Holt World History Medieval to Early Modern Times

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How did the Mongols help to increase trade between Europe and Asia?
The Mongols took over China and made the roads safe for trade and travel.
Why did Marco Polo remain in China and the East for so long?
Kublai Khan made Marco Polo a government official.
In what way did people think differently about religion and new ideas in the Middle Ages and the Renaissance?
They still were devout Christians but they developed humanities and started to respect and honor those who could read and write and worked more than only to glorify God.
What were the trading cities of Venice and Genoa known for?
Venice and Genoa were Italy’s main port cities. They shipped in and out beautiful items from Asia.
What was the richest city of the renaissance period?
What effect did the wealthy merchant families have on the Renaissance in the Italian cities?
The signoria ran the cities and determined what was valued.
How are classical and renaissance statues alike?
They both made their bodies as perfect as greek gods. Both lifelike and detailed.
What are some techniques that give a picture \”perspective\”?
Using different colors, people were smaller in back than in front and straight lines were drawn diagonal.
Where did scholars discover ancient latin texts that were forgotten or thought to have been lost?
In ancient monestaries.
What were the things that renassaince scientists studied?
The scientists studied math, engineering, architecture, astronomy and cartography.
What did renaissance mathemeticians invent?
They invented symbols for square root and positive and negative numbers.
Name at least four things that contributed to the spread of renaissance ideas.
paper making, printing press, new universities, and women’s education
What was the effect of translating the Bible from latin to vernacular languages?
Because the Bible was available, people wanted to read and then they wanted to get more education.
What were the differences between humanism in Italy and humanism in Northern Europe?
Northern Europe mixed humanism and religeon while Italy focused on just humanism.
How are paintings of Northern European Artists different from those of Italian artists?
Northern European artists painted about normal everyday life and Italian artists painted biblical scenes and classical myths.
means rebirth and it refers to the period that followed Europe’s middle ages.
the head of the richest merchant family that controlled the city
the study of the humanities that lead to a new way of thinking
the common language of the people
Cosimo de Medici
banker in Florence that brought art and culture into the city
Albrecht Durer
German artist known for his engravings and woodcuts and print making
Leonardo De Vinci
Most famous for the Mona Lisa and was a Painter, musician, engineer, architect, mathematician and doctor
Johann Gutenberg
developed the printing press
Niccolo Machiavelli
Statesmen and historian; wrote The Prince which held accounts of how politics and government really worked.
William Shakespeare
English poet and dramatist considered one of the greatest English writers (1564-1616)
Francois Rabelais
Writer who mocked church and government
Miguel de Cervantes
Spanish writer. Wrote Don Quixote.
Dante Alighieri
writer who wrote The Divine Comedy in Italian instead of Latin
An italian painter, sculptor, poet and architect from Florence famous for painting the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel
Father of Humanism, wrote about the importance of knowing history.

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