Essay on Humor

English Essay Humor “Summer Heights High”

Summer Heights High explores what happens over one school term in an “average” Australian high school in a mock form of a documentary. Media reports say some parts of the community where offended by the gags that draw upon drugs deaths and Down syndrome children. Chris Lilley brings to life Jonah Takalua, a rebel schoolboy […]

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Canterbury Tales Test Answers

Moral tale illustrating a point and often used to embellish a sermon Exemplum Allegorical tale in which animals act in human ways beast fable Short, humorous tale, often bawdy story of lower class life Fabliau Tale of chivalric adventure and action Romance Figurative narrative conveying a veiled meaning allegory workers and peasants third estate conventional […]

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In-out-and back in the closet: sex, humor and Ellen DeGeneres

The female performer, particularly in comedy, has long faced a tougher crowd than their male counterparts. Female comedians have used different styles to break barriers about taboo topics. When looking at comedic style divisions, we find that how sex and sexual identity are addressed happens to be the main dividing line. Most female comedians discussed […]

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Design, Humor and Advertising

Humor in advertising if well presented could bring about an unprecedented success as it can be so much arresting to the attention of the viewing audience. However if the method is not properly done it can leave a damaging effect and can turn out to be counterproductive. It leaves indelible mark in the memory of […]

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