Funeral Service Management (Ch. 18)

What must the funeral home marketing motivate the client with?
purchase services other than direct dispo with only basic services, select your funeral home instead of another
How is effective marketing accomplished?
the services and products you offer, how your service and products are better than others
What should effective marketing plans include?
everyday functions of the funeral home, human resources, pricing, merchandising, credit and collection policies,community activities
What should the marketing plan start with?
long term vision that is refined into specific goals
Effective marketing plans include what?
branding, advertising, public relations, publicicty
What is Brand?
name or term, design, symbol, or any other feature that identifies one sellers good and services as distinct from competitors
What is a Brand Image?
the perception of a brand is in the mind of the person, what people believe about the brand
Branding can produce what?
a unique definition of your business
Its not always about the lowest price but about?
value received from price
Having a vision is what?
determine long term ideas and what your business will look like, define you standards of care
Having a formal marketing plan is what?
make sure your goals and objectives have been defined and shared with all employees
What does putting goals and objectives in writing mean?
makes them real and holds everyone accountable to them
Being flexible in business means what?
stay on top of market trends and adapt when you need to.
How do you make your business stand out?
capitalize on strengths and recognize weakness, capitalize on competitors weakness, raise the bar, know what customers want, plan advertising campaigns, focus on keeping your present customers and attracting new ones
What is advertising?
making the public aware of services or a commodity that a business has for-sale
What should you never be negative about when it comes to advertising?
negative about your competitor
What should effective advertising plans include?
objective, targeted audience, promise to the customer, advertising should be consistent and repetitive
Direct mail is a form of advertising which is?
usually expensive, may not get read, reaches targeted group,
Radio is a form of advertising which is?
useful for general recognition, covers large audience, most listeners will not use services, shorter adds played more frequently, listener attention very short
Television is a form of advertising which is?
effective in large metropolitan area, smaller markets can use local cable channels,
The yellow pages are a form of advertising which is?
standard form of advertising, small ad is more effective
Church bulletins are a form of advertising this is?
necessary for good relations with clergy and to keep name infant of members, not effective form of advertising, should be viewed as a way to support the church
Business cards are a form of advertising which is?
low cost, conveient for pre-need customers, easy to make available
Logos are a form of advertising which are?
appeals to most basic sense of association, should be used for the long term
Jingle is a form of advertising is?
really used, has to be used in a tasteful manner,
The internet is a form of advertisind is?
necessity in funeral service, easy way to search, provide services online
Billboards are forms of advertisement that is?
quick and simple, more effective in metropolitan areas, promotes nearby locations,
The newspaper is a form of advertising that is?
most common, smaller ads more effective, obituary page best place for ads
What is the percentage that advertising should take of your yearly income?
2-5% of yearly income
What are some methods for evaluating how effective your advertising is?
return coupon, overall sales on a particular item advertised, analyzing any increase in your business through a questionnaire,
What should you do before you spend the money to advertise?
get a professional expert to do research on your market area
What are consumer buying motives based on?
comfort, prestige, health, convience, security, economy
What percentage of consumers visited or called one funeral home before making their choice?
89 percent
What percentage called 2 funeral homes before making their decision?
8 percent
What percentage called three or more funeral homes?
2 percent
What is the percentage people that called funeral homes for price?
47 percent
what percentage did people call funeral homes for service options?
30 percent
What percentage did people call funeral homes about availability?
26 percent
What percentage did people call funeral homes not about price?
55 percent
What do 72 percent of people believe that funerals should do?
Wear a suit
What do 68% of people believe that funeral directors do not have visible?
63% of people do not want to she their funeral director with?
body piercing
$2 percent of people believe what is important with the service?
religious component
33 percent of people state that?
a religious component was not important
Marketing surveys are effective how?
gain knowledge of consumer, create value, help combat competition based on objective survey, brings awareness to shrinking markets, increase profitability,
What does market mean?
a group of potential customers having purchasing power and unsatisfied needs
What is demographics?
study of human populations with respect to their size and density, distribution, composition, and income
What is psychographic?
fundamental personality traits of a specific culture or group of people
What is economic base?
wealth produced in or near a community that provides employment and income to the local population
What is public relations?
inducing the public to have a positive feeling about a particular business
What should a public relations program support?
your advertising campaign in order to reach your target market
What should public relations include?
your role as a community educator on the values of the funeral as well as volunteer community work
What should PR goal be?
consumer awareness of your service, promoting your business as a local leader, creating a positive public image
What is a press kit?
folders containing relevant information about your busniess
What percentage of americans have internet access ages 59-68?
How many americans ages 40-58 have internet access?
What are benefits of good Customer Service?
increased market share, increased sales profit, repeat business, new customers,few complaints
When handling a complaint you should?
listen and don’t argue, document all info, admit mistakes if there is one,

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