Growth at Nike

Roll over the items to read their descriptions.
Current/Current => 1. Golf gloves to the U.S. 2. Golf balls to the U.S.

Current/New => 1. Nike sleepwear to U.S. 2. Nike energy bars to U.S.

New/Current => 1. Nike golf clubs to India 2. Nike golf accessories to Brazil

New/New => 1. Nike energy drinks to Russia 2. Nike luggage to China

In terms of the riskiness of the various diversification analysis strategies for the Nike Golf Market, penetration is the:
least risky strategy
If Nike Golf uses advanced technology to create a revolutionary new line of golf clubs for China, where Nike Golf clubs haven’t been sold, this is an example of a:
diversification strategy
Among the diversification analysis strategies, the riskiest is a:
diversification strategy
Developing and selling the application for the iPhone that will give golfers in the United States the distance to the hole under the Nike brand name. That would be a:
Product Development Strategy
Nike golf decides to open its own retail stores in the United States to reach present customers better…
market penetration strategy
Nike Golf decides to introduce its newly designed, a product it has never sold before, in China
Diversification strategy
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