Government unit 5 question and answers

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affirmative action
a policy that benefits minorities

The state of actively working to promote an organization

a naturalized or natural-born subject of a nation

civic responsibility
actions and attitudes an individual takes toward the nation

personal responsibility
actions and attitudes a person adopts that guide that person’s daily living

Which of the following is a civic responsibility?
participating in democracy

Which of the following is a personal responsibility?
caring for aging parents

Which of the following amendments gave women the right to vote?
Nineteenth Amendment

Which of the following policies gave amnesty to over three million illegal aliens?
Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986

Which benefits were given to veterans in the Serviceman’s Readjustment Act of 1944? Select all that apply.
tuition and home loans

Which citizen’s movement led to the passing of the Civil Rights Act of 1964?
March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom

In which sphere of government does policy change historically begin?

Which of the following acts changed the culture of education in the U.S.?
Serviceman’s Readjustment Act

unfairness in judgment; prejudice; partiality

religious affiliation
identification with a church or belief; adherence to a certain faith

refers to a group of people who share a distinctive race, culture, heritage, or nationality

bias; stereotypical attitude

Emancipation Proclamation
stated, “Slaves within any State shall be then, thenceforward, and forever free”

group identity
the affiliation among a particular culture, association, or people

Which statement is NOT true?
Slavery was an established institution until the Twelfth Amendment was ratified on December 18, 1865.

Separation from a main group to form a new group as a result of disunity is called __________.

Another name for unfairness in judgment, prejudice and partiality is _________.

A group of people who share a distinctive race, culture, heritage, or nationality is a(n) _________.
ethnic group

Removal of legal and social barriers that impose separation of groups is _________.

Which of the statements below elucidates the 13th Amendment?
The amendment guarantees that no man woman or child can legally be enslaved in the United States.

The Civil Rights Act of 1968 meant ________. Select all that apply.
Any person could not be forced out of any restaurant because of their ethnicity, no longer can you be denied the right to vote if you cannot read this sentence, Jewish and Polish people can stay in any hotel in the United States and if you are Hispanic, you can rent or by any home that you financially qualify for

What was the main point of the Thirteenth Amendment?
the abolition of slavery

What was the main point of the Fourteenth Amendment?
giving citizenship to the slaves

The practice of treating equal people unequally and not letting them have the same opportunities to compete for social and economic rewards is called ___________.

What was the main point of the Fifteenth Amendment?
giving the right to vote to all American males

What happened in 1890 concerning civil rights?
Twenty states passed laws that enacted segregation laws.

A request for a “change of venue” _________.
is requested by your lawyers if they feel that it is impossible for you as a defendant to get a fair trial due to media coverage

Applicants for naturalization ____________ allegiance to the foreign countries of which they were formerly citizens.

Which of the following spheres of government has the ability to make immigration policy? Select all that apply.
local, state and national

social class
a level of society

distinct; different

the estimation of a person; the public perception of a person

bond slave
a servant under complete submission to his master

Historically, which group has been required to wear distinctive clothing to indicate their race?

Which statements best describe slaves in ancient times? Select all that apply.
were a conquered people and were an accepted social class

The United States has been known as ____________ meaning that people of all races and nationalities are welcome into its borders
“the Great Melting Pot”

Which are recent accommodations for physically challenged individuals? Select all that apply.
wider doors and lower sinks

Avoiding a person because of the way they talk is an example of ____.

The statement, “Asians are excellent students.” is an example of ____.

an issue that is a public shame, performed by an official in an illegal or unethical manner.

cabinet member
person appointed to head an executive department of the United States Government.

campaign debt
deficit incurred due to the expenses of a political effort.

following one’s principles

Which organizations sponsored by the American Legion help young people learn how legislatures are organized and how bills are passed? Select all that apply
Boys State and Girls State

Which courses should students study to prepare for a career in political science? Select all that apply.
civics, government, history and economics

where the funds are received, kept, and disbursed

political science
the study of the principles of government and the electoral process

the science and activity or governing and social leadership

confined to a smaller region; “closer to home.”

Young people can get involved in politics by _____.
attending town hall meetings, staying informed by reading the newspapers and volunteer in political clubs (all of the above)

The key speaker at the 1963 rally in Washington who delivered the historic “I Have a Dream” speech was ________.
Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Which of the following quotes speak to the freedoms America identifies itself with? Select all that apply.
“And by virtue of the power, and for the purpose aforesaid, I do order and declare that all persons held as slaves within said designated States, and parts of States, are, and henceforward shall be free”

“The right of citizens of the United States to vote shall not be denied or abridged by the United States or by any State on account of sex.”

