Honors Chemistry Exam

Flash Cards for the Fall Honors Chemistry Exam[image] ~By THIS GUY!
(I actually typed these! crazy huh?) good luck everyone! tell me if anything is wrong with one of the cards!
An example of an extensive property of matter is?
Which of the following are considered physical properties of a substance?
All of the above
(Color and odor, melting and boiling points, malleability and hardness)
Which state of matter has a definite volume and takes the shape of its container?
Which of the following is a physical change?
Which of the following is true about homogeneous mixtures?
They are known as solutions.
Which of the following is a heterogeneous mixture?
Oil and Vinegar
Separating a solid from a liquid is called
An example of a homogeneous mixture is?
Stainless Steel
Which of the following is true about compounds?
they are substances
A substance that can be separated into two or more substances only by chemical change is a?
What distinguishes a substance from a mixture?
Mixtures can be separated physically, while compounds cannot.
The first figure in a proper chemical symbol always is?
Which of the following represents a compound?
What do chemical symbols and formulas represent respectively?
elements and compounds
What must be a change in a chemical reaction?
There must be a change in chemical properties.
Which of the following is true for all chemical reactions?
the total mass of the reactants equals the total mass of the products.
A chemical change occurs when a piece of wood…?
When an iron nail is grounded into powder, it’s mass…?
stays the same
How many grams of liquid water produces when sixty grams of ice melt?
sixty grams
What is the result of adding 2.5 x 10 and 3.5 x 10?
2.9 x 10(3) to the third power…
How many significant figures are in the measurement 811.40 grams?
How many significant figures are in the measurement 40500 mgs?
Express the sum of 1111km and 222km using the correct number of significant digits?
What is the measurement of 1042 L rounded off to 2 significant digits?
1.0 x 10(3rd power)
The chief advantage of the metric system over other systems of measurement is that it…?
is in multiples of 10
What is the SI Unit of mass?
Which of the following mass units is the largest?
1 dg
If the temperature changes by 100 K, by how much would it change in degrees Celsius?
100 degrees Celsius
The quantity of 44 liters expressed in cubic meters is?
0.044 m
Density is found by dividing?
mass by volume
What is the volume of 45.6 g of silver if the density of silver is 10.5 g/mL?
4.34 mL
If the temperature of a piece of steel decreases, what happens to its density?
The density increases
As the density of a substance increases, the volume of a given mass of that substance…?
As the density of a substance increases, the volume of a given mass of that substance…?
The expression of 8504 km in scientific notation is
8.504 x 10(3rd power) km
The closeness of a measurement to its true value is a measure of its
Which of the following measurements contains two significant figures? **-(A) 0.00400 L -(B) 0.00440 L -(C) 0.00404 L -(D) 0.00044 L
Express the product of 2.2 mm and 4.00 mm using the correct number of significant digits.
11 mm
When multiplying and dividing measured quantities, the number of significant figures in the result should be equal to the number of significant figures in
the lease percise measurement
Which of the folloiwing columes is the smallest? -(A) one deciliter -(B) one liter -(C) one milliliter -(D) one microliter
Which temperature scale has no negative temperatures?
-(A) Joule
-(B) Celsuius
-(C) Fahernheit
-(D) Kelvin
The weight of an object
depends on its location
The smallest particle of an elements that retains the properties of that elements is a?
Dalton hypothesized that atoms are indivisible and that all atoms of an elements are identical. It is now known that?
atoms are divisible!
Who conducted experiments to determine the quantity of charge carried by an electron?
Which of the following is true concerning subatomic particles?
The neutron was discovered by Chadwick in 1932.
All atoms are? (referring the the charge)
Neutral, with the number of protons equaling the number of electrons, which is equal to the number of neutrons.
The nucleus of an atom is?
central core and is composed of protons and neutrons
The particles that are found in the nucleus of an atom are?
protons and neutrons
The atomic number of an element is the total number of which particles in the nucleus?

