Essay on Alfred Hitchcock

Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho

Ironically Alfred Hitchcock’s “Psycho” was originally a crime thriller and was never meant to be a horror film. Yet it turned out to be the most famous of all horror films. It had changed the horror genre from the classic “European monster” like Dracula which the “monster” is clear to a modern day horror where […]

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The problems that many critics have found in the auteur theory

The ‘auteur theory’ in the context of film is usually seen as a director who stamps his or her individual style onto a film. The auteur theory has evolved by the French critics at ‘Cahiers Du Cinema’ in the 1950s. Francis Truffant was one of these French critics and later exposed in detail by author […]

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An Analysis of the Opening of ‘North by Northwest’

Film is one of the most popular media of the 21st century. One of the benefits of analysing media is so we can decipher the truth from the lies, as so many forms of media lie.The film I am analysing is called ‘North by Northwest’. It is a thriller movie starring Cary Grant and Eva […]

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The techniques that Alfred Hitchcock employs to create suspense and horror in Psycho

Alfred Hitchcock uses many techniques to build horror and suspense in ‘Psycho’. He does this with camera shots, lighting, plot twists, sound and many other devices to create a unique feeling of tension in this film. He plays on horror stereotypes like the big, dark, lonely house on a hill in the rain as Marion […]

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Hitchcock – 1227 words – College Essay

HitchcockAlfred Hitchcock is arguably the greatest director of all time. Many of his films are considered standards of American cinema and inspired many of today’s directors. Even though Hitchcock is known as timeless director, he had an understanding of philosophy that was beyond his time. Hitchcock had a brilliant perception as to how the mind […]

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How does Alfred Hitchcock develop tension and shock in Psycho and The Birds

Alfred Hitchcock was born in 1899 in Leytonstone, East London. He enjoyed reading novels by Dickens, G K Chesterton and Edgar Allan Poe. He was fascinated in crime and would go to see murder trials. He left school when he was 14. He married Alma Reville in 1926 and they were married for over 50 […]

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Analyse the ways in which Alfred Hitchcock builds tension and fear in the shower scene in the film ‘Psycho’

Alfred Hitchcock is known as the ‘Master of Suspense’ as he directed movies based on murder and mystery. Hitchcock’s films are still considered masterpieces fourty years later. This is because he mainly concentrated on the actor’s performances, camera techniques, music and sound effects to build up tension, suspense and fear. He also, often left his […]

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Psycho – 3245 words – College

“Hitchcock stunned the world in 1960 with the horror film that pushed back the boundaries of acceptability. He wanted a reaction, and he got one. Audiences fainted, walked out and boycotted screenings but they wouldn’t forget the horror that was Psycho. ” We have been studying the acclaimed thriller ‘Psycho’ produced and directed by Alfred […]

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Rebecca “Gender Archetypes”

Julia VILLASENOR BELL 21. 04. 08 REBECCA Gender Archetypes Based on the novel by Daphne du Maurier, considered as a women’s novel – with all the negative connotations this might have had at time – before becoming a literary masterpiece, the film “Rebecca” by Alfred Hitchcock is a rich document that provides interesting material on […]

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