Gathering Blue Study Questions

Where is Kira when the story opens?
Kira is at the Field of Leaving
What is she waiting for?
the spirit of Katrina to leave her body
Why does Kira have no place to go?
Her cott has burned down
Why is Kira using a walking stick?
She has a crippled leg
What happened to Kira’s father?
He was taken by beasts while hunting
Who does Kira talk to back at the village?
What is left in Kira’s garden?
vegetables and flowers
What does the woman take from the garden?
What is on Vandara’s face?
a scar
What does Vandara pick up?
a rock
When she speaks to the hostile women, to what does Kira appeal?
their fears
What would happen to the causer-of-death?
They would be killed
Who will decide Kira’s fate?
the Council of Guardians
Who lived through the Ruin?
Who tells of the Ruin?
the Singer
What does Kira do when she approached the stick cross?
She arranges her hands in a reverent way
What does Vandara do after she makes the worshipful gesture?
According to Vandara, why was Kira allowed to live as an infant?
Her grandfather had great power
Why is Kira not required to defend herself?
She is only of two-syllables.
What does Kira touch in her pocket?
a scrap of cloth and her mother’s comb
Who wears ornamentation?
Jamison and the Elite
What is in the volumes bound in green leather?
What question does Kira have about her father’s death?
“Was he afraid?,” “Was my father afraid?”
What crime does Christopher say Vandara has committed?
She murdered her own child by making him eat a poisonous plant
What special sewing did Kira’s mother do?
Weaving the Singer’s robe
What color couldn’t Kira’s mother make?
When did Kira decorate the cloth she touches in her pocket?
When her mother was sick
What is in the box in Kira’s room?
the robe
Who taught Kira’s mother the art of dyeing cloth?
Who gets Kira’s spot for her cott?
Vandara and the women
What is Kira’s new job?
the new weaver of the Singer’s robe
How did Matt get his dog?
Matt found the stray dog and used a branch to splinter its tail
Why will Kira meet Matt at the steps at four bells?
Matt will bring things he salvaged from Kira’s burned cottage
Who accompanies Kira to her new living place?
Matt and Jamison
Who lives across Kira?
What is in the bundle Matt carries?
a threading frame, dried herbs, tubers, and folded pieces of her mother’s clothing
What happens to the special cloth at night?
the cloth moved as if it had life.
What is a tender?
a helper
How did Thomas’ parents die?
They were shocked by lightning
What does Kira find in the shallow drawer?
threads not yet dyed
Who goes with Kira into the woods?
Matt and Branch
Why doesn’t Matt know what a gift is?
Gifts aren’t given in the Fen.
What color can’t Annabella make?
Is there any blue in the Singer’s robe?
There once was, but has faded
How does Thomas help Kira remember her plants and dyes?
He will write and read aloud the names of the herbs
What sound does Thomas hear in the night?
a child crying
What is Thomas working on?
the Singer’s staff
After finding Matt in the hunting group, where do Thomas and Kira take Matt?
Kira’s bathroom
What does Matt want of Kira?
a gift
Why is Kira frightened as she walks down the path to Annabella’s?
Kira thought she heard beasts
What does Annabella tell Kira about beasts?
There be no beasts
Who does Kira decide to ask about beasts?
What pattern does Kira see in the robe?
What does Kira think could be making the noise?
an animal
Whose voice does Kira hear in the corridor?
Who is singing?
What does Jamison say happened to Annabella?
She died in her sleep
Why does Matt tell Kira not to go to the old dyer’s?
She wouldn’t be there, she died
Where did Matt see Jamison that morning?
Walking beside the draggers who carried Annabella’s body
What does Jo say she’s doing?
practicing her song
Where does Kira find Jamison?
In the open doorway of Kira’s room
Why won’t Jamison let Kira watch at the Field for Annabella?
there is work to be done with the Gathering approaching
Why isn’t Thomas surprised that Jo is locked in?
Thomas was locked in as a tyke
What is the word Thomas uses to describe himself, Kira, and Jo?
How can Thomas and Kira get into Jo’s room?
Thomas carved a key that can unlock any door.
What does Kira do to soothe the child?
picks her up, cradles and rocks her
What is the emergency signal that Jo needs them?
tap on the ceiling
What does Kira suddenly know?
They’re being used–they are not free–they are captive
Who makes a low growl like a beast?
What does Thomas give to the woman in the Fen in exchange for info?
an apple
What is in front of Matt’s house?
a broken tree
Where did Matt go?
trying to find blue
What is Matt’s special talent?
making people laugh
What will Jo sing someday for Kira?
a new song
Where does the Singer live?
in a different section of Edifice
What does Jamison expect Kira to do after the Gathering?
start dyeing new threads
Who told Thomas that someone would come for him and Kira?
a tender
What does Kira do when she’s introduced?
stands and bows
What does Jo do when she’s introduced?
smiles and waves
What does Kira feel when she sees the robe?
What is Kira able to do when she looks at Thomas’ lists of plants and dyes?
reads some of the words
What is the “big giftie” Matt has brought to Kira?
What is different about the people yonder?
they are all crippled and broken
What is the sound Kira hears?
dragging sound of metal chains
Who does the Singer call on stage at the end of the performance?
What is the stranger wearing?
a blue shirt
What is the stranger’s handicap?
What is in the bag?
woad from yonder to make blue
Who is the man?
Christopher, Kira’s father
Why was Christopher hurt?
Jamison tried to kill him out of jealousy
Who took Christopher from the field?
Does Christopher have another wife?
Where does Kira’s father want her to go?
to go to village yonder
Who tried to kill Christopher?
What does Kira plant?
What is the metal clanging sound Kira hears at the Gathering?
chains on the Singer’s ankle
Who will take Christopher to the village?
What part of the woad might live?
the small shoot
Who does Matt think Kira can marry?
a blue-eyed boy in the village
What gift does Kira’s father leave with her?
his shirt