HFT 2254

Which group creates and markets professional development and training programs for the hotel industry?
The Educational Institute
Which method would be least effective for determining guests’ needs and wants?
Waiting for guests to approach staff with specific problems
How can guest service best be integrated with employee reward systems?
By associating performance in providing guest service with employee compensation
What are two characteristics of a product commodity?
It is commonly available and most often is unspecialized.
What is a REIT?
A stock-issuing company that can own and operate its own hotels
What is the term used to identify those who purchase the rights to use a hotel’s brand name?
What is one reason that a hotel owner might consider hiring a hotel management company?
Improved overall management of the hotel
What is the lodging industry term for the formal operating agreement between a hotel’s owners and a hotel management company?
Management Contract
What is the term used to identify those who sell the rights to use a hotel’s brand name?
What should happen to service procedures after they have been implemented in a hotel?
They should be updated as guest preferences change over time.
What is another lodging industry term for a specific hotel brand name?
Which of the following is essential if employees are to effectively resolve guest problems as they occur?
The authority to make key decisions
What would be the occupancy rate for a hotel that has 200 rooms on a day in January in which it sold 100 rooms and received total rooms revenue of $17,000?
In which type of booking model are room rates readily viewed on-line by potential guests?
Merchant Model
Which professional recognition is typically granted by a governmental agency?
Who will most often have the greatest detailed knowledge of guest likes and dislikes?
Line-level Employees
When can a cross-functional team be an effective operational tool in a hotel?
When resolving hotel operating problems
Who has the greatest influence on the overall quality of service provided within a hotel?
The Hotel’s General Manager
Which is an example of a consumer-generated content Web site?
What is the greatest difference between full-service hotels and limited-service hotels?
The food and beverage services offered by the hotels
Which of the following is the formula hoteliers use to calculate occupancy rate?
The First ? Box
When the entire staff of a hotel consistently fail to deliver quality service to guests, the problem is most likely that:
They are not being supervised with a service emphasis.
n the small town of Someko, Michigan there are 5 hotels with a combined total of 650 sleeping rooms. During the month of June an average of 400 of those 650 rooms were sold each day, generating $29,200 in room sales. What was the Average Daily Rate (ADR) of the town of Someko for the month of June?
What is most likely to happen when many travelers want to visit and stay in an area?
Room rates and the number of operating hotel properties will increase.
What is true about second-tier management companies?
They operate hotels for owners but do not use the management company’s name as part of the hotel’s name.
What is a lodging industry term for hotels operating under the same brand name?
Approximately how many hotels are in operation in the United States?
What is the travel industry term used to describe a group of travel services, such as hotel rooms, meals, and airfare, sold for one price?
Which of the following best describes a “moment of truth”?
It influences a guest’s total perception of a hotel visit.
What is the approximate average size of lodging properties operating in the United States?
90 rooms
An investor makes an investment of $1,000,000 and achieves a $200,000 profit on that investment. In this example, what was the investor’s ROI?
Which group would be classified as “leisure travelers”?
A family on vacation
What is a common job title for the individual who has regular on-site interaction with a franchised hotel?
Franchise service director
What is the lodging industry term for a hotel that is not part of a franchise group?
What is the name of the computer system connecting travel professionals worldwide for the purpose of reserving hotel rooms and other travel services for their clients?
Which term refers to the fact that the decline in value of a hotel asset is generally tax deductible?
Which brand is generally recognized as the first hotel chain?
Holiday Inn
Which group is more likely to use the services of a travel agent?
Older Travelers
What is true about first-tier management companies?
They operate hotels for owners using the management company’s trade name as the hotel’s brand name.
What is the lodging industry term for an organization that provides travel booking services on the Internet?
What is the name for the franchise disclosure document prepared by a franchisor and registered and filed with the state governmental agency responsible for administering franchise relationships?
Which association is a collection of state-level hotel associations working together to meet the educational, social, and legislative needs of its members?
The American Hotel and Lodging Association
Which group certifies hospitality professionals in a variety of lodging industry specialty areas?
The Educational Institute
In which type of booking model are room rates not seen by guests until after they have successfully “bid” for a room?
Opaque rate model
In regard to quality service, a goal of zero defects can:
Be an effective way to measure progress toward established service standards
Which company’s motto is “We are Ladies and Gentlemen serving Ladies and Gentlemen”?
Ritz Carlton
Which state is not among the three largest car rental location states?
