Essay on Appreciation

Depiction of the Valley of the Ashes in Chapter 2 of Great Gatsby

Fitzgerald’s depiction of the Valley of Ashes in Chapter Two The Valley of Ashes, a landfill site solely for ashes, is painted by Fitzgerald to greaten our appreciation of American Society and the themes it generates such as social decline, moral ambiguity, the loss of hope and faith and the dominance of shallow materialism. Nick […]

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Nurturing Creative Minds

Nurturing Creative Minds. First of all, I would like to thank everyone for honoring me with their presence, here in this convention; I owe you all my appreciation and gratitude. I am standing here, in front of you, to enlighten your minds about Nurturing Creative Minds. A lot of questions would arise when mind is […]

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A Critical Appreciation of "Limbo"

The title Limbo suggests to me that the poem is about the traditional dance form the West Indies which originated from the 1800’s. The dance was invented by slaves aboard the slave ships to keep fit and healthy during the long journeys across the sea. The word Limbo can also be treated as a place […]

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Dance Appreciation

I attended DancePlus show On Friday December 2. 2011 at 7:30pm at dark. It was performed in the Victoria K. Mastrobounno Theater in New Brunswick. New Jersey. There were four different parts that I saw that twenty-four hours. All of the dances were really interesting and really different from each other. All of the dances […]

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Ode To Autumn Analysis

John Keats’s poetry was greatly influenced by the Romantic Period and the Romantics, appreciation and exaggeration of nature’s beauty. Keats’s believed that the deepest meaning of life lay in the appreciation of material beauty, and that this beauty could be found in many different objects. He expresses this idea through the form of poetry. ‘To […]

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