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Sir Gawain and the Green Knight – the Significance of 3

The Number 3 “Sir Gawain and the Green Knight” was written by an unknown author during the medieval time period. Middle Age stories were about brave and heroic knights, such as the legends of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table. They were popular because knights were thought to be perfect. They were […]

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The Dark Knight Analysis

Story PlotThere are 3 major conflicts in the movie, and we’re going to tell you the general storylines based on these conflicts. In the Gotham City, where previously Batman was fighting behind the scenes to beat the corruption and crimes, the new prosecutor Harvey Dent’s outstanding achievement puts numerous criminals in jail. When he accused […]

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The Regina Knight Case

The legal citation of the case. Regina v [2001] NSWSC 1011 (8 november 2001) The elements of the offence. In order for a trial to be brought, the police and prosecutors might be able to prove that the elements of the particular offence are present. In this criminal case both Actus reus, Mens rea as […]

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The Knight in the Wood

In 1870 a poet named Lord de Tabley released a set of poems called Rehearsals one of which is the poem ‘The knight in the Wood’. This poem is about the poet trying to convey to the reader his feelings towards art and his feelings about one sculpture in particular ‘The Knight in the Wood’. […]

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The Non-Existent Knight

“The Non-Existent Knight”, by Calvino, is a short story which features Agilulf, a knight who purportedly does not possess a human body, yet is able to exist as a suit of armor amalgamated with ‘will power’ and ‘faith’. 1 Even though Agilulf is devoid of a human body, he is well respected and revered, and […]

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Buckingham Palace: District 6

When the characters of District 6 are analysed superficially they are not admirable. Mary is a prostitute; Zoot has a criminal record and beats people up. And Mrs Knight goes to church every Sunday and is happily married with 3 children. If you judge these people superficially, you would think Mrs Knight would be the […]

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Sir Gawain And The Green Knight Analysis

Historical characters draw the immediate attention of the readers because recollection of the past is sweet. Harsh realities of life, stories of adventures are good to read, when the character/s involved in them is believable. The authors have many styles of creating and molding the central character in literary works, and the ancillary characters get […]

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Sir Gawain and the Green Knight translated by Burton Raffel

In the Koran, the term jihad originally referred to the “Holy War” that a person fights within his/her own soul, struggling with his/her own baser instincts. In this sense, those European Christians of the late Middle Ages who practiced the concept of chivalry might have had a bit more in common with their “Saracen” foes […]

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