Ross Perot, Jr. (Chairman)
○ Personal
■ Graduated from St. Mark’s School of Texas (1977) and Vanderbilt (1981)
■ From Dallas
■ F4 Pilot certified (Air Force 1983) and completed first helicopter flight
around world
■ Chairman of: US Air Force Memorial, Smithsonian, St. Marks, Vanderbilt
○ Professional
■ CEO of Perot Systems (20002004) founder and Charmain
● Acquired by Dell
Armen Sarkissian (Vice Chair)
○ Prime Minister of Armenia (1996-7)
○ Founding President of Eurasia House Intl
○ Numerous articles on economic transition of former Soviet Union
○ Also over 50 articles on computer modeling and theoretical physics
○ Been a professor of physics at Yerevan, School of Math and Science, London,
R. William Ide III (Executive Committee Chair)
○ Partner at Dentons, a global law firm
■ Represents BoD, audit comm, management with special investigations
○ Senior VP of Monsanto Company (p)
○ Counsel to US Olympic Committee (p)
○ President of American Bar Assn (p)
○ Articles published regarding corporate governance
○ BA from Washington and Lee, JD UVA, MBA Georgia State
○ Has served: BoD Albemarle Corporation, BoD Popeyes
○ Current: Advisory Board to Conference Board’s Governance Center, Emory
University’s Directors Institute, Audit Comm of Clark ATL Univ Board of Trustees
Tewodros Ashenafi
○ Founder, Chairman and CEO of SouthWest Energy (first Ethiopian oil and gas exploration company)
■ Chairman of SouthWest Development (gas services co. to Ethiopia)
○ Started with Merrill Lynch & Co. with political, international, and econ advisory
○ On INTL board of Right to Play (humanitarian development org)
○ Alumnus of Harvard Business
○ Named Young Global Leader by WEF as one of 200 outstanding leaders under 40
Peter Bonfield
○ Works mainly with change mgmt in intl tech companies
○ 45+ yrs experience in electronics, computers and comm
○ Former Chairman and CEO of ICL, Comm of British Telecommunications
○ Chairman of the Board, NXP Semiconductors N.V. (NASDAQ: NXPI), The Netherlands; Director of L.M. Ericsson, Sweden; Director of Mentor Graphics Corporation Inc., Oregon, USA; Director of T.S.M.C., Taipai, Taiwan; Director Sony Corporation, Tokyo, Japan; Board Mentor, CMi, Belgium; Member of The Longreach Group Advisory Board, Hong Kong; Advisor to Apax Partners LLP, London; Senior Advisor Rothschild, London; and Chair of Council and Senior Pro Chancellor, Loughborough University, UK.
Matt Bross
Current Chairman and CEO of CompassEOS (routing company)
○ Previous: Global Chief Technology Officer of
■ Huawei 2009-2012
■ British Telecom 2002-2009
■ Williams Communications 1997-2002
■ Capital Technologies (cofounded in 1992)
○ Work centers around harnessing new technology development and drivinf service innovations that improve ability to communicate
○ Awarded William Pitt Fellowship (Cambridge)
○ Chairman of the Global Information Infrastructure Commission
Robert N. Campbell III
○ Wife Laura, 4 children, three grandchildren
○ Honors graduate of Austin College
○ Founder and CEO of Campbell Global Services LLC
○ Previously V Chair & US State Govt leader at Deloitte LLP (professional
services firm)
■ Led Deloitte’s global defense network for several years
○ Advised leaders of govt in program planning and evaluation, info systems planning and development, business process analysis, performance improvement, organizational transformation
○ Served on Bipartisan Policy Commission Task Force on the Federal deficit
Maria Livanos Cattaui
Former Secretary General of the International Chamber of Commerce 19962005
○ Instrumental in establishing a global partnership bw businesses and UN, and formation of UN economic policy
○ Managing Director (p) at World Economic Forum in Geneva
○ Honors Harvard grad
Michael Chertoff
○ (p) Secretary of US Dept of Homeland Security (2005-2009)
○ Exec Chairman and Cofounder of Chertoff Group (high level strategic counsel to corporate and govt leaders on security issues)
○ Served as federal judge
○ Investigated and prosecuted cases of political corruption, organized crime,
corp fraud and terrorism
○ Magna cum laude Harvard, Law
○ Clern to Supreme Ct Justice William Brennan, JR (1979-80)
David Cohen
○ Chairman of F&C REIT Property Mgmt in India
○ Previous CEO and Chairman of Perot Systems Europe
○ Previously worked with Goldman Sachs
Joel H. Cowan
○ Began with banking and real estate development
