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Which of the following is not a cognitive activity?
D, blinking at something
Our ability to reason constitutes primarily
B, a cognitive activity
The four essential characteristics of language are that it must be
C, semantic, symbolic, structured and generative
The facts that there are different sounds across languages that all represent the same thing reflects the
C, semantic quality of language
When we say that language is generative, we mean that
B, a limited number of symbols can be combined to produce an infinite variety of messages
The ability of language to allow a person to express new ideas refers to
A, the generative quality of language
The facts that language has rules that govern the arrangement of words into phrases and sentences refers to the
D, structured aspect of language
The English language uses
C, about 40 to 45 phonemes, corresponding to the letters of the alphabet plus several variations
Which of the following statements is false?
C, all languages use all of the phonemes of which humans are capable
Three-year-old Johnny used to say “mikk” when he wanted a drink of milk. Now he is able to say “milk” quite clearly. In this instance Johnny has made a gain in his use of
A, phonemes
Last Halloween 4 year old Jillian called the decorations at her house “punkins”. This year she is able to say “pumpkins” when she described them. In this instance Jillian has made a gain in her use.
D, phonemes
the smallest unit of meaning in a language is
D, the morpheme
The word “unchangeable” consists of
D, three morphemes: “un,” “change.” and “able”
Semantics is the component of language concerned with
A, understanding the meaning of words and word combinations
The component of language that would be evident if an individual recognizes that “give” and “take” have opposite meanings is
D, semantics
The requirement that a declarative sentence have both a noun phrase and a verb phrase is an example of a
A, rule of syntax
The sentence, “the nervous the stared thick at exam student” would be virtually impossible for an English speaker to understand because the sentence violates the rule of English
B, syntax
Last year 5 year old Alonda would say “No he coming” when explaining to her younger sister that their older brother would be staying home. Now ALonda will tell her sister “He’s not coming” This example illustrates that Alonda has made gains in her use of
D, synatx
In Language development, babbling refers to producing
B, a wide variety of phonemes and consonant -vowel combinations
Babies start babbling at about what age.
D, 6 months
The child’s first words are generally spoken at about what age?
C, 10 to 13 months
In general, toddlers can
B, understand more words than they can say
Fast mapping is
D, mapping words to underlying concepts after only one exposure
Dean ate ice cream for the first time yesterday. All day today he has been asking for ice cream. This would be an example
B, fast mapping
Overextension occurs when
A, a word is incorrectly used to describe a wider set of of objects or actions than it applies to
Kailee has learned the word “kitty”. but she uses this word when she is referring to cats, bunnies , squirrels and other small furry animals. Kailee’s use of this word illustrates
A, overextension
A child’s early two-word utterances
A, are often described as telegraphic speech
Two-year-old Owen rushes into the kitchen and tells his sister; “Baby throw. Baby bad.” He wants her to know that his baby brother is bad because he just threw his toys on the floor. Owen’s communication illustrates the use of
B, telegraphic speech
A child who says,” saw a cat in the yard”, is making which of the following errors?
C, overregulation
Four-year-old Nina says; “I ruined all the way home This most likely indicates that
D, Nina is overregularizing a grammatical rule
Metalinguistic awareness refers to
B, the ability to reflect on the use of a language
Seven-year-old Tracy heard a joke in school and asks you: “How could you ind a lost dog in the woods.” When you are stumped, she tells you; “You stand near a tree and listen for the bark.” Tracy’s play on words indicates that she is developing
A, metalinguistic awareness
Kanji’s ability to distinguish between “Pour the Coke in the lemonade” and “Pour the lemonade in the Coke” illustrates an understanding of
C, both syntax and semantics
According to learning theory, children’s vocabularies increase and their pronunciation improves as
A parents insist on closer and closer approximation of the correct word before they provide reinforcement
The fact that overregulation occur in many different languages as children master language skills provides evidence against
B, the behavioral theory of language development
Mrs. Bondle seldom corrects her 4 year olds grammatical errors, such as “Her drinker my milk.” However she is careful to correct factual errors, such as “Tiger ate his milk.” Assuming Mrs. Bondle’s child develops normal language skills, her pattern of feedback would be inconsistent with
A, the behavioral view of language development
Noam Chomsky contended that
C, there is an inborn biological propensity that guides language learning
Which type of theory best accounts for the apparent rapidity and ease of language acquisition in early childhood?
B, nativist theory
The hypothesized “language acquisition devise” is associated with the
A, nativist theory of language
Which of the following is not an item of evidence Chomsky would use to support the idea of an inborn language mechanism?
B, Language learning in young children is different across cultures
Some researchers have reported that in the first few months babies who are born deaf still coo and babble, just like babies whoo can hear. this research result is most supportive of
B, the nativist theory of language development
The linguistic relativity hypothesis predicts that
A, people should have difficulty thinking about things they cannot describe in words
Cognitions refers to
D, the mental processes involved in acquiring and using knowledge.

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