Estate Board Game Essay Example
Estate Board Game Essay Example

Estate Board Game Essay Example

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  • Published: July 20, 2017
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X-Opoly. Inc. . was founded by two freshman college pupils to bring forth a clone existent estate board game similar to the popular Parker Brothers ; game Monopoly® . Initially. the spouses started the company merely to bring forth a board game based on popular local landmarks in their little college town. as a manner to assist pay for their college disbursals. However. the game was a large success and because they enjoyed running their ain concern. they decided to prosecute the concern full-time after graduation. X-Opoly has grown quickly over the last twosome of old ages. designing and bring forthing custom existent estate trading games for universities. municipalities. Chamberss of commercialism. and recently even some concerns. Orders range from a twosome of 100 games to an occasional order for several thousand. This twelvem


onth X-Opoly expects to sell 50. 000 units and undertakings that its gross revenues will turn 25 per centum yearly for the following five old ages. X-Opoly’s orders are either for a new game board that has non been produced before. or repeat orders for a game that was antecedently produced.

If the order is for a new game. the client first meets with a in writing interior decorator from X-Opoly’s art section and the existent game board is designed. The design of the board can take anyplace from a few hours to several hebdomads. depending on how much the client has thought about the game before the meeting. All design work is done on personal computing machines. After the client approves the design. a transcript of the computing machine file incorporating the design is transferred electronically to the printing section. Workers i

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the printing section burden the file onto their ain personal computing machines and print out the board design on particular decals. 19. 25 inches by 19. 25 inches. utilizing high-quality colour inkjet pressmans.

The side of the decal that is printed on is normally light grey. and the other side contains an adhesive that is covered by a removable backup. The printing section is besides responsible for publishing the belongings cards. game cards. and money. The money is printed on colored-paper utilizing standard optical maser pressmans. Ten transcripts of a peculiar denomination are printed on each 8. 5-inch by 11-inch piece of paper. The money is so moved to the film editing section. where it is cut into single measures.

The belongings cards and game cards are produced likewise. the major difference being that they are printed on stuff resembling paperboard. In add-on to cutting the money. game cards. and belongings cards. the film editing section besides cuts the composition board that serves as the substrate for the existent game board. The game board consists of two boards created by cutting a individual 19-inch by 19. 25-inch piece of composition board in half. giving two boards each mensurating 19. 25 inches by 9. 5 inches. After being cut. game boards. money. and cards are stored in carryalls in a work-in-process country and delivered to the appropriate station on the assembly line as needed. Because of its explosive growing. X-Opoly’s assembly line was ne'er officially planned. It merely evolved into the 19 Stationss shown in the undermentioned tabular array.


1. What is the rhythm clip of the 19-station line? What is its efficiency?

2. What is the line’s maximal capacity

per twenty-four hours. presuming that it is operated for one 8-hour displacement less two 15-minute interruptions? Assuming that X-Opoly operates 200 yearss per twelvemonth. what is its one-year capacity? How does its capacity comparison with its projected demand?

3. On the footing of the undertaking descriptions. develop a precedency graph for the assembly undertakings. ( Assume that the undertakings performed in the 19 Stationss can non be farther divided. ) Using these precedency relationships. develop a list of recommendations for rebalancing the line in order to better its public presentation.

4. What would be the impact on the line’s capacity and efficiency if your recommendations were implemented?

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