Soccer stadium affect soccer matches result

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Soccer stadium can affect the result of soccer matches in many ways, such as the construction of the stadium whereby the stadium design has been made in such patterns, which have different projected colors combination that are not favored by the players and the fans. The soccer stadium can affect the result of soccer matches if the structure was designed to guarantees closeness to the game field, also the size of the packing slot where it has been design under an artificial garden, the stadium has been sloped towards the stadium so as to make the fans closer to players.

If the players are new in another field where they end up getting pressure from fans this can affect the final result of some players. ( Witzig, pg77). The physical condition of the ground, the facilities available in the stadium are one which gives morale to the performance of the players and enhance that spirit of winning to home team as far as the they have all the commodities the are required on the field. The structure of the stadium refers to the physical design of the stadium.

Soccer stadium design also affect the referee because in some European countries several stadium have an athletics track around the pitch, which means the home team in particular stadium receives less favoritism from the referee as the fans are further away and unable to exert so much psychological pressure. A stadium is the major determinant of the players’ performance in a match so the stadium must be in a good condition all the time whether the players playing or not this because to maintain the advancing technologies that are being practiced nowadays.

Desbordes, pg87). A stadium that has a pitch that is not standard to the recommended measurements, goal size, and design can adversely affect the results of the match played on it. The facilities present in the stadium play a vital role in determining the results of the match or the soccer game. Inside the stadium, lighting system should be good enough to allow the match to be played at night and in bad weather. The stadium architecture can really affect the home teams result.

However, the design of stadium for example the elaborate barricades and fences around soccer pitch are designed to control soccer hooligan’s later result in tragedy. The securities inside and outside the stadium also influence the results of the match. The temperatures in the stadium should also be regulated to fit the fans and the players. The stadium should be well ventilated as it holds a large number of people.

The conditions in the stadium affect the player’s performance and the final results of the match. (John, Malcolm, et al. pg27). The fence are their to cage up the possible soccer hooligans in one controlled section of the stadium, this fences are also to prevent the outbreak of mass fights and violent clashes between rivals soccer hooligan groups and to prevent these rivals group not to throw objects because of some individuals who are either hard enough, crazy enough of both.

In some stadiums, affects the soccer result of the match because of the capacity, which a stadium may hold of fans, whereby there are some stadium, which makes fans and players more comfortable in the way of sitting and provision of beverages. (Frosdick and March, pg47) On the other hand, perhaps playing of some of the bigger teams at smaller grounds such teams would be more uncomfortable because of stadium construction where it affects the team performance.

The stadium into a bowl-like arena would serve to increase the atmosphere within the ground by containing the crowd’s noise with the ground and focus it onto the pitch, where the players would feel the full effects of a capacity crowd. (Houlihan, pg28). The quality of the stadium really gives an amazing sense of immersion and when players are playing in such pitches like Highbury, the pitch actual feels smaller because the crowd is brought right up to the touchline. In the sense, the stadium of such qualities has much affect on the soccer matches, which are played on such pitches.

The structure of stadium, which has the strategy of catering where it over accommodation and catering concepts offers influences the visitors impression and also to the players so as to improve the performance. The players are given one room, which is specified and designed for them to have rest and changing place well waiting for the match to start. . The players feel comfortable playing in a clean field and a dirty pitch with cans, papers, foodstuff thrown all over by the funs may affect the mood of the players hence compromise the results of the match.

Monitoring service, pg57). The public toilets should be fixed for the players separately from the fans since the players need security and protection from unruly fans. Thus, stadiums develop the strongest economic where it affects the result of the match in terms of the entertainment, whereby stadiums arena planned to have corridor of commercial activities, by this it helps fans to have the place of parking their cars.

The stadium should be therefore be put in the right conditions at all times to favor all players as they may come from different parts of the world, different cultures and hence need to feel secure and comfort. In the stadium fans may lack good language expression to give their players motivation and this may lead the performance to be affected and later the final result of the match can be performed poorly.

The security lights and common lights that brings brightness should be well spread allover the field to allow the spectators to view the game from every corner of the stadium and also at night, this lights also give safety to the fans and as well to the players. (Bale, pg133) Conclusion It has shown that football stadiums is becoming more and more growth in economy and on marketing dimension, whereby on the hand football has become more international popular sport in the world regarding both amateur games and to exposure.

As the matter of fact Europe as been seen the dominant model because of the size of its national champions. However, there is real potential for football and the market related to it. To grow in football like Europe countries we see that Korean and Japan showed in 2002 that the world cup could be the opportunity to launch a new sport in countries where football has no history or legitimacy. However, as a global it has to be committed and the issues of soccer to be focused and the construction of stadiums to be encouraged.

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