○ Founded town Peachtree City
○ International focus on Central Asia (founded Central Eurasia Leadership
■ Active with social impact investing in the region
○ Former Board with Continental and World Airways
○ Active Board memb INTL Relief and Development and the Council for a
Community of Democracies
Addison Fischer
○ Issues of concern are environment, resources, health and freedom
○ Entrepreneur turned founder of INTL Systems Corporation adn Fischer
INTL Identity, LLC (now chairman)
○ Member of committees in 80s and 90s that set US standards for computer
security and electronic commerce
○ Known as one of the foremost computer security and cryptography
Stephen B. Heintz
○ 6th President of the Rockefeller Brothers Fund
○ Most recent: founding pres of Demos (public policy research and
advocacy organization)
○ Was executive VP and CEO of EWI
■ Worked on issues of econ reform, civil society devel, and intl security
○ Nonprofit Times named him top 50 most influential leaders in NGO sector
○ First 15 years of career were in politics and govt
Dr. Hu Yuandong
○ Chief Representative of the United Nations Industrial Development Organization Investment and Technology Promotion Office for China in Beijing (UNIDO ITPOChina)
○ Worked with UN for over 20 years
○ Worked 10 years in public sector (Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic
○ Served 4 years in Air Force (early 70s)
○ Served in Air Force for 4 years
○ PhD and MA in Public Administration from Colorado State University
Emil Hubinak
○ Chairman CEO of Logomotion Group, which provide financial services in
Central and Eastern Europe and info services to media markets in Czech Republic and Slovakia
■ Wants Logomotion to be a leading mobile payment solutions company
○ Earned Doctor of Law at Law SChool, UK Bratislava, Slovakia
John Hurley
○ Honors Princeton (1986)
○ Served 5 years in US Army (fire direction officer during the first Gulf War
○ 2003 founded Cavalry Asset Management, based in San Fran and Hong
Kong, invests in both public and private companies in tech sector
○ Member of Exec Committee of Business Executives for National Security
○ Lecturer in Finance at the Stanford GSB
Amb. Wolfgang Ischinger
○ Married, three children, skiing and mountaineering
○ Studied Law at the Universities of Bonn and Geneva (interest in
international law, foreign economic relations, and history)
■ Published widely on these subjects
○ Secretary General of UN (73-75)
○ Germany’s Foreign Service (7582)
■ Staff of Foreign Federal Minister (82-90)
■ Director of Policy Planning Staff of Federal Foreign Office (93)
○ Currently Chairman of the Munich Security Conference and Global Head
of Government Relations in Munich
Ralph H. Isham
○ Founder and managing director of GH Venture Partners LLC (private investments in telecommunications, transportation technologies and health care services)
○ Developing longrange business strategies for domestic and international markets of Fortune 100 companies
○ Former Chairman of the American Stock Exchange and Securities and Exchange Commission
○ Yale undergrad and MBA Harvard in international relations
○ Cofounder of viennabased international neurotrauma research
○ Trustee of the Institute for War and Peace Reporting (London)
Gen. James L. Jones
○ Served as the national security adviser to Obama (09-10)
○ President and CEO (p) of the US Chamber Institute for 21st Century
○ Retired from active Marine Corps duty in 2007 after 40 years of service
■ Stationed in US, Europe and Japan
■ Combat experience in vietnam as well as tours as commander in N
Iraq and Turkey
○ 2007 Department of State’s special envoy for Middle East Security
○ Georgetown School of Foreign Service → National War College
Haifa Fahoum Al Kaylani
○ Focuses on leadership in cultural and gender issues (greater
understanding between Arab and international communities)
○ Founder Chairman of Arab INTL Women’s Forum
○ Women eNews 21 Leaders for the 21 Century (06)
○ 2013 inducted into the Centre of Economic Leadership and Development
into the Global Women Leaders Hall of Fame
Zuhal Kurt
○ CEO of Kurt Group, whose investments include 6News (satellite news broadcast covering Europe, Central Asia, and Middle East) and Kurt Systems (race horse training technology) and real estate portfolio including commercial, residential, and industrial properties in Instanbul and Ceyhan Turkey, and London.
