History 2020 Chapter 22

which of the following is accurate regarding eleanor roosevelt’s relationship with the public
She often had better approval ratings than her husband
Huey long’s share our wealth plan
would have limited the incomes and investments of the wealthy and guaranteed an income to all americans
the announcement of a ten percent wage cut by US steel initiated a wage cuts and layoffs that influenced hoover to
lend federal money to businesses and states
How did FDR react to business leaders’ hostility to New Deal program
WRONG ***he met with them but ultimately rejected their arguments

Possible right* he tried to appease them by toning down his campaign promises in 1936

Which of the following is NOT true of Father Charles Coughlin
he eventually became an advisor to roosevelt
What resulted from the work of the Federal Housing Authority, established in 1934
WRONG***a boom in the construction of new homes began

Possible right *home ownership increased dramatically

all of the following are true of the american federation of labor and congress of industrial organization except that
WRONG*** unlike the CIO, the AFL welcomes only skilled workers

possible right* both encouraged women to leave their jobs

In the 1930s, black voters abandoned the Republicans for the Democratic Party. What does this shift in allegiance reveal about the FDR’s Democratic Party.
WRONG ***Its policies addressed all the needs of African americans

possible right* it was believed to be a champion of those who had less power in society

Which group hoped to take advantage of the increased unrest among American workers to further its cause
WRONG***left wing democrats

possible right* The communist party

Gallup polls were innovative in that they
WRONG*** were the first polls to attempt to portray popular opinion
possible right* were the only polls conducted at any time other than election days
How did Reginald Marsh Bread line-No one has starved respond to Hoover’s statement that “no one is actually starving”
WRONG***The men are waiting in line to receive food; the drawing celebrates Hoover’s leadership

possible right*** The men are portrayed without their families, which were likely going hungry

The fact that the government encouraged farmers in the Dust Blow to plant soil-improving crops like legumes most likely indicates that
typical land use practices had contributed to the devastating dust storms.
How did the Agricultural Adjustment Act (AAA) attempt to raise crop prices
by paying farmers to take land out of cultivation
Native Californians did not welcome Okies to their state even though
they depended on the labor of Okies to pick their crops
In what way did many of Hoover’s policies pave the way for the New Deal
WRONG***they focused efforts on lending money to businesses and financial institutions

Possible right** They established all of the institutions that Roosevelt employed to fulfill his vision

What statement best describes the direct impact of the reconstruction finance corporation act of 1932
The loans failed to put more money into the hands of workers
FDR campaigned as
a conservative who would balance the budget
This poster advertising social security does all of the following except
point out that payroll taxes will fund the program
Why did photographs such as this one cause a public outcry
they showed the brutality of Ford security forces against union organizers
The Works Progress Administration (WPA) did all of the following except
fund direct relief for the unemployed
What is implied by this photo shot by Margaret Bourke-White in 1937
The American Way involved excluding some groups from prosperity
Who view of the New Deal is portrayed in the cartoon “Uncle guinea pig”
that of conservatives who felt the policies would be harmful
The plight of American farmers during the Depression was magnified by
devastating droughts and dust storms
What group is described as “riding the rails” during the depression
teenagers who hopped onto empty freight cars
How did FDR’s efforts to address unemployment compare with those of Hoover
WRONG****Both presidents remained committed to lending money to institutions that might employ people

Possible right**** Unlike FDR, Hoover did nothing to address unemployment, even indirectly

