Rainbow Six Essay Example
Rainbow Six Essay Example

Rainbow Six Essay Example

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Rainbow Six is a book written by Thomas Leo Clancy Jr. , who is commonly known as Tom Clancy. Tom is the author of numerous best-selling thrillers involving political controversies and espionage using military science and technology. Like most of his novels, Rainbow Six is also a techno-thriller that features the international counter-terrorist unit group Rainbow, which is based in Hereford in the United Kingdom. The group is made up of diverse personalities with expertise in different fields -- from computers to urban warfare.

The NATO hosts this group and gets its funding from the U. S. Department of Interior. The main characters in this book are: Major General John Terrence Clark, aka Rainbow Six, a former U. S. Navy Seal and CIA operative, who leads the group; and Colonel Alistair Stanley, aka Rainbow Five, a former member of Britain's Special Air Service Regiment,


and Clark's second in command. Rainbow has two units lead by Major Peter Covington of Team One, a former member of Britain's Special Air Service Regiment; and Major Domingo "Ding" Chavez, Team Two leader, former U. S. Army Ranger and CIA operative.

Team One members include: Master Chief Mike Chin, Sergeant First Class Fred Franklin, Mortimer "Sam" Houston, and Geoff Bates. Team Two is comprised of Command Sergeant Major Eddie Price, Paddy Connolly, Scott McTyler, First Sergeant Julio Vega, Feldwebel Dieter Weber, Sergeant Louis Loiselle, Sergeant First Class Homer Johnston, Staff Sergeant George Tomlinson, Sergeant Hank Patterson, Sergeant Mike Pierce, Staff Sergeant Steve Lincoln.

John Clark advocated for the creation of Rainbow as a pre-emptive move to prevent isolated terrorist acts from tilting the newly achieved balance the world is in after the Soviet Unio

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fell. He chose to have the unit based in United Kingdom for strategic reasons, and handpicked the various members of the group. Among the unit's operatives is Ding Chavez, the husband of Clark's daughter. The group underwent intensive training to build highly cohesive and effective squads. Rainbow's first mission involved a heist in a bank in Bern, Switzerland, led by Ernst Model, a known international terrorist.

After the mission was successfully concluded, the team left the scene without attracting media coverage, a must for them to keep their operation secret. Credit for the death of the terrorists was given to the Swiss police. Next, the team was deployed in Austria to frustrate a kidnapping attempt against businessman Erwin Ostermann by husband and wife terrorists Hans Furchter and Petra Dortmund. Again, Rainbow successfully completed this task without anyone knowing it was them.

The group's third and most difficult mission is the take over of the WorldPark, a theme park in Spain. The terrorists have taken hostage thirty children, one of whom was terminally ill. The team managed to kill all of the terrorists but only after the ill child was killed. The terrorism outbreaks were no coincidence. They were instigated by a biotechnology company, owned by influential and wealthy people in the United States. One of the owners has a security company, while his wife has a job inside the White House. This group, known as PIRA, has hired ex-KGB officer Col.

Dmitriy Popov to orchestrate the attacks in order to get a security contract for the Olympic Games in Sydney, Australia. PIRA's plan is to clean the world by killing all people, except a chosen few, in order

to bring the world to its original state. PIRA will do this by spreading a contagious and deadly virus in the air conditioning system of the Olympics' venue. The virus then will spread across the globe. The biotechnology company will then distribute a vaccine to everyone. However, only the select few will have the real vaccine, the rest will only have placebo.

Popov, after learning of this devious plan, decided he doesn't want any part of it, and contacted Rainbow. In the end, Rainbow was able to foil the plan and brought justice to the antagonists by leaving them in the Amazon Jungle to fend for themselves. I like the novel because it was properly paced and the twist in the ending was unexpected. I was also impressed by how Rainbow could efficiently perform their tasks through proper coordination and the use of technology. I would recommend this novel to those who like espionage plots and big-scale sabotage.

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