An element has an atomic number of 76. The number of protons and electrons in a neutral atom of the element are?[image]<- This guy fixed this card.



76 protons and 76 electrons


And its his Birthday. Thanks Marlowe for pointing out the error and Happy Birthday!

The sum of the protons and neutrons in an atom equals the?
mass number
What does the number 84 in the name krypton-84 represent?
mass number
All atoms of the same element have the same?
number of protons
All atoms of the same element have the same?
number of protons
Isotopes of the same element have different?
Number of neutrons
The mass number of an element is equal to?
the total number of protons and neutrons in the nucleus.
Using the periodic table, determine the number of neutrons in oxygen-16
How many protons, electrons, and neutrons does an atom with the atomic number 50 and mass number 125 contain?
50 protons 50 electrons and 75 neutrons
If E is the symbol for an element, which two of the following symbols represent isotopes of the same element?
2/9 E
for all of you goobers out there
2/9 means the two is over the 9
doing subscripts would take too much time
and i have little of that
Select the correct symbol for an atom of tritium
How is the number of neutrons in the nucleus of an atom calculated?
Subtract the number of protons from the mass number
How do the isotopes hydrogen 1 and 2 differ?
H-2 has 1 neutrons and H-1 had none!
Which of the following isotpes has the same number of neutrons as phosphorus-31?
32/16 S
32 is over the 16
What unit is used to measure weighted average atomic mass?
Which of the following equals the weighted average atomic mass unit?
the mass of helium-4 atom
why do chemists use relative masses of atoms compared to a reference isotope rather than the actual masses of the atoms?
the actual mass of an electron is very large compared to the actual mass of a proton.
The atomic mass of an element is the?
Total number of subatomic particles in its nucleus
The atomic mass of the element depends on the?
Mass and relative abundance of each isotope of that element.
Which of the following was originally a tenet of Dalton’s atomic theory. but had to be revised about a century ago?
Atoms are tiny indivisible particles.
(haha the quiz that i took this question off of, i got a 2 outta 10! miserble isnt it? thank you karen for giving me the answers!)
Why did J.J. Thomson reason that electrons must be a part of the atoms of all elements?
Charge-to-mass ratio of electrons was the same, regardless of the gas used.
Which of the following is true about subatomic particles?
The mass of a neutron nearly equals the mass of a proton
As a consequence of the discovery of the nucleus by Rutherford, which model of the atom is thought to be true?
Electrons are distributed around the nucleus and occupy almost all the volume of the atom.
If three electrons are available to fill three empty 2p atomic orbitals, how will the electrons be distributed in the three orbitals?
one electron in each orbital.
How many half-filled orbitals are in a bromine atom?
Stable electron configurations are likely to contain…?
filled energy sublevels!
Bohr’s model could only explain the spectra of which types of atoms?
single atoms with one electron
How many unpaired electrons are in a sulfur atom? (atomic number 16)
What are qunta of light called?
(man i actually got a 3/10 on this quiz. must be a record. missing 3 out of 10 questions. gah i swear its like i TRIED to miss all of them. miserable!
Which scientist developed the quantum mechanical model of the atom?
Erwin Schrodinger
How are the frequency and wavelength of light related?
They are inversely proportional to each other.
Emission of light from an atom occurs when an element___.
Drops from a higher to a lower energy level.
In the bohr model of the atom an electron in an orbit has a fixed ___.
How does the energy of an electron change when the electron moves closer to the nucleus?
The principle quantum number indicates what property of an electron?
Energy level
What is the shape of the 3p atomic orbital?
How many energy sublevels are in the second principle energy level?
What is the maximum number of S orbitals in any single enery level in an atom.
What is the maximum number of electrons in the second principle energy level?
When an electron moves from a low to a higher energy level, the electron ___.
absorbs a quantum of energy.
The shape (not the size) of an electron cloud is determined by the electron ___.
The letter P in the symbol 4p3 indicates the ___.
Orbital Shape.
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