“Fourscore and seven years ago our fathers brought forth upon this continent a new nation, conceived in liberty, and dedicated to the proposition that all men are created equal…”

Beginning about 1890, approximately twenty states enacted segregation laws. What effect did they have? Select all that apply.
They enforced compulsory segregation of people along racial lines so African Americans couldn’t swim in the same swimming pools as whites.

People of Native American descent were denied a public education and in many cases forced to attend boarding schools to wipe out any trace of Native American heritage.

It resulted in the “separate but equal” policy that was eventually ruled unconstitutional.

Desegregation meant _________.
African Americans could go through the front doors of a hotel

Which of the following acts and laws outlined the road towards equality? Select all that apply.
The Thirteenth Amendment abolished slavery, In 1964 Johnson passed the Civil Rights Act outlawing public discrimination, and The Nineteenth Amendment gave women the right to vote.

Race consciousness became a strong issue in Europe as a result of ________.
colonial expansion

Which of the following is an example of changing attitudes about minorities or different people in a society?
Ramps, wider doors and elevators were installed in public buildings to allow for access for people confined to wheelchairs.

As a high school student, you can get involved in politics by: _________. Select all that apply.
attending school board meetings, as well as town or city hall meetings, joining your friends on the web, commenting about political situations, and
volunteering your time at both Republican and Democratic events to learn about party platforms to make an informed decision

Which of the following might be elements in a story about someone who became a Senator? Select all that apply.
Terry attended a political rally at her local grocery store parking lot, While still a junior in high school, Terry applied to be a page and an intern at the State legislation hoping one of the jobs would come through, and Terry volunteered on a local campaign stuffing envelopes and dropping leaflets from house to house.

Which of the following scenarios demonstrates engagement in a civic responsibility?
watching a presidential debate before an election

Which of the following policies led to desegregation?
Civil Rights Act of 1964

Which of the following policies led to the right of freed slaves to vote?
Fourteenth amendment

an agreement reached by mutual concession

changed; headed in the opposite direction

majority agreement in matters of opinion

pressure group
a group that tries to influence or sway public policy

material distributed by the proponents of a cause

Which of the following organizations works to uphold Second Amendment rights?

Which of the following organizations seeks to promote the rights of Hispanics?

What is an opinion held by a group of people on a problem or issue called?
public opinion

Public opinion is of most value when the people who hold an opinion ______ that opinion.

Public opinion is more reliable when measured by ________.

An agreement reached by means of mutual concession is called ________

The profession of promoting public opinion is ________.
public relations

Promotional materials used by public relations professionals include which of the following? Select all that apply.
pamphlets, books, and articles

Organized efforts to shape public opinion so that government policies will be altered are carried on by ________.
pressure groups

What are ways you could effectively measure overall public opinion on the topic of immigration? Select all that apply.
doing random phone surveys to ask how people are going to vote on a topic and researching and asking questions of certain demographics

Public Opinion polls: ________. Select all that apply.
let pollsters predict how people may vote in an upcoming election, may result in people changing their minds about an issue, and indicate if people approve of their elected officials

Two opinion research organizations mentioned in the lesson are
Harris and Gallup

In a democratic government each individual’s opinion _________.
can be expressed publicly

sound bite
a short clip of TV footage that may cut the speaker’s words to a few seconds of time

Federal Communications Commission
a governmental agency that oversees the communications industry in America and enforces broadcast laws

editorial page
opinion page of a newspaper

a person who obtains money illegally, sometimes by threat of physical violence

the state of being hidden from detection and unrecognizable

equal access
the policy of giving every political party the same amount of radio or TV broadcast time at the same time of day

plan; course of action

Public opinion has often been influenced by newspaper ______

The political viewpoint of a newspaper can be learned by reading the ________.
editorial page

Which of the following describe media in society? Select all that apply.
Protected by First Amendment rights, Influences policy, and Influences public opinion on a massive scale

Contemporary political, social, and economic issues are addressed in such news magazines as Time, Newsweek, and U.S _____________________
News and World Report

The job function of a news commentator is most similar to that of a(n) ________.

