The Importance of the Chain of Command of a Soldiers Whereabouts Essay Example
The Importance of the Chain of Command of a Soldiers Whereabouts Essay Example

The Importance of the Chain of Command of a Soldiers Whereabouts Essay Example

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  • Published: July 18, 2016
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As it is well known in any of the military branches, the chain of command is of high importance. The chain of command is built of out a single soldier. Those single soldiers are made into a squad. Two to four of those squads put together a platoon. From there, three to five platoons makes for a company. In a closer look, a soldier of an E-4 status or below is patrolled by squad leader which is in fact an NCO. An NCO stands for a non-commission officer which their job is to govern the soldiers. The squad leaders then report platoon sergeants which then will go and report to the senior NCO which is also known as the first sergeant. The first sergeant will oversee the company and guide it. This is known as the chain of command that soldiers m


ust follow. Information is shared from highest rank to lowest rank and also from lowest rank to highest rank when needed.

Continuing, it is also very important for any soldier to inform the chain of command of any locations that the soldier may or may not be able to be present at. In order for the military to be as successful as it is, it must obtain a well-functioning communication system. A good way to look at is like a connection. If a soldier breaks the connection, then the communication is lost and chaos will soon occur.

For many reasons that your NCO may need to contact you such as, to relocate you, for information, to relay a message or more, it is important to you follow any directions given

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In order for your NCO to get ahold of you to give you orders or information, they must be able to contact you at any time. In order for them to be able to reach you, you must keep your contact information current. If there is any change of a phone number, address, or email you must inform your NCO immediately. If you withhold any such information, you will then be considered AWOL. This also means absent without official leave. This is to describe a soldier of the United States military who has left his or her post without permission.

By not informing your chain of command you can cause major destruction. One person can influence another soldier not intentionally to break the chain of command and then another as well. To continue this breakage will lead to high distress in the military.

In conclusion, communication is the key element in any successful military. Without this, the military will cease to exist. At least properly and orderly it will. Your higher up will need you and it is important that they are easily able to access you. If you are not able to be communicated with, you become a problem to the military, not strength to it. The United States military has been the strongest military in the world and will continue to be the strongest due to communication.

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