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My dream house would be huge and on the front of the sea! Would have to have a large and giant garden for the kids and the dogs play, as well as a pool for those hot summer days. Inside should have 5 rooms with private bathrooms. The sitting room must be huge because I like to have meetings of family and friends so we can have a good time together. this must havea huge TV and a huge couch to the movies of Saturday night and the house has to have a great games room inside.

Must be decorated in a very modern way but at the same time has to be equipped with high technology. Since the House would be too large, I think that would outweigh the cost of buying a robot. buy a robot is too expensive but the truth is that it would bring several benefits, as well as, working during the day and the night without complaining and without me having to pay salary or food, for example. At the same time it would also be a company and we would always have his help for what we needed.

However, having a robot not only has benefits because there are certain tasks that he can’t perform, it needs a supply of power and because it also is taking the job of other people, so I think that I would also hire a maid and so they can divide tasks However, with so many technologies I would try to protect children from such a thing. Childhood is to be lived in a free, outdoor, living together with others and not surrounded by so many things like these, especially the internet.

As for the robot I think it would be funny to both because they would also have company and someone to play with but with the internet I think I would be very careful, because as we know, despite all its benefits, it also has many dangers from viewing inappropriate material to the incitement of some substances and children do not need, just since born, have access to it because for everything there is a time and now the internet is getting more dangerous!

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