Radio and television media perform a public service in the field of political education by ________.
interviewing people who are in the news

One of the major benefits that resulted from the Alar scandal in 1989 was ________.
reinforcement of the concept of responsible journalism by broadcasters

Media is one means of influencing public opinion. What are other constructive ways for you to form your own opinion on an issue? Select all that apply.
Discuss with your parents their opinions and how they formed them, Volunteer at political rallies and events, and Attend city council hearings and other civic events in your area

Select opinion makers that influence us.
Newspapers, Television, Internet and Magazines

____________ is important in creating intelligent public opinion.

Which of the following are potential drawbacks to the Internet in regard to politics? Select all that apply.
Overexposure of candidates, Misinformation, and Partisan dialogue

impression that everyone is involved so the listener would feel the “danger” of missing out

debating team
organized group that competes with others in the art of debate

without any danger of error; basing actions on the truth

to inform and make known the opinions and feelings of oneself

candidate recalls all the good things he has done, omitting facts that would justify his defeat

When a candidate says he stands for “a clean country and good education,” the speaker is using which type of propaganda?
glittering generalities

Which of the following best explains the quote below in terms of political propaganda?
“There is nothing more terrifying than ignorance in action.” -Goethe
Goethe meant that people who speak out about political issues should thoroughly understand the issues they are taking about.

Select three reasons propaganda can be a bad thing.
It can be used to spread lies and deception under the guise of progress., If can hinder the case of peace and freedom, and It can sway the minds of millions of people to believe that they are a superior race.

Which of the following are two of the seven main propaganda techniques often used?
A candidate says he stands for “peace, prosperity, and progress,” he is using glittering generalities and Realizing how religious and patriotic most Americans are, a candidate opens his political meeting with a prayer, a salute to the flag, and the singing of The Star-Spangled Banner to transfer the religious and patriotic feelings involved to his cause.

Choose the propaganda style that best fits the statement below.
“All of these Hollywood stars say that you should Vote for Governor Benning.”

An easy way to describe the difference between conservatives and liberals is by saying that _________ want to preserve the good things that have made our country great and __________ want to free the nation from the bad things that do it harm.
conservatives and liberals

Choose the propaganda style that best fits the statement below.
“I will promote growth that will bring us into the 21st century.”
glittering generalities

glittering generalities
using wide-spread universal terms that do not deal with the specific issues at hand

employing nationalistic terms in order to give the impression of being zealous for the country’s welfare

name calling
using broad accusations and negative attacks in order to bring down the reputation of an opponent

using well-known personalities in the hopes of identifying with some of their glamour

Choose the propaganda style that best fits the statement below.
“Governor Lewis has raised taxes, increased poverty and stolen from you, the American people”.
name calling

Choose the propaganda style that best fits the statement below.
“Governor Burnett is a family man that has lived and worked in our community for years, and will work for the concerns we all share.”
plain folks

Choose the propaganda style that best fits the statement below.
“Join the millions of Americans in their support of Governor Roberts.”

The viewpoint of a group of individuals on an issue or problem is called _____.
public opinion

Why is the role of an expert important?
Study and experience bring wisdom which is more valuable than opinion.

public relation material
pamphlets, books and newspapers

pressure group
carry on efforts to shape public opinion in order for government policies to be altered

public opinion polls
determine the popularity of the individual as well as government policies

should measure public opinion

art of coming to an agreement by mutual concession

Public opinions can never be any sounder than the ______ on which they are based.

Two opinion research organizations mentioned in this unit are _____.
Harris and Gallup

Americans insist on the _______________ concept of government.

Select opinion makers that influence Americans.
newspapers, television, Internet and magazines

William Randolph Hearst is a good example of a newspaper owner who used his newspaper for _____
more than just reporting the news

The political viewpoint of a newspaper can be learned by reading the _____.
editorial page

How does print media differ from television in its reporting?
Television offers an immediacy through images that can have an immediate and more effective impact.

News reporting on television follows an official policy that says _____.
that a media outlet must present all sides of a controversial political issue

News commentators might be called _________ on the air.

Radio and television media perform a public service in the field of political education by ______.
interviewing people who are in the news

The statement, “Senator Smith has bribed public officials, increased taxes and stolen from you, his constituents,” is an example of which type of propaganda?
name calling

Which of the following is the key similarity between most special interest groups?
advocacy on behalf of citizens

Which of the following is a key similarity between the LULAC and NAACP?
Both work to protect the civil rights of members.

Which of the following is a key difference between the NRA and NAACP?
special interests represented

Of the following, which is the biggest drawback of the use of social media when forming an opinion?
partisan dialogue

Of the following, which is the biggest drawback of the Internet to politicians?

Of the following, which is the greatest benefit of using the Internet to gain information about a political issue?
availability of information

passing out campaign pamphlets or phoning people with encouragement to vote for a candidate

name calling
using broad accusations and negative attacks in order to bring down the reputation of an opponent

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