Before he became president, Herbert hoover was known as a
great humanitarian
How did General Douglas Mac Arthur’s response to the Bonus March affect the view of the electorate toward president hoover
The harsh treatment of the veterans confirmed public opinion that hoover was out of touch with the plight of ordinary americans
What were the Bonus Marchers demanding through their demonstrations
early payment on federal bonds set to mature in 1945
What did the Glass-Steagall Act of 1933 do to boost American confidence in the banking system
it created the FDIC to insure bank deposits
What was the new deal coalition
the partnership of liberal, trade unionist, Catholics, and northern blacks who voted for the democratic party
The dust bowl wreaked havoc on the western plains to the degree that even the east coast felt its effect
New Deal policies improved the lot of farm owners tenant farmers, and farm laborers equally
By 1936, Huey Long had become one of Franklin Roosevelt’s most loyal allies
Senator huey long accused president Roosevelt of trying to bring about racial equality
Father Charles Coughlin criticized the New Deal for overreaching in its policies toward banking and finance
The unemployment rate climbed as high as 25 % during the great depression
With Eleanor Roosevelt leading the way, more political opportunities became available to women during FDR’s presidency
During the Great Depression more than 400,000 Mexican left the United States, both voluntarily and involuntarily
The woman portrayed in Dorothea Lange’s photograph “Migrant Mother” later tried to suppress the image because she felt it stigmatized her for being poor
Unskilled workers were unaffected by the growth of unions during the New Deal
What was the effect of FDR’s court packing scheme
WRONG****The supreme court was persuaded to support new deal programs
POSSIBLE RIGHT**** FDR was able to appoint seven judges to the supreme court
As a result of the week-long bank holiday declared on March 6 1933
Congress was able to pass legislation allowing only approved banks to reopen
The securities and exchange commission was created to regulate
the stock market
What occurred on Black Tuesday
trading on the stock market resulted in losses totaling 14 billion
A Migrant family such as the one pictured in this photograph was most likely headed
toward farms as far west as california
The agricultural marketing act was passed before the beginning of the great depression with the purpose of
buying agricultural surpluses
Dorothea Lange’s photographs for the Resettlement administration were intended to
stir public empathy for migrant farmers
When banks confiscated the property of farmers who defaulted on loans, farmers influenced the sale of this property by
WRONG***buying each other’s property for a penny at auction and then crating co-ops
POSSIBLE RIGHT*** intimidating potential buyers by hanging nooses on barn doors
The Tennessee Valley Authority did all of the following except
improve roads
James Rosenberg’s Dies Irae 1929 portrays
the chaos of the October 1929 stock market crash
The purpose of the civilian Conservation Corps was to
provide work experience for disadvantaged young men
How was Eleanor Roosevelt different from previous first ladies
WRONG****She pursued a career separate from her obligations as first lady

POSSIBLE*** She advised the president on policy

Why was FDR’s relationship with supreme court difficult
four justices consistently ruled against new deal legislation
Why did Franklin Roosevelt refuse to be photographed in a wheelchair
He feared being viewed as weak and physically unfit to run the country
What message did signs such as this one convert to the average American
a general animosity toward the wealthy
How did New Deal programs respond to the needs of African Americans
African Americans received more aid than before, though often less than whites
According to the text, why were Roosevelt’s fireside chats so popular with the American public
They enabled the president to connect directly with the American people
How did the Indian Reorganization Act set the stage for a rebirth of Native American culture
WRONG*****It expanded the land allotment policies of the 1887 Dawes Act

POSSIBLE***It established limited self government on Indian reservations

All of the following contributed to the economic problems that emerged in the 1920s except.
the low prices of manufactured goods
How did Father Charles Coughlin influence FDR’s first administration
Popular support for his attacks on financiers and bankers pushed FDR to the left
Why were large corporations wary of the National Recovery Administration
They feared they would be forced to negotiate with labor unions
How does the mural Turning a corner misrepresent the plight of farmers in the 1930
it gives no hint of the dust storms or drought that were ravaging farms at the time
Frances Perkins is noted as the first woman to have served as
a member of a president’s cabinet
how does the image of poverty in Dorothea Lange’s photograph Breadline compare with the that in Reginald marsh’s drawing bread line no one has starved
both portray the isolation of the poor
Why did federal policy in the thirties encourage Mexican immigrants to return to mexico
The government wanted to protect the jobs of native born americans
In evicting the Bonus Marchers, Chief of staff General Douglas MacArthur exceeded President Hoover’s orders, thus committing insubordination
According to Senator Huey Long, no individual should earn more than 1 million a year
In addition to the Works Progress Administration, other governmental agencies hired artists to create public art
President Hoover’s advisers saw the Bonus Marchers as a welcome opportunity to score points in the presidential elections
Dorothea Lange’s photograph “Migrant Mother” became an iconic image of the Great Depression
The New Deal successfully ended the great depression
As high as unemployment rates were during the Great Depression, the nation had seen similar levels of unemployment previously in its history
Huey Long proposed pensions for the elderly that would be funded by taxing the rich, whereas the social security system was funded through payroll taxes

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