○ Married with one son, lives in Instanbul
○ Schiller University
General T. Michael Moseley
○ 40+ military career as the 18th Chief of Staff of the US Air Force
○ Knighted by the Queen
○ President of France named him “Commander
○ Two Defense Distinguished Service Medals by the Secretary of Defense
for combat innovation and leadership in Middle East
○ Member on the Council of Foreign Relations
○ Chairman of Gulf Alliance Company with offices in Texas and UAE
○ President CEO of Moseley and Associates (consulting global security
matters as well as operationalizing new technologies)
Karen Linehan Mroz
○ President of the Middle East Children’s Institute and developed programs in the West Bank and education program for syrian refugees and Jordanian underprivileged children
○ President of Roscommon Group Associates, consulting in programs for children’s edu and woman’s entrepreneurship in ME as well as program and org development for NGOs
○ Served as program officer with Goldman Sachs Foundation, Institute of International Education
○ Participated in creation and development of EWI (cofounder John Edwin Mroz was her husband)
F. Francis Najafi
○ Founder and CEO of Pivotal Group, 25 yo investment firm with experience
in private equity investments, operating technology companies, and all
major real estate
○ BS from ASU, PhD from USC
○ Member of Greater Phoenix Leadership
○ Enjoys cultural and civic organizations
Amb. Tsuneo Nishida
○ Permanent Representative of Japan to the United Nations (2010)
○ Worked for Japan’s Foreign Ministry since 1970
○ Deputy ViceMinister for Foreign policy from September 2002 and Deputy
Minister for Foreign Affairs in Tokyo from August 2005
○ Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary to Canada from January
Ronald P. O’Hanley, III
○ President and CEO of State Street Global Advisors
○ Recently President of Asset Management and Corporate Services for
Fidelity Investments (provider of investment mgmt, retirement planning, portfolio guidance, brokerage, benefits outsourcing and other financial products)
■ 1.9 trillion in assets under his management
○ Oversaw Bank of New York Mellon’s activities in Asia
○ BA in Poly Sci from Syracuse, MBA from Harvard Business
Admiral (ret) William A. Owens
○ Managing Director of AEA Investors in Hong Kong
○ Previous CEO and Vice Chairman of Nortel (helped them reestablish as a
strong and ethical Fortune 500 and leader in telecommunications and
enterprise in IT global marketplace after accounting issues in April 2004)
○ Aldo President and CEO of Science Applications International Corporation
and Teledesic LLC
○ Responsible for the reorganization and restructuring of the armed forces in
the postCold War era.
○ 1991-1993: deputy chief of Naval Operations for Resources, Warfare
Requirements and Assessments
○ Served on boards in 19 public companies
○ BA MS in politics, philosophy and econ from Oxford and MS in mgmt from
George Washington
Sarah Perot
○ Civic and philanthropic
○ President and trustee of the Sarah and Ross Perot, Jr Foundation and
○ ViceChair of the Global Fund for Children
○ She is on so many boards
■ Arts Community Alliance Silver Cup Award for outstanding contribution to the arts in North Texas
Ramzi Sanbar
○ Founder and Chairman of The SDC Group (international conglomerate
spanning engineering, energy, real estate and telecoms) ■ Operations in the US, Europe and ME and China
○ Pioneer in development and privatization ventures, including China’s energy and IT sectors
○ Doctorate from Paris IV University in environmental related issues and was awarded a Doctor at Law by Gonzaga University, Spokane, Washington
Ikram ul-Majeed Sehgal
○ Graduated from Pakistan Military Academy and served in the pakistan
Army in the Infantry and Army Aviation
■ First Pakistani POW to escape in history in India 1971
○ 8 published books
○ Commercial pilot’s license
○ Director of Bank Alfalah Ltd and General Tyre Ltd.
○ Foundation member of the World Economic Forum
○ Served on many committees responsible for devising security against terrorist threats for media institutions and journalists in Pakistan.
Amb. Kanwal Sibal
○ Joined Indian Foreign Service in July 1966
■ Foreign Secretary of India 20022003
○ Served in Paris, DaresSalaam, Lisbon, Kathmandu
○ Ambassador of India to Turkey (1989-1992), Egypt (1995-1998), France
○ First Grand Doctor of Philosophy in India
Kevin Taweel
○ Cofounder of Asurion (largest provider of technology protection services)
■ Grown from 40 to 10,000 employees
■ Received the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award
○ Teaches MBA classes for entrepreneurship at Stanford Graduate School
of Business
○ Graduated from McGill
Amb. Pierre Vimont
○ Executive Secretary General of the European External Action Service
○ Prior Ambassador of France to US, and chief of staff to the French
minister of foreign affairs
○ Served as director for development and scientific, technical and
educational cooperation and then for cultural, scientific and technical
○ Graduate of Institute of Political Studies and the National School of
Administration (ENA).
Alexander Voloshin
○ Chief of the Russian Presidential Administration (1999-2008)
○ October 2008 member of the Presidential Council for Financial Market
Development of the Russian Federation
○ Current Chairman of the Board of JSC Freight One and nonexecutive
Director of Yandex Company
○ Head of the working group for establishing the International Financial
Center in the Russian Federation (2010)
Amb. Zhou Wenzhong
○ 1970-1973: member of the Beijing Diplomatic Service Bureau of China
○ A lot of diplomatic work with China: Deputy General (19931994), Assistant Minister to Ministry of Foreign Affairs (20012005), Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary (2005-2010)
○ Currently SecretaryGeneral of the Boao Forum for Asia, and VP of ChinaUS People’s Friendship Association

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