FTCE Prek-3 Practice Test

A teacher asks her students to compare and contrast two animals they saw at the zoo. This is an example of what level of Bloom’s taxonomy?

Students studying fractions manipulate fraction blocks, blocks cut to represent fractional parts to learn the concept of adding and subtracting fractions. Which level of development as described by Piaget does this activity demonstrate?
concrete operational stage

According to Kohlberg, at which development level do children understand that good is behavior is expected?

Which of the following is NOT a stage of Erikson’s stages? (young childhood, middle adulthood, adolescence, late childhood
late childhood

In Bronfenbrenner’s organization of child development, the family of classroom is considered a..

One of Vygotsky’s major contributions to the field of early childhood development is the concept of
the importance of play as a learning activity

Which of the following is a component of the Constructivist Learning theory?
students, teachers, and classmates establish knowledge cooperatively every day

Social and behavioral theories of learning stress the importance of..
the social interaction of students that aid of inhibit learning

A teacher becomes aware that a certain student’s family is in a crisis situation. What the teachers best course of action?
report the crisis situation to school or civic authorities

Which of the following is the best way to assist children from families with limited incomes?
cooperate with school administrators and public officials to provide assistance, such as a free lunch program and/or academic assistance

The teacher notices that a students attention in the classroom is decreased. The student seems restless and unable to concentrate. Which of the following may be the cause of this behavior?
child is coming down with illness, developing problems at home, entered a period of rapid physical growth

Which of the follow is a symptom of an emotionally-neglected child?
acts of jealousy or aggression toward other children

Which of the following is an important aspect of allowing and encouraging children’s play?
play teachers children cooperation and sharing

What personal benefits can a young child obtain from play?
development of motor skills and personal interest, and the ability to entertain themselves when alone

Social development and cognitive development often progress together because..
all areas of development- physical, social and cognitive

The concept of latent development is important for teachers because..
developing skills may give clues for the next stage of instruction a student will need

A flat or agitated expression is coupled with incoherent speech is a major symptom of..

Which of the following actions are important for a teacher to do to create learning conditions for students with disabilities?
child-centered approach to instruction, help students identify their own learning needs, structure learning experiences appropriate to the needs of the disable student

When a child begins to act violently, breaking things and quarreling with other students, teachers should see this change in behavior as a..
sign of emotional difficulties

If a child exhibits loss in cognitive thinking, social behavior and usual academic progress, the teacher should suspect that the child..
may be abusing drugs

What makes a child eligible for special education services?
having a diagnosed physical or emotional disability that has been professionally evaluated

If a child demonstrates a lack of concentration in the classroom and also becomes easily agitated, they may be suffering from..
lack of sleep or nutrition

At what age do children normally demonstrate a speech pattern that is 90% intelligible?
four years old

If a child appears delayed in speech development, which of the following is the best course to follow?
use in-depth evaluation and early intervention to assist the child with language delays

Which of the following is NOT a characteristic of child with emotional disturbance? (lower academic performance, social skills deficits, aggressive behaviors, exaggerated efforts to make friends)
exaggerated efforts to make friends

How should the teacher best deal with an academically talented student who typically finishes work ahead of other students and tends to get into mischief while waiting for others to finish?
assign the student an appealing task related to the subject area that requires creativity, research or in-dept study such as making a collage or creating a play.

The most important factor for the teacher to keep in mind when teaching students with disabilities is..
vary instructional pace and content to meet the specific needs of disabled students

Seeking the appropriate method for meeting the needs of a disable student is most often initiated by
the students’ classroom teacher

Involvement of parents in developing a student’s IEP is essential because:
parents know their children’s needs, and an IEP must be tailored to meet those needs

What is meant by the least restrictive environment policy of the IDEA?
students with disabilities must be educated in an environment appropriate to them and their non-disabled peers, often a regular classroom

An IEP is a plan for..
assisting students in ways beyond what the classroom teacher can provide

A 504 differs from an IEP in that the 504..
focuses on helping emotionally or physically disabled student within the classroom, IEP has broader applications to other needs

Which of the follow is NOT a reason for having a parent conference? (the teacher wants to share information about the child’s behavior and progress with the parents, the teacher wants to receive information about the child from the parents, the teacher wants to ask for parent support or involvement in specific activities, the child’s behavior is so difficult that the teacher wants the parents to withdraw the child from school)
the child’s behavior is so difficult that the teacher wants the parents to withdraw the child from school