New York
What is true about hotel management companies?
They generally manage hotels for a fee.
What is the name of a lodging industry trade association that has been at the forefront of promoting fairness in hotel franchising?
Which of the following is most essential to providing good service?
Identifying guest needs and wants
Which activity is not the responsibility of an effective listener?
Controlling what the speaker is saying
Which of the following would be classified as a FF&E expense in a hotel?
New lights in the bath area of the hotel’s guestrooms
What is the industry term used to describe a carefully planned series of corrective actions, each increasing in severity and designed to encourage employees to follow established work rules?
Progressive Discipline
What is the industry term for the computerized system used to record guest reservations, financial information, and other data related to the operation of a hotel’s front office?
Which of the following would most likely be part of a hotel G.M.’s community activity efforts?
Hosting and attending citywide charity events
If a franchised hotel is owned by one entity, but managed by a large hotel management company, who would most likely supervise the hotel’s general manager?
A regional manager employed by the management company
What is true about bona fide occupational qualifications (BOQs)?
They may be used to prevent minors from serving alcohol.
What does it mean if a front desk agent posts a guest charge?
The agent has updated information on a guest folio.
What would be the most likely action of a general manager interested in employing a participative management style?
Asking for employee input in decision making
In addition to the value of its lodging revenues, what other value is inherent in a hotel?
Its real estate value
What is true about the overbooking of hotel rooms?
It can result in walked guests.
A guest reserves two rooms for ten nights. What is the number of room nights reserved by the guest?
A 150-room hotel achieved a RevPAR of $100.00 on Sunday night. Its ADR that night was $200. How many rooms did the hotel sell on that night?
(75 is incorrect)
What is another industry term commonly used to identify entry-level workers?
Hourly Workers
Which of the following leadership styles is least likely to result in employees becoming dedicated team players?
Which management function refers to the process of supervising staff members in the workplace?
Which of the following would a hotel likely not link to its Web site?
Competing hotels in the area
Whose job is it to back up the electronic data maintained by a hotel’s front office?
The night auditor
Which management function includes the process of comparing actual results to planned results?
At-will employment means that an employer can decide to dismiss an employee because the employee:
Has a bad attitude in the opinion of the employer
Which tourism-related industry first developed the concept of yield management?
Airline Industry
In most cases, group room rates for a specific time period will be:
Lower than Transient Rates
Which of the following is an example of a management principle?
The good of the organization takes precedence over that of any individual organization member.
Which of the following is not considered to be immediate family for purposes of the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA)?
Which type of rate would a hotel offer an airline company that wishes to house one of its five-person flight crews every night for a period of one year?
Contract rate
In the United States, what is the name of the federal agency that can help potential hotel owners finance the purchase of a lodging property?
What is the name of the rate at which a room is sold when no discounts are offered to the room’s buyer?
Rack Rate
Achieving consistently low scores on Quality Assurance (QA) inspections would most likely result in a hotel:
Being dropped as a brand franchisee
What is the purpose of helping employees plan a career ladder?
To encourage employees to consider a long-term career in the hospitality industry
Which of the following is most important for a productive and positive work environment?
The workforce is accepting of culturally diverse members.
What is the name of the system within a hotel that processes incoming, internal, and outgoing telephone calls?
PBX system
What is an organization chart?
A visual portrayal of the jobs and positions of authority within an organization
Which term refers to an individual who serves others as a personal teacher?
What is the formula for RevPAR?
Occupancy % × ADR = RevPAR
In a hotel, when does one day end and the next day begin?
When the night auditor begins the night audit
Who is responsible for assigning Quality Assurance (QA) scores to a franchised hotel?
The hotel’s brand managers
In the lodging industry, what do the letters CRS stand for?
Central Reservation System
Which of the following is a reason that brand managers of a hotel might also become investors in it?
To serve as a management company while the hotel is being sold
Which management function do managers perform prior to the “organizing” function?
Which of the following leadership styles is most effective when used with experienced employees by supervisors who have an interest in fostering a culture of cooperation?
Which aspect of management relates to an individual’s creative power and personal skills?
The art of management
Which of the following leadership styles is likely the best one to use in an emergency situation such as a fire or bomb threat?
What is the industry term for a guest who makes a room reservation but fails to cancel it or does not arrive at the hotel on the date of the confirmed reservation?
