Health and wellness
Health and wellness

Health and wellness

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  • Published: November 19, 2021
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How does body fat distribution affect health?

Too little fats in the body is linked to problems with the normal functionality of the body for both men and women. It causes reproduction complications in women as it lowers testosterone level. Low fat diet causes heart diseases as it can affect cardiovascular system. On the hand, too much fat increases the risk diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure, stroke, heart diseases and cancer. Eating foods with high fat saturations can damage your hypothalamus thus causing brain injury. Too much fat can lead to obesity.

What are environmental, social, and psychological factors associated with body fat distribution?

The environmental factors which influence fat distribution include; changing food environment and changed living and working environment. Food intake and physical activity behaviors are two key social factors affecting fat distribution. The psychological factors may involve; stress and mood scale responses, body size (height, weight and waist-hip ratio) and the lifestyle.

Describe some available solutions and strategies to help reduc


e the obesity problem?

Obesity is an epidemic which is difficult to combat since it intertwines into social, environmental and governmental fabric though individual efforts to own health is paramount in preventing it (Campbell, 2003). Obesity can be reduced through setting state and local programs which help disseminate consistent health recommendations and awareness. The community should focus on supporting healthy eating and living in different settings. Individual efforts such as assessing your weight regularly, maintaining healthy weight, choosing correct diet and practicing physical activities daily. These strategies can prevent obesity.

Describe components of developing a personal fitness program for a lifetime?

According to Prouty(1999),the components of developing a lifetime fitness program involve; identifying safe fitness practices, complete self-assessment health-related fitness and develop comprehensive personal fitness plan, Use variety of resources including technology record and monitor activities for fitness improvement, analyze relationship among caloric intake, physical activities and body structure and create and implement a daily 60-minutes activity plan.

Outline methods to prevent and manage common exercise-related injuries

Working out smarter and avoiding common exercise-related injuries ids very crucial in maintaining body fitness. Some simple steps to do include; knowing your body, hire a pro in aerobics, warm ups and take it slow, act your age, don’t overdo it, do dynamic stretching and cross-train.

Explain why it is important to incorporate all 5 components of physical fitness into a healthy lifestyle
Cardiovascular and respiratory endurance helps you participate in activities without getting exhausted. Maximizing muscular strength is very crucial as it increases muscle mass and causes metabolic increase hence healthy body functions. Flexibility allows you perform different motions like bending, reaching and twisting over range of motion. A healthy body composition is important for prevention of diseases such as coronary diseases, diabetes and high blood pressure. Lastly, muscles endurance allows repetitive motions over sustained

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amounts of time.


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