What is the advantage of placing students in community organizations like ASB or PTSA?
these organizations provide opportunities for children to develop leadership skills and to learn to appreciate the value of collaborative processes

Which of the following genres is most important for children just beginning to become readers in grades K, 1, and 2?
alphabet books, wordless picture books, and easy to read books

Which of the following is NOT a goal of children’s literature? (focus on choices, morals and values, instruct students through entertaining stories, promote an interest in reading itself, instruct students in the sciences, such as math and biology)
instruct students in the sciences, such as math and biology

In which genre does the literature rely on the reader’s suspension of disbelief about magical and mythical creatures?

A story about a young detective who solves mysteries using mental and physical skills would be classified as..
action and adventure

The statement, “He ran as fast as a startled rabbit,” is an example of..

Young children are more likely to respond to analogies in stories than to metaphors because..
the ability to understand the abstract concept expressed in the metaphors is not developed until later in childhood

When students compare nonfiction literature to fictional literature, what differences will they find?
in addition to plot, character, setting and theme, a nonfictional work will also introduce interpretations, theories and research

Which of the following would you expect children in grades k-2 to learn by being exposed to both fictional and nonfictional literature?
how to tell fiction from nonfiction

In selecting literature for children the most important first step a teacher should perform is to evaluate..
class composition and preferences

What is the best way for a teacher to make sure that books in the classroom are at an appropriate reading level, neither too easy nor so difficult that beginning readers will become frustrated?
provide a wife variety of reading materials for children to choose from

One of the most important elements in children’s literature that captures children’s interest is..

If a teacher does not have time to pre-read all the books she selects for her classroom, what is a good alternative?
look at children’s book reviews, seek input from children about their favorite books, seek the assistance of the school librarian

The adaptation of language in a piece of writing to meet the author’s purpose of audience is called..

The perspective from which a story is told is called..
point of view

In Mr. Booker’s first grade classroom, students are studying marine animals in science. Mr. Booker wants to select a book to read to the class that will enhance their understanding of this subject while at the same time capturing their interest in a story. Which of the following would be the best choice?
The Wild Whale Watch, part of the Magic School bus series, a chapter boo about whales

Which of the following describes one difference between role-play writing and early writing?
in role playing writing, the child writes in scribbles that are only meaningful to them and in early writing the child begins to use real letters

Which of the following is a developmental skill a child should have before beginning to write?
small muscle control

A child using the prewriting strategy called free writing will..
write thoughts and ideas without stopping to edit them

Which of the following is NOT a prewriting strategy? (brainstorming; visual mapping of ideas; asking questions; organizing writing into paragraphs)
organizing writing into paragraphs

In the organization stage of writing, the writer..
determines the purpose, thesis and supporting details of the written work

Maria’s topic sentence is “My family prepares for holidays in a big way.” Which of the following would be the best supporting detail to follow that sentence?
first we decide who is going to host the holiday dinner

Which of the following is true of the introduction to a written piece?
it should be written last

Which of the following is not a method of peer editing? (pairs of students analyze each others’ sentences for variety; groups of students ask questions of the author to make the writing more clear; students work together to perform a final edit; students decide whether another student’s essay is good writing or poor writing)
students decide whether another student’s essay is good writing or poor writing

Which of the following should NOT be capitalized? (state names, small works like “of” in titles, proper names, main words in titles of written works)
small works like “of” in titles

Elena wrote the following paragraph: I believe that everyone should try to care for our planet. The best ways to do this are through recycling and using natural energy instead of fossil fuels. etc.. The purpose of Elena’s paragraph was..

Students should learn to write for a variety of audiences because..
students are more involved in their writing if the audience varies

Which of the following genres takes an opinion and defends it?

The final resolution of a fictional plot is called..

Assonance means that two or more words..
have the same vowel sound

The basics of writing to a particular audience do NOT include.. (precise vocabulary, correct spelling, figurative language, illustrations or examples)
correct spelling

The direct instruction model for teaching students to recognize numbers includes..
showing newly introduced numbers more often than other numbers

Which of the following is an example of an ordinal number?

