Five Nights At Freddy’s 1-4

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Balloon Boy
A little boy. He holds balloons in one hand and a sign in the other. If he is in your room, your flashlight will be disabled.
Golden Freddy ( FNAF 1 )
An aged Freddy suit but is colored gold. To summon him, you must look at camera 2-B. There is a poster that can be a pop up of golden Freddy. Once it is there, if you look at the cameras while he is there he will go away. If you don’t, then a pop up of golden Freddy will appear and the game will crash.
Golden Freddy ( FNAF 2 )
A Freddy suit that is aged more than the other animatronics. His head is shown in the hallway when near the office. A close up look of him pops up when he attacks you.
Foxy The Pirate Fox
Foxy is a very unliked animatronic by the others. He is the phone guys favorite. He used to be thought of as the culprit of the bite of 87, until FNAF 2 came out.
Mangle was an animatronic that kids would play with and is now torn apart. He is known as the culprit to the bite of 87.
His face is blown off and his indo skeleton is shown.
Toy Bonnie
Only on FNAF 2. He has a bass guitar.
He has red cheeks and has a light blue tint to his fur.
A chicken. She holds a cupcake with eyes.
Toy Chica
A partly nude Chica.
Indo skeleton
Only appears on FNAF 2. He can appear when the marionette box Is low. He does not attack, but just sits in your room.
Shadow Freddy
A hallucination in FNAF 2 only seen in the parts and services room in Bonnie’s spot. He crashes your game.
Shadow Bonny
A hallucination in FNAF 2 that can appear in your office. It crashes your game.
Purple guy ( death mini games )
He can appear in almost every death mini game in FNAF 2. He is the killer of five children.
Balloon girl
Creepy balloon boy that is a girl. She can be seen under your desk.
Paper plate man
Little balloon boy looking paper plate man made by a little boy. He can be tacked onto your office wall.
Five Nights At Freddy’s 3 animatronic. Looks like a golden bonnie. He holds many secrets, such as how purple guy is stuffed inside him.
Phantom mangle
A greenish, purplish mangle that can appear in either the camera or your window. Cannot jumpscare you.
Phantom Chica
A ghost-like Chica that looks weird in the camera. A picture of her appears on an arcade machine in the camera before attacking
Phantom bb
A bb that looks like a ghost like all of the other phantoms. He attacks after being seen in the camera. When he attacks, the ventilation goes bad
A creepy jack-in-the-box puppet. You must wind a music box to keep him away. If you don’t, he will jumpscare you. He has an eye in his eye. Some say it was the eyeball of the kid that was turned into the marionette.
Phantom marionette
A ghost version of marionette. He cannot jumpscare you. His head just sits in your way and you can’t see anything. He’ll go when he wants to.
Phantom Freddy
A phantom animatronic. It looks like golden Freddy from Five Nights At Freddy’s 2. The ears look exactly the same. Before he jumpscares you, you will see him tiptoeing in the window.
Phantom foxy
A foxy that just randomly comes when your ventilation goes bad. He dives at you but doesn’t kill you.
Mysterious Freddy
A Five Nights At Freddy’s 3 animatronic. Doesn’t have a jumpscare, but just sits to the left of you, staring at you, forever! When he is there, the time will not advance. He looks kind of like golden Freddy.
Nightmare Freddy
A freddy with sharp teeth. Can jumpscare you when all weird tiny freddy things are on your bed.
Nightmare Chica
Comes from the right corridor on Five Nights At Freddy’s 4
Nightmare Bonnie
Comes from the left corridor on Five Nights At Freddy’s 4
Nightmare foxy
A foxy with even sharper set of teeth and lives in your closet
Bite of 87
A event ( not real ) that took place in 1987 where someone bit a little girls face off. ( I think foxy because of his partly broken jaw and the sorry! We are out of order! sign where he normally is at first.) It could be mangle. It could also be the new Five Nights At Freddy’s 4 teaser animatronics. They have SUPER sharp teeth.
Phone guy (fnaf 1)
Guy on the phone that gives info to you at the start of every night, except for night 5. People believe that he was stuffed into Golden Freddy because at the end of night 4’s message, you hear the sound of Golden Freddy killing you.
Phone guy (fnaf 2)
Talks all jumpy. He sounds like he knows something that he doesn’t want you to know. Could be purple guy.
Phone guy (fnaf 3)
Sounds all cool and talks like, \”yea bruh. Totally bruh!\”
Nightmare Fredbear
Is said to have caused the bite of 87, but I think it was spring lock failure
Nobody knows who the **** it is. A secret animatronic in Five Nights At Freddy’s 4
Nightmare cupcake
Is what jumpscares you instead of chica sometimes in Five Nights At Freddy’s 4

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