Herr Otto Von Bismarcks Iron Man Image Essay Example
Herr Otto Von Bismarcks Iron Man Image Essay Example

Herr Otto Von Bismarcks Iron Man Image Essay Example

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  • Published: December 26, 2017
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Herr Otto Von Bismarcks iron-man image and the unique personality was the crucial factor in the unification of Germany. His skill as a diplomat was unrivalled during his reign as chancellor of Prussia and Germany. The mastery he showed in foreign policy was such that he was able to outwit all other powers and make their leaders look pathetic.
Bismarck inherited the ideas and political principles of the Junker class of which he was born into. Bismarcks father was loyal to the Prussian crown and narrow minded in his outlook, except for his choice in wife.

Whilhelmine, Bismarcks mother was from a middle class background and cultured. She passed onto her son her love of music and literature. He was later to become a master in many fields of knowledge through his interest in reading. Bismarck disliked his mother but revered his father. From his family B


ismarck gained a highly autocratic, intensively conservative and monarchical outlook on life.

He also became a Prussian patriot. Bismarck born into nobility accepted its beliefs as his own.
Bismarck had a mostly typical Junker education that he used to gain employment in the Prussian Civil Service. Bismarck started his education in Berlin at the spartan boarding school Plenum Academy where religious and physical exercises dominated. He later transferred to the Gymnasium (high school) at which he learnt foreign languages. In 1832 he entered the University of Gottingen and studied law.

Gottingen was one of the centres of German liberalism and a strange choice for Bismarck. He rarely attended lectures preferring instead to drink, duel and womanise. A dabbling in Liberal literature and German philosophy took up the rest of his time. Liberalism had n

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appeal to him so he changed universities to the University of Berlin where he passed in 1835. As Bismarck himself put it "mob interference with political authority conflicted with my Prussian upbringing and I returned to Berlin with less liberal opinions than when I quitted..


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