Essay on Alliteration

The Places Fault by Philip Hobsbaum and Nothings Changed by Tatamkhula Afrika

The Places Fault: This is an autobiographical poem recounting a short unhappy period of the poet’s childhood. He was evacuated to North Yorkshire during the war years. While he was little there, he experienced severe bullying, both on the streets and in school and the suffering and taunts and beatings he endured at the hands […]

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In what ways is Grace Nichols Using an Individual

The ways in which Grace Nichols using an individual, characteristic poetic voice is very different from other poets such as Ted Hughes or Seamus Heaney. From a first impression of the poem, we can see there is no set poem structure. This is a free verse poem, almost in a conversational style. The fifth and […]

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Analysis of the daffodils by Wordsworth

In this verse form the poet speaks to a friend or household member about a dramatic group of Narcissus pseudonarcissuss that he recalls seeing when on a walk one twenty-four hours. The poet has an exultant tone which is obvious when reading this well-known verse form. The subject is introduced with an terminal rhyming strategy […]

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A Comparison of Tennyson’s The Eagle and McCaig’s The Sparrow

The immediate thing that strikes me, when comparing Tennyson’s “eagle” and McCaig’s “sparrow”, is the great contrast in length between the two poems. In just two verses, Tennyson manages to convey the pure majesty of the eagle in its natural habitat, following the instinct that has driven it to hunt its prey like countless generations […]

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A Dead Boche

Say how far you agree with the views that Drummer Hodge is presented in a romantic, idealised way, and that Graves’ German soldier is presented with stark-realism. Hardy wrote ‘Drummer Hodge’ as a poem depicting the way in which a young drummer boy from Dorset dies and is then buried without ceremony, on the South […]

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The Affliction of Margaret

I have been given four depressing poems to study, looking at the way different poets display their or their persona’s feelings. The poets in the four poems I have read write about different experiences of frustration and anger and the different effects these have on their emotions. In this study I am only mentioning 3 […]

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Season Analysis – Wole Soyinka

The poem “Season” written by Wole Soyinka makes use of various poetic devices and techniques. The poem is set in the time spent waiting between autumn and winter and is seen through the eyes of a corn garnerer. In the poem, Soyinka depicts the feeling of the corn garnerer and the fields he occupies. Primarily, […]

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The Day Millicent Found the World

The title “The Day Millicent Found the World” is about the day a young girl named Millicent discovered the world around her. The title is significant as well as symbolic. The title gives the poem a deeper meaning and gives the readers deeper insight into what they should expect. In this poem, the author, I […]

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Deliberate by Amy Uyematsu

“Deliberate” by Amy Uyematsu is a satire of American teenagers who adopt African-American youth culture in a bid to deny their own backgrounds. The form of “Deliberate” is extremely naturalistic. The poet uses enjambement throughout the poem which effectively makes the poem one sentence. In addition to this, the poet uses no end rhyme and […]

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