed-neck shirt, solid navy or maroon long tie, with matching navy or white slacks. NO TENNIS SHOES!

What is official dress for females?
White tailored blouse, optional maroon scarf, and slacks or skirts. NO TENNIS SHOES!

What does HOSA Handbook section “A” address?
The introduction to HOSA

What does HOSA Handbook section “B” address?
Organizing a HOSA Chapter

What does HOSA Handbook section “C” address?
Managing HOSA Chapter Activities

Where is National HOSA headquarters located?
Flower Mound, Texas

The official HOSA Supplier is:
Awards Unlimited in Lincoln, Nebraska

Postsecondary/Collegiate Vice President
Gregory Cotes

Executive Director
Jim Koeninger

Associative Director
Karen Koeninger

Coordinator of Membership Services
Jeff Koeninger

HOSA Emblem: Circle
The circle represents the continuity of health care.

HOSA Emblem: Triangle
The triangle represents social, physical, and mental well-being.

HOSA Emblem: Hands
The hands signify the caring of each HOSA member.

HOSA Emblem: Maroon
Background of outer circle.

HOSA Emblem: Medical White
Letters of circle, hands, figure, HOSA in triangle, and the area around triangle.

HOSA Emblem: Navy Blue
Triangle. Founded in 1976.


HOSA Colors:
Navy Blue, Medical White, Maroon

HOSA Colors: Navy Blue
Loyalty to the Healthcare Profession

HOSA Colors: Medical White
Purity of Purpose

HOSA Colors: Maroon
Compassion of HOSA Members

HOSA Motto
The Hands of HOSA Mold the Health of Tomorrow

A motion requires a _____ to be considered, unless the motion is made on the behalf of a ______.
second; committee

Nominations do not need a _______.

Every meeting must be ______. A motion to _______ must be seconded.
adjourned; adjourn

Main Motion
The main motion brings new business before the assembly and/or introduces a new subject. This motion can only be made when no other business is pending.

Subsidiary Motion
Subsidiary Motions assist the group in treating or disposing of a main motion, and sometimes other motions.

Privileged Motions
Privileged Motions do not relate to the pending motion. They relate to special materials of particular importance, and should be allowed to interrupt the consideration of other matters.

Incidental Motions
Incidental Motions deal with questions of procedure arising out of another pending motion, or sometimes another item of business.

How many taps of the gavel are required to adjourn a meeting?

How to stand: Women
A female stands up straight and tall with the left foot facing front and at a slight angle, and the right heel placed in the instep of the left foot and at a 90 degree angle to the left foot. The right let may be slightly bent to prevent a stiff looking pose.

How to stand: Men
A male stands up straight with feet spaced comfortably apart facing forward.

How to stand: Everyone
Eyes forward, chin up, hands comfortably relaxed at the sides with shoulders back.

How to sit
1) Approach the chai, turn, and locate the edge of the chair with the back of your leg. 2) Men may pull up pants legs slightly before sitting. Females should not arrange their skirts by smoothing the back of the skit before sitting. 3) Looking straight ahead with the back straight and keeping your hands at your sides, sit on the front half of the chair with body weight forward. 4) Slide to the back of the chair. Females’ upper backs should not touch the backs of their chairs. 5) Females should sit with feet crossed at the ankles. Men should sit with feet flat on the floor.

How to stand up after sitting
1) Shift torso weight forward and using leg muscles 2) and keeping your back straight 3) stand straight up-gracefully. 4) Don’t use your hands to push yourself up. 5) Walk away gracefully.

How many voting delegates? 5-25 Members?

How many voting delegates? 26-50

How many voting delegates? 51-75

How many voting delegates? 76-100

How many voting delegates? 101-125

How many voting delegates? 126-150

How many voting delegates? 151+

HOSA Slogan
Health Science and HOSA: A Healthy Partnership

HOSA Tagline
HOSA-A Student-Led Association of future Health Professionals

Morphine (opium)
from a poppy plant, used to treat severe pain; highly addictive

from the foxglove plant, used to strengthen and slow the heart rate.

from the bark of the cinchona tree; used to treat fever and relieves muscle spasms, also prevents malaria.

Belladonna (Atropine)
from the poisonous night shade plant, relieves stomach pain.

Primitive Times (4000BC- 3000BC)
Belief that illness was punishment from Gods and Demons · Religion played an important part in health care during this time · Dissection was not permitted so exploring the structure of the body was limited · First physicians were witch doctors, tribal doctors, Shaman, or medicine men. (treated illness with ceremonies ex: exorcisms) · People were superstitious · Herbs and plants used as medicine – Foxglove leaves could be chewed to strengthen and slow down the heart · Foxglove is now given through IV, pills, or injections · Average life span: 20 years

drilling holes in the skull on live patients to let demons out. first practiced by the Egyptians

Ancient Chinese (1700BC-AD220)
· Strong belief to cure the entire spirit and nourish the body · Used holistic health methods (treating the mind, body, and soul) · Used therapies such as acupuncture

Egyptians (3000BC-300BC)
· Wrote the first accurate health records · Prescriptions were written on papyrus · Temples were used for worships, medical schools, & hospitals · Priests were doctors · Embalming led to understanding of anatomy & disease · Embalming was done by priest · Gauze used to wrap bodies is much like the gauze used today · Most people could not read · Used bloodletting & leeches as medical treatments-Using leeches to suck out the ‘bad’ blood

Who designed the HOSA emblem?
It was adapted by the delegate assembly during the first HOSA National Leadership Conference in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma on April 27-30, 1978 from a design submitted by TN HOSA state association.

What is the organization level of National HOSA (highest to lowest)?
1. Associate, 2. Professional, 3. Postsecondary, 4. Secondary, 5. Collegiate, 6. Alumni, 7. Honorary.

According to Roberts Rule of Order, what are the 5 types of motions?
1. main motions, 2. secondary motions, 3. Subsidiary motions, 4.Priveleged motions, 5. Incidental motions.

Ancient Greeks (1200BC-200BC):
Hippocrates’ knowledge of anatomy and physiology based on observation; learned that disease is caused by natural causes and not demons; first to use massage and art therapy; stressed that a good diet and cleanliness prevented disease.

the classification of a fracture, characterized by broken ends being together.

the number of chromosomes found in the fertilized ova
23 pairs

protein in the diet is essential because it is the only nutrient that supplies the body with
Hydrochloric Acid

What do the hands of the HOSA emblem represent
caring of each HOSA member

an acute viral disease that causes an inflammation of the gray matter of the spinal cord


the removal of dirt, foreign objects and debris in a wound.

The color of the triangle in the HOSA emblem

A deficiency in this might cause night blindness
Vitamin A

The section of the HOSA Handbook that describes the history of HOSA is
Part 2

What is the classification of the motion to reconsider?
motions that bring a question again before the assembly

What should a president do to save a motion when the vote is a tie?
Vote in favor of the motion

How many secondary vice presidents may be elected to the national HOSA executive council?

The official HOSA supply service is located in
Lincoln, Nebraska

What information is tested in the examination of national officer candidates?
Parliamentary procedure and HOSA information

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