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What is the effect of lifestyle choice on natural resource sustainability? Although many of us, if not most of us, have some idea of what sustainability means conceptually, how many of us have an idea of what this means in terms of our lifestyle and personal responsibilities? Where the progress of society towards a sustainable future may be viewed as inadequate, it may be easy for us to blame governments and corporations, but given that the activities of governments and organizations serve individuals, what can we as individuals do and influence?

How can engineers empower and equip us to live sustainable from day to day and what might a sustainable lifestyle look like? This is the first in a series of Energy, Environment and Sustainability Group (SEES) articles on what a sustainable lifestyle might mean in practice and what engineers can do to influence this. This is an extensive and complex subject that cannot be done Justice in one article, but eyeful as we develop the theme there may be an exchange of ideas that can help us all move in the right direction.

How have environmental policies Implemented by local leaders affected your dally life? Provide an example. As

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In Palm Beach, FL. The local leaders affected my dally life; by the climate and energy local Improve energy efficiency. In West Palm Beach the local government reduce greenhouse gas level emissions by Implementing our city policies that program reduce residential energy use In many street. Also think globally, act locally Is a concept that has been applied to the environmental movement for decades.

The concept encourages local strategies for protecting the earth, Including conservation, recycling, restriction of environmental pollutants and reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. By adopting a global perspective, local government officials can play a key role In Implementing policies that support the environment In their communities. They can also work through state and federal channels to Influence far reaching policies to protect the earth.

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