The property of numbers that states that 1+3 is the same as 3+1 is called..

(order in which numbers are added does not change the answer)


A number system in which the position of a digit in a number determines its value is a called a..
a place value system

Paper stripes and cuisenaire rods are manipulatives used to teach..

A decimal can be converted to a percent by..
moving the decimal point two places to the right

By rewriting 5 times 9 as 9+9+9+9+9, students will learn..
the relationship between multiplication and addition

Although there are 100 addition facts, if students understand commutativity, they actually need to learn how many facts?
55 facts

Which of the following is NOT a model that helps students understand subtraction? (take away, missing addend, number line, adding zero)
adding zero

Which of the following is NOT a way to teach young children to recognize patterns? (count by twos beginning with 5, comparing geometric shapes, solving for x in an equation, analyzing the results of a class survey)
solving for x in a equation

Geometric figures can be classified by..
numbers of sides, angles where sides meet, whether they are polygons or solids

John drew two triangles on a piece of paper. The were facing away from each other, but had the exact same size and shape. This is best described as an example of which geometrical concept?

A missing object problem like the one below is one way of helping students learn what concept?
Truck, car, bike, train, truck, car, bike, ____, truck, care, bike, train
problem solving

When deciding to measure the sides of a 2D object, what attributes of that object should be considered?
length and width

What is the educational purpose of having students measure the length of an object, such as their desk or table, with non-standard measuring units smaller than the object, such as crayons?
students learn to measure something larger than a unity by repetitive use of that unit

For three days, Mr. Hanson had his students keep track of how many times each of them used a pencil during the school day. What is the best kind of graph to use to display these data?
bar graph

Katrina wanted to solve this math problem: “If there are 30 days in a month and today is the 12th, how many days until the end of the month?” What should be her first problem solving step?
understand what the problem is asking

Which of the following problems did the settlers at Plymouth Massachusetts have during their first winter there?
many starved for lack of food

Which of the following events did NOT occur in Massachusetts close to the time of the American Revolution? (The Declaration of Independence, the first battle of the Revolutionary War, The Boston Tea Party, Paul Revere’s ride)
The Declaration of Independence

What is a primary contribution of Israelites to civilization?

A major scientific development that began near the beginning of the 17th century was..
the use of experiments to verify theories

The results of increased production of crops and managed approach to agriculture is called..
the agricultural revolution

Which of these refers to the oceans and water areas of earth?

Which of the following is a bay located in Massachusetts?
buzzard’s bay

Due process means..
the right of a defendant to confront accusers and to provide a defense

In the Constitution of the United States, which of the following powers are reserved for the states?
regulate intrastate trade

A law proposed in Congress but not yet passed is called..
a bill

In Massachusetts, the united of local government is the..

A belief or opinion in opposition to certain beliefs is called..

(when a citizen disagrees with a certain concept of the law)


Repetition is important to scientific inquiry because..
it is the only way to prove that an experiment is valid – it is key

The father of microscopy was..

What effect does science have on technology?
technology often results from scientific discoveries

Which of the following are required by all organisms in order to survive?
food, water, sunlight, and air

What is the difference between mass and weight?
mass is the amount of matter in an object, weight is the measure of the pull of gravity on an object

World weather patterns are very much influence by..
ocean currents

In the technological design process, after the problem has been identified and a possible solution selected, what is the next step?
try out the proposed solution

What steps should precede drawing a conclusion about a hypothesis?
testing, observing, and recording data

What is the first step in the technological design process?
identify a problem and propose a solution

What is the second step in the technological design process?
trying the solution

What is the last step in the technological design process?
evaluation and reporting the results

Who discovered the role of micro-organisms?

WHo determined that each disease has a specific pathogen?

Who developed the science of genetics?
james waston

Instrade trade is solely within..
a state, so the state has jurisdiction over it

Taxation is a right granted to..
both federal and state authorities

Declaring war is a..
national decision

Where is the Bay of Fundy located?

Where is the Chesapeake Bay located?

Where is the Manila Bay located?

Atmosphere is..
the air we breathe

Hydrosphere is..

Lithosphere is..
the land

A bar graph is used to..
compare quantities

A circle graph is used to..
compara parts of a whole

A pictograph shows..
comparison of quantities using symbols

A line graph shows..
trends over a period of time

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