What is the industry term for activities designed to attract qualified applicants for a hotel’s vacant management and nonmanagement positions?
What does it mean if a front desk agent has authorized a credit or debit card?
The agent has confirmed the identity of the card holder.
Which term refers to an individual who displays positive personal and professional characteristics that others find desirable?
Role Model
What do the leaders of effective work teams know?
Their teams must have the full support of upper management.
What is true about employees working in larger hotels?
They work in highly specialized positions.
What would be the impact of an FOM instituting an effective upsell program in a hotel?
Increased levels of room revenue
In hotels without a human resources department, who is most likely to assume HR responsibilities?
The general manager and department heads
With 200 occupied rooms and breakfast costs of $450, what would be a hotel’s breakfast cost per occupied room?
What is the difference between advertising and publicity?
Publicity is free.
Assume that you are reading a STAR report about a hotel that you manage. What does an ADR index of 110 indicate?
Your ADR is higher than that of your competitors.
Which factor has the most impact on the number of guests who will be served in a limited-service hotel’s breakfast area?
The number of hotel rooms sold the previous night
What complimentary breakfast characteristics are typically established by a hotel’s franchise company?
The specific brands of products served and the serving hours
What lodging industry term is used to identify a hotel’s rentable meeting rooms, conference areas, and ballroom space?
Function Rooms
What is the food service term for the amount of money remaining from a food sale after subtracting the item’s cost from its selling price?
Contribution Margin
Each of the following events would require one or more guest rooms. Which would be classified as SMURF business?
A reunion held for veterans of the Vietnam War
Which position would be a direct report to a hotel’s F&B director?
Banquet manager
What is true about transient travelers?
They are individual travelers.
What is true about food served in the traditional Russian style?
It is placed onto service ware in the kitchen, brought to the guests’ table by servers, and then portioned onto the guests’ plates.
In a full-service hotel, what is true about the profitability of banquet food sales compared to that of dining room food sales?
Profits are higher with banquet sales.
What is true about a hosted bar?
The host pays the hotel for beverages consumed by guests
Suppose that it is Monday morning. When should a hotel’s breakfast attendant begin to remove complimentary breakfast items from the hotel’s breakfast serving area?
At the advertised ending time
Which items would typically be included in a deluxe breakfast served by a limited-service hotel but would not be included in a standard continental breakfast?
Eggs and breakfast meat items
What is true about sanitation concerns in a limited-service hotel?
They are important for all workers serving food.
Which of the following is not a demographic factor of a guest?
Personality type
What is true about an accrual accounting system?
It matches expenses incurred with revenues generated.
What is true about a marketing plan?
It is designed to meet the hotel’s sales goals
Which of the following best describes a “manager’s reception” in a limited-service hotel?
It is a reception that includes the service of complimentary food and/or beverages.
What is a per diem?
A fixed amount paid for a guest’s daily travel expense
In a hotel food operation, what is the meant by the term “batch cooking”?
Making all needed menu items over a period of time and in small quantities
When using a par inventory system, how does the individual responsible for purchasing food items determine how much to buy?
The buying is based upon predetermined desired inventory levels.
Which is the missing entry in the following formula when a hotel utilizes an accrual accounting system?
(Beginning Inventory of Food +___________) – Ending Food of Food Inventory = Food Cost.
Purchases of food
What type of activity describes the act of placing an ad in the yellow pages of a telephone book?
Marketing activity
When would hotel guests be charged a corkage fee?
When guests bring in their own bottles of alcohol for consumption at a hotel function
To whom does the sous chef in a large hotel report?
Executive chef
What is the term describing the stealing of small quantities of something over a period of time?
From what language does the kitchen term “mise en place” originate?
Which food service receiving activity happens last?
Route invoice to accounting for payment
Which of the following would be considered a user-generated-content Web site?
A Web site that allows a hotel’s guests to post reviews of their previous stays
What name is used to describe a group of competing hotels to which an individual hotel’s operating performance is compared?
Comp set
What is the purpose of cold calling?
To qualify prospects
What happens to the unit price of food service items as the number of those items purchased increases?
Their price per unit declines.
What term is used to describe the relationship between the amount paid for an item and the item’s perceived quality?
Which is an example of a branded breakfast item?
Kellogg cereal
For food service buyers, when does the ownership exchange of products they have purchased actually take place?
Upon Receiving
How is a sales and marketing team best evaluated by a hotel’s general manager?
