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In the southwestern United States, a region called the Sunbelt includes which state: Indiana or New Mexico?
New Mexico
Which state borders the Atlantic Ocean: South Carolina or South Dakota?
South Carolina
Which state borders the Gulf of Mexico: Alabama or Arizona?
Which capital city lies east of the Rocky Mountains: Sacramento or Columbus?
Which mountains have the higher elevation: the Sierra Nevada or the Ozark Mountains?
The Sierra Nevada
Death Valley, which contains the lowest point in the United States, is located in which state: Ohio or California?
Which city is the largest city in Kentucky and the home of the Kentucky Derby: Louisville or Knoxville?
The second-largest state in area in the United States is which state: Texas or California?
The smallest state in area in the United States is which state: Connecticut or Rhode Island?
Rhode Island
Which state is located between Kansas and Texas: Oklahoma or Arizona?
Located in Alaska, which mountain peak is the tallest in the United States: Mount McKinley or Mount Rainer?
Mount McKinley
Which is the Great Lakes is the largest: Lake Michigan or Lake Superior?
Lake Superior
Lake Tahoe lies on the border of California and which other state: Nevada or New Mexico?
The junction of the Mississippi and Ohio Rivers form the southern boundary of which state: Illinois or Idaho?
Lake Okeechobee, the largest lake in the southern United States, is located in which state: Kansas or Florida?
Which state is the westernmost in longitude: Hawaii or Alaska?
Lake Ontario borders which state: New York or Delaware?
New York
Lake Powell and Lake Mead are located on which major river: the Missouri River or the Colorado River?
The Colorado River
The Columbia River forms part of the southern boundary of Washington and which state: Oregon or Montana?
Which state is located along the Appalachian Mountains: Virginia or Nevada?
The city of New Orleans lies along the delta of which major river: the Colorado River or the Mississippi River?
The Mississippi River
Which coastal New Jersey city is known for its casinos: Atlantic City or Pittsburgh?
Atlantic City
In which southern state did President George W. Bush serve as governor: Texas or West Virginia?
Which major lake is located in Utah: Lake Winnipeg or Great Salt Lake?
Great Salt Lake
Which large lake is adjacent to the city of New Orleans: Lake Erie or Lake Pontchartrain?
Lake Pontchartrain
Which state borders four of the five Great Lakes: Michigan or New York?
Which state has more people per square mile: Montana or Massachusetts?
Which state is the located in the region known as the Great Plains: Iowa or Ohio?
Which state has the capital of Bismark and is located east of Montana: North Dakota or Washington?
North Dakota
Which state is located in the region known as New England: Indiana or Vermont?
Which region is an elevated area between the Wasatch Range and the Sierra Nevada: The Great Plains or the Great Basin?
The Great Basin
Which elevated region lies east of the Blue Ridge and the Appalachian Mountains: Piedmont or Tidewater?
The region known as Acadia is located in which state: Louisiana or Idaho?
Which river forms the boundary between Texas and Mexico: the Rio Grande or the Missouri River?
The Rio Grande
The Mesabi Range, known for its deposits or iron ore, is located in which state: New Mexico or Minnesota?
Which state is one of the country’s major producers of oil: Michigan or Texas?
Which national park is located in northwestern Wyoming and was the first national park established in the United States: Yellowstone National Park or Mammoth Cave National Park?
Yellowstone National Park
Which state is a major producer of dairy products: Wisconsin or Mississippi?
Nantucket Island is part of which state: Pennsylvania or Massachusetts?
The leading producer of uranium in the United States is which state: Alabama or Wyoming?
The population center of the United States is located in which state: Missouri or Florida?
Which state produces a large amount of cotton: Montana or South Carolina?
South Carolina
Which state is famous for its apples: Washington or Oklahoma?
Spanish missions were established in the eighteenth century in which state: California or Maryland?
Which California valley is responsible for most of the nation’s grapes: Death Valley or Central Valley?
Central Valley
Which state leads the country in the number of clothing manufactures: Georgia or New York?
New York
Which state is home to the Winter Wheat Belt: Hawaii or Kansas?
Which state has Columbia as its capital city and lies along the Atlantic Ocean: South Carolina or Ohio?
South Carolina
Which state’s capital is Lansing and is known as the Wolverine State: Michigan or Connecticut?
Which territory is not part of any state and is located between Maryland and Virgina: Puerto Rico or Washington, D.C.?
Washington, D.C.
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