ethics fr the information age chapter 8

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According to the textbook, which of the following careers is not an example of a profession?
software engineer
Which of the following is not one of the characteristics of a mature profession?
mandatory drug testing
The process giving someone the legal right to practice a profession is called
Unlike most professionals, the typical software engineer
does not work directly with individual clients
The Software Engineering Code of Ethics and Professional Practice was developed by
the Association for Computing Machinery and the Institute for Electrical and Electronics Engineers.
The Principles and Clauses in the Software Engineering Code of Ethics and Professional Practice
None of the above

address every ethical dilemma a software engineer may face.

provide algebraic formulas for determining the best course of action.

incorporate every relevant feature into the formulas.

According to Aristotle, deriving pleasure from a virtuous act is a sign that you
have developed the virtue.
According to Aristotle, when people with strong character face a moral problem, they know the right thing to do, because
the action is consistent with their character
make an unauthorized discloser about a harmful situation or fraud.
A principal factor contributing to the loss of the space shuttle Challenger was that
the weather in Florida was unusually cold.
According to Michael McFarland, a team of engineers
has more moral accountability than any of its members.

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