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What was the average age of a Civil War soldier?
What were the age limits of a Civil War soldier
18 and 29
T/F: Many soldiers were volunteers
What were some technological advances during the war?
telegraph, trains transported people and equipment, ironclad ships, new artillery
What was the battle that made both sides realize that the war would be long, bloody, and hard?
First Battle of Bull Run
What were the strengths of the North?
much better prepared, double railroad miles, more factories, economy balanced, money, 2/3 American population lived in North
What were the strengths of the South?
military colleges were in the South, majority of trained officers were Southerners, fighting for something important to them
What were the weaknesses of the North?
would have to attack and conquer south
What were the weaknesses of the South?
relied on North, starting from scratch, North was already independent
What were some Northern strategies to win?
blockaded South, strangled South’s resources
What were some Southern strategies to win?
prepare and wait, defensive war, stopped exporting cotton, European help
What was the bloodiest battle of the Civil War until 1863?
What was the importance of Shiloh?
shattered on both sides the remaining illusions about the glory of war and destroyed northern hopes that the Confederacy would be defeated
What battle put McClellan back into command?
Second Battle of Bull Run
Why was the Second battle of bull run called that?
Confederates defeated in same place again
What was the bloodiest day of the Civil War?
Who won Antietam?
How did the development of new military technologies affect the Civil War?
improvements in artillery changed the way people fought
What did the Union do to support the war effort?
established draft
What did the Confederates do to support the war effort?
seized male slaves for military labor, taxed personal incomes, farmers required to give 1/10 of crops to army
How long did people have to serve under the draft law?
3 years
What age group did the draft law focus on?
What did Great Britain do for the war?
allowed Confederates to use ports
What were some emergency wartime actions put into play?
disloyal members of Maryland state legislatures arrested to prevent vote for secession, uprising to overthrow the pro-Confederate state government, Kentucky went under martial law, writ of hapeas corpus
What was the Emancipation Proclamation?
said that slaves in areas of rebellion against government would be free
How did northerners feel about the Emancipation Proclamation?
hope toward end of war, feared black would want jobs
What did labor shortages and lack of goods result in?
What were 2 reasons for desertion?
homesickness and boredom
Who was the only Confederate general that was tried and convicted for war crimes during the war?
Henry Wirz
Who replaced McClellan?
What 2 battles were low points for the Union?
Battle of Fredericksburg, Battle of Chancellorsville
After what battle did Burnside ask to be relieved of his command?
What was Lee’s most brilliant victory?
When was Stonewall Jackson killed?
Lee’s most brilliant general
Stonewall Jackson
What battle made Confederates want to win because they wanted to win on northern soil
What was the bloodiest battle of the Civil War?
Greatest and most costly battle of Civil War
What did Gettysburg do for the Union?
boosted moral
What was the importance of Vicksburg?
kept the union from having complete control of Mississippi River
What city sat on a bluff, high above a sharp bend in the river and was a Confederate post on the Mississippi River?
a tactic in which an enemy is surrounded and starved in order to make it surrender
What was the outcome of Vicksburg?
Union had complete control of Mississippi River
Why was 1863 important
election, end of war seemed in sight
What was Confederate strategy in 1864?
to hold on and confront and crush
What was the Union strategy in 1864?
split and conquer
What did the 13th amendment do?
ended slavery in the US forever
What were the terms of the surrender?
Southerns could take their horses and go home, wouldn’t be punished as traitors, Confederates would be fed
What were the factors that led to the South’s demise?
election of Lincoln, low on supplies, divide and conquer, low on men
What was Lee’s last major victory?
Battle of Cold harbor
What was Sherman’s gift to Lincoln?
What was Sherman’s goal when he went to South Carolina?
destroy the rest of the South’s resources
1st battle of the Civil War
First Battle of Bull Run
war in which one side inflicts continuous losses on the enemy in order to wear down its strength
war of attrition
device that explodes in the air when it hits a target
a special type of shell filled with bullets
Civil war battle in Tennessee
Civil war battle in Maryland
What battle was the first to use railroads to transport things?
First Battle of Bull Run
required military service
official acceptance
national currency
when a state was ruled by military officials
martial law
antiwar northern democrat
a legal protection requiring that a court determine if a person is lawfully imprisoned
writ of habeas corpus
items seized by the enemy during wartime
Civil war battle in 1862 in Virginia, won by the Confederacy
Civil war battle in 1863 in Virginia, won by the Confederacy
Civil war battle in 1863 in Pennsylvania, won by the Union and a turning point in the war
What battle did Pickett’s charge take place in?

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