Upon the burning of our house

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In her poem, Bradstreet mostly criticizes herself for
Valuing material possessions too much
Bradestreet emphasizes both the things she has lost and
her memories of happy occasions in the house
When bradstreet writes, “I blest his name that gave and took.. she implies that
materials objects are ultimately god’s and not hers
When Bradstreet writes, “thou hast an house on high erect..she means that
god has prepared an eternal dwelling place for all believers
Bradstreet’s views might be described as spiritual because she
emphasizes that real value cannot be found in earthly things
What was the “thund’ ring noise” that woke Bradstreet.
the burning of her home
Why, specifically, does Bradstreet say in line 18 that she should not “repine” the loss of her home and belonging?
everything ultimately belongs to god
In this poem, who is the ” mighty Architect”?
In the last five lines, what does Bradstreet wish to no longer love?
In the line “Nor at thy table eat a bit”. the word thy refers to
the house
Which of the following excerpts is the best example of inversion?
“And them behold no more shall I”
Which of the following word groups is not an example of inversion?
“And piteous shrieks of dreadful voice”
Plain style can be distinguished from high style because plain style-
emphasizes uncomplicated sentences and uses words from common speech
When Bradstreet writes “Then straight I’ gin my heart to chide….” she signals that her next words will be addressed to-
In the last party of this poem, Bradstreet uses house as a metaphor for-
the afterlife

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