Hardware Chapter 16

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A WLAN covers a large geographical area and is made up of many smaller networks.

A half duplex connection allows a device to send and receive, but not at the same time.

Phone cords are a type of twisted-pair cable and use an RJ-45 connector.

10Base5 cabling runs at speeds up to 1 Gbps and distances to 500 meters.

A punchdown tool is used to wire twisted-pair cabling to a keystone jack.

Which of the following network types covers a large campus or city?

Which physical topology uses a centralized device to manage traffic on the network?

What type of network can you set up to share files if you have two laptops with wireless NICs but there is no Wi-Fi hotspot available?
ad hoc network

Which network technology that is used to connect to the Internet has a maximum speed of 44 Mbps, uses dedicated lines, and is used by large companies?

Which of the following is true about cable Internet?
you share the cable infrastructure with your neighbors

What does a NIC use to connect to wired network media?
RJ-45 port

What should you choose in the properties of a network connection so that Windows will use the best possible speed and duplex mode?
Auto Negotiation

Which feature should you configure on a network adapter to control which applications have priority on the network?

What is the unit of information called when a network adapter adds the source and destination MAC address to the segment of data before it is transmitted on the network?

Which type of network device keeps a table of the MAC addresses of the devices connected to it?

What type of device do you need if you want to connect two network segments together such as a wireless network and a wired network?

What device should you consider if you want to have access to hard drives via an Ethernet connection?

Which of the following cabling systems uses fiber-optic cable?

Which type of cabling should you use for Gigabit Ethernet?

Which of the following is true about 10-Gigabit Ethernet?
it is a good choice for backbone networks

Under what circumstance might you use a loopback plug?
to test a network cable

Which of the following provides multiple network ports for cables that converge in an electrical closet?
patch panel

Which of the following is true about a crossover cable?
it can be used to connect two PCs together

Which of the following is a reason that there are twists in the wires used for network cabling?
the twists reduce crosstalk

What’s the first thing you should do to troubleshoot a network problem related to hardware?
check the indicator lights

a TCP/IP protocol that manages voice communication over the Internet

the arrangement of connections between computers
physical topology

a networking technology that carries more than one type of signal

uses a covering or shield around wire pairs

used to connect a computer to a switch
patch cable

the average of the actual speed of a network

allows a device to transmit and receive but not at the same time
half duplex

a device used in a star topology that keeps a table of MAC addresses

delays in network transmission

each node on a network is responsible for sending to any other node
mesh network

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