(not By an increase in property ADR)
Which types of food items have labor “built in” to their prices?
make or buy items
With total breakfast costs of $550 for the week and an average $2.20 cost per guest served, how many guests were served in the week?
In a very small limited-service hotel property, which individual is typically responsible for the setup of the property’s complimentary breakfast area?
In a hotel dining room with total revenue of $1,150 and 85 guests served, what would be hotel’s check average?
A CVB is typically funded by what?
A hotel occupancy tax
A brand-specific frequent guest program is an example of a:
Franchisor’s sales and marketing effort
What is true about the cost of providing room service meals?
The cost is higher than that of providing dining room service.
In the lodging industry, what is the meaning of the term “room mix”?
The ratio of different room types in a hotel
What is the approximate number of attendees at the average business meeting?
25 or fewer persons
Who establishes the minimum hours during which a limited-service hotel’s complimentary breakfast will be offered?
The hotel’s franchisor
What is the industry term for a form used by sales and food production personnel to detail the food and service requirements of a banquet?
What is true about food served in the traditional French style?
It is prepared and cooked at the guests’ table.
What type of lamp works when a filament inside the lamp’s bulb is heated by electric current to produce light?
Incandescent lamp
Which group of housekeeping employees should receive blood-borne pathogen training?
All housekeeping employees
In a hotel guest room, which is a potential source of the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV)?
Needles left by intravenous drug users
What is another lodging industry term for a “work order”?
Maintenance request
What is the most important reason for properly maintaining trash removal areas?
The elimination of insects, rodents, and scavenging animals
Which area would be considered public space in a hotel?
The hotel’s pool area
What is the purpose of an MSDS?
To keep workers safe
What is the lodging term for the fans and mechanical systems required to move air through a hotel’s air ducts and to its vents?
Air handlers
Cleaning a dryer’s lint trap is an example of a PM activity. How often should it be performed?
After approximately how many years of operation should a hotel be refurbished?
5-10 years
In a housekeeping department, what is the role of the inspector?
To ensure guest room cleanliness
A room attendant cleans 15 rooms in a shift consisting of 7 hours of work and 1 hour total of break time. What was this room attendant’s cleaning time in minutes per room?
What is the name of the activity hoteliers use to minimize maintenance costs and prolong the life of hotel equipment?
Preventive Maintenance
What happens to a hotel’s POM costs as a hotel ages?
POM costs increase.
What is an advantage of a CFL?
Reduced operational costs
What does a foot-candle measure?
Illumination levels
Which group of employees will most often initiate the largest number of work orders?
What is the lodging industry term used to describe a hotel room or area that is undergoing extraordinary cleaning procedures?
Deep cleaning
What is the lodging industry term used to identify the wages and benefits, replacement parts, and contract services used to operate a maintenance and engineering department?
In a 150-room hotel with housekeeping labor costs of $8,000 and 2,500 rooms sold in a month, what would be the hotel’s housekeeping labor cost per occupied room for that month?
What is the approximate amount of money that hoteliers should contribute to a property’s FF&E reserve?
2-4% of gross revenues
For which item below would a “replace as needed” program be best?
water pumps
What is true about mislaid property?
It has been intentionally left behind.
Who is responsible for making the distinction between mislaid, lost, and abandoned property?
The hotel’s executive housekeeper in keeping with hotel policies and procedures
Which of a hotel’s costs would be lowered the most if the hotel implemented a successful source reduction program?
Waste disposal costs
What happens in a hotel’s OPL?
Laundry is processed.
Which housekeeping-related term is not used by professional hoteliers?
What do the initials “PM” refer to in a hotel maintenance department?
Preventive Maintenance
What best describes a hotel’s chief engineer?
The person who is in charge of the hotel’s maintenance department
“Terry” refers to guest room amenities that:
Include bath towels, hand towels, and washcloths
Who usually maintains the washers and dryers placed in a hotel’s guest laundry?
An outside vendor
Maintenance that must be performed immediately to minimize damage to a hotel is referred to as:
Emergency maintenance
What is a normal par level in hotel laundry?
3 time normal usage
Which type of water-related cost is most closely related to a hotel’s water usage costs?
Sewage costs
What is true about abandoned property?
It has been intentionally left behind.
What is a guest seeking to communicate with a “DND” sign placed on the outside of the guest’s door?
Do not clean this room now
Which of the following represents the correct order of procedures used in cleaning linens and terry products?
