Herr Otto Von Bismarcks Iron Man Image Essay Example
Herr Otto Von Bismarcks Iron Man Image Essay Example

Herr Otto Von Bismarcks Iron Man Image Essay Example

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  • Published: December 26, 2017
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The unification of Germany was greatly influenced by Herr Otto Von Bismarck's iron-man image and unique personality. As the chancellor of Prussia and Germany, Bismarck's exceptional diplomatic skills played a crucial role. He displayed unparalleled mastery in foreign policy, outwitting leaders of other powers and making them appear inadequate. Bismarck inherited his political ideas and principles from the Junker class he was born into. His father, loyal to the Prussian crown, had a narrow mindset, except for his choice of a wife.

Whilhelmine, Bismarck's mother, came from a middle-class and cultured background, imparting to her son her passion for music and literature. Through his avid reading, he acquired expertise in multiple disciplines. Despite his dislike for his mother, Bismarck held immense admiration for his father. From his family, he adopted a profoundly authoritarian, traditionalist, and monarchic worldview. He a


lso became an ardent Prussian nationalist.

Bismarck, who was born into nobility, embraced its beliefs and used his mostly typical Junker education to secure a position in the Prussian Civil Service. He began his education at the austere boarding school, Plenum Academy, in Berlin, where religious and physical exercises were emphasized. He then transferred to Gymnasium (high school), where he studied foreign languages. In 1832, he enrolled in the University of Gottingen to study law, an unconventional choice considering Gottingen's reputation as a center of German liberalism.

Instead of attending lectures, he often chose to engage in drinking, dueling, and engaging with women. He also spent time exploring Liberal literature and German philosophy. However, he did not find Liberalism appealing and decided to switch universities to the University of Berlin. In 1835, he successfully completed his studies there. Bismarck later

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expressed that his Prussian upbringing clashed with the idea of interference from the masses in political authority. Consequently, his opinions on liberalism became less favorable upon returning to Berlin.

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