What type of maintenance activity in a hotel would include lawn care, landscaping care and snow removal?
What is true about a hotel room that is “on change”?
It is vacant and not yet cleaned.
In a hotel with linen costs of $2,486 in the month of January and rooms sold of 1,130, what was the hotel’s linen cost per occupied room?
Which plan describes a hotel’s intended response to a safety or security threat?
emergency plan
In a limited-service hotel, with no full-time controller, who would most likely assume the controller’s duties?
the general manager
What is a manager’s daily?
A recap of the previous day’s revenue
What do the letters CPA stand for?
Certified Public Accountant
What is the first step to take in securing a job you will enjoy?
Carefully determining what you like to do
Who should serve on a hotel’s safety and security committee?
managers and hourly employees
Which area would be best protected by using a contact alarm?
the front desk
Which is the greatest threat to the security of a hotel’s cash assets?
Employee theft or fraud
Where is accounting data transmitted when a hotel uses a centralized accounting system?
A central location outside the hotel
What industry term is used to describe the protection of an individual’s or business’s property?
Budgets accomplish all of the following except:
Ensuring hotel profitability
What is the industry term for a budget that encompasses a period 2-5 years or more into the future?
Long-range budget
What type of sign is used to indicate the locations of fire extinguishers, first aid kits, and telephones in a hotel?
What is true about most hotel swimming pools?
They are not staffed with life guards.
What is the purpose of a CVB?
Promote travel to a specific geographic region
What type of sign is used to indicate entrances, exits, fire evacuation plans, and other safety information?
What is true about most job positions in the nonprofit segment of the hospitality industry?
They pay less than do jobs in the for-profit segment.
How often should a hotel’s parking lot lights be inspected?
What term is used to describe the process of moving employees to different positions so that they can broaden their skills?
job rotation
How many main segments are required to make up a hotel’s balance sheet?
On which of the following account types would a controller perform an accounts aging procedure?
Accounts receivable
What is the term for a citizen of one country who is employed in another country?
According to hotel industry recruiters, which personal characteristic is possessed by most new hospitality managers who are successful in their positions?
They strive to get better every day.
What is the industry term for a hotel’s ability to pay its bills as they come due?
What term describes the adding of new responsibilities to a worker’s job for the purpose of broadening that worker’s skills?
Job enlargement
In hotel fitness centers, which piece of exercise equipment is responsible for the greatest number of guest accidents?
A desk clerk starts a shift with a $750 shift bank. At the end of the shift, cash sales equal $350, and the actual cash in the drawer is $1,105. In this example, what is true about the cash drawer?
It is $5.00 over.
What is the definition of the term “house count”?
The number of individuals staying in the hotel
What is an exchange rate?
The rate at which money from one country is traded for money from another country
What is true about annual budgets for seasonal hotels?
They match revenues and expenditures to busier and slower time periods.
What is the highest temperature range at which a spa, whirlpool, or hot tub should be operated?
Against what type of financial loss is “bonding” designed to protect a hotel?
What is true about the ability of hospitality managers to speak fluently the native language of the countries in which they are working?
It is an asset but may not be required.
What is the term used to describe an individual’s perception about what is right or wrong when dealing with others?
What is another name for the income and expense statement?
Profit and loss statement
For what reason would a court of law award punitive damages in a lawsuit?
Which organization type is least likely to offer extensive employment benefits such as paid health and dental insurance?
Independent hotel owners with one property
What is the lodging industry term for assigning expenses to specific detailed expense account categories?
What is the most important hotel asset to protect during a robbery?
What is a controller’s definition of the term “cash”?
Coins, bills, personal checks, credit card charges, and debit card charges
Which budget would include the costs required to repave a hotel’s parking lot?
capital budget
What is the impact of high rates of inflation in a country?
Increased prices for goods and services
What is the purpose of a career fair?
To connect job applicants with potential employers
Which of the following is a “for-profit” employer?
Which branch of government administers OSHA?
What is true about a CCTV display?
It displays real-time events.
Which job position would likely not be offered by a franchise company?
Hotel general manager
What is the legal term that describes the amount of care a prudent person would exercise in a specific situation?
Reasonable care
Which of the following is true about working for a very large hotel company compared to working for a very small one?
There will be less access to senior executives in the larger company.
Which type of skill is most important for entry-level supervisors working in a hotel?

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