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Wide Sargasso Sea and Antoinette Essay Example
1133 words 3 pages

Wide Sargasso Sea and Jane Eyre intertwined In Wide Sargasso Sea, author Jean Rhys uses intertextuality to tell the story of Antoinette Mason. Intertexuality is when an author bases their book/novel off of another text. In this case, Wide Sargasso Sea is shaped from Charlotte Bronte’s Jane Eyre and it elaborates on the character of […]

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Fiction Jane Eyre Wide Sargasso Sea
The Loss of Identity Portrayed in a Range of Literature Essay Example
2748 words 6 pages

Report: Loss of Identity portrayed in a range of literature For my report I chose to look at the loss of Identity portrayed in a range of different literature. The texts that I chose to study were: ‘Wide Sargasso Sea’ by Jean Rhys, ‘The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde’ by Robert Louis […]

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Fiction Identity Literature The Importance of Being Earnest Wide Sargasso Sea
Wide Sargasso Sea – College
1104 words 3 pages

When confronted with aggression one can fight or retreat. In what ways are reactions to aggression presented in the work you have studied? By bizmaltbk21 When confronted with aggression one can fight or retreat. In what ways are reactions to aggression presented in the work you have studied? Emotions are easier shown than written. Every […]

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Aggression Database Sense Wide Sargasso Sea
Wide Sargasso Sea Animals
1019 words 2 pages

Wide Sargasso Sea. Jane Rhys portrays the life of a young creole woman, named Antoinette, who lives on the Caribbean island of Martinique. Throughout the novel, Antoinette experiences much difficulty with her identity. Antoinette looks like a white woman, and the majority of the people who live on the Island of Martinique are black, so […]

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Animals Wide Sargasso Sea
Wide sargasso sea – College
604 words 2 pages

Jean Rhys might have made the character, Mr Luttrell do something so demented on the first page to Inform the reader that there are more berserk scenes to come. At the end of page one, the quote ‘and no one came near us’ clearly tells the reader that this family was isolated and isolation can […]

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Fiction Literature Wide Sargasso Sea
Alienation and Isolation In Wide Sargasso Sea Essay Example
896 words 2 pages

Jean Rays repeatedly presents the idea of minority being considered as “other” through the theme of Isolation and alienation of her characters and how Isolation and alienation Influence on the formation of characters’ identities. In Wide Cargos Sea, different characters experience different types of isolation and alienation but Antoinette, the main character of this book, […]

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Minority Group Wide Sargasso Sea
“Jane Eyre” by Charlotte Bronte and “Wide Sargasso Sea” Essay Example
1541 words 3 pages

Through your understanding of “Jane Eyre” by Charlotte Bronte and “Wide Sargasso Sea” and with reference to your understanding of the social contexts within which they were written, was it inevitable that the marriage between Bertha Mason and Edward Rochester would fail? I believe that the social rules and requirements of the time would never […]

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Jane Eyre Marriage Wide Sargasso Sea
Comparison of Jane Eyre with Wide Sargasso Sea
2040 words 4 pages

This as a part of my GCSE coursework in English, this is about the comparison of the portrayal of the character Bertha/Antoinette Mason in the novels Jane Eyre and Wide Sargasso Sea. At the moment my teacher has not marked my work so I am unable to give the grade I achieved for this piece […]

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Fiction Jane Eyre Wide Sargasso Sea
Themes of deception in Jane Eyre and Wide Sargasso Sea
1432 words 3 pages

In Part 2 of ‘Wide Sargasso Sea’ pages 96-98. Antoinette visits Christophine hoping that she will give her a love potion to make Mr Rochester fall in love with her. Antoinette attempts to control Mr Rochester’s feelings, which is deceitful. She is also deceiving herself by thinking that their love can be rekindled by a […]

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Deception Fiction Jane Eyre Wide Sargasso Sea
Novel By Edward Rochester
1649 words 4 pages

Edward Rochester is an upper-class British gentlemen of 19th century Britain. The character of Rochester features heavily in both Bronti’s Jane Eyre and Rhys’ Wide Sargasso Sea: similarly presented for the most part, but with differences which result in quite different conclusions. The culture and society that each novel is portraying can be considered to […]

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Jane Eyre Religion Wide Sargasso Sea
Wide Sargasso Sea
1598 words 4 pages

A patriarchal society is one whereby men are the decision makers and hold positions of power and prestige. Patriarchy refers to a societal structure whereby men are dominant not in number or in force but in their access to status related power and decision making power. In these societies, women are presented with an interpretation […]

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Feminism Social Issues Wide Sargasso Sea
‘Disgrace’ with ‘Jude the Obscure‘
865 words 2 pages

J.M. Coetzee’s ‘Disgrace’ literates Lurie’s attempt and failure of the seduction of a schoolgirl, Melanie. This is a campus novel about the first flirtation between a university lecturer and a student. The aptly named novel suggests the possible overall outcome of having a relationship with a student. ‘Disgrace’ is written from a third person in […]

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Disgrace Literature Wide Sargasso Sea

Popular Questions About Wide Sargasso Sea

What does the title "Wide Sargasso Sea" mean?
The title Wide Sargasso Sea comes from this geography. However there is more to it than that. The Sargasso Sea is characterized as an area of eerie calmness and tangled sargassum (a floating seaweed). All around it are the swirling currents of the Atlantic. Many vessels have become becalmed or lost in this area of the ocean.
How did the Sargasso Sea get its name?
The Sargasso sea gets its name from a genus of free-floating seaweed called Sargassum. A seaweed is an umbrella term for countless species (both macroscopic and microscopic) of marine algae and plants that grow in the oceans (and in other water bodies). The Sargassum seaweed, from which the Sargasso sea derives its name.
Which Ocean is the Sargasso Sea located?
The Sargasso Sea, located entirely within the Atlantic Ocean, is the only sea without a land boundary. It lies within the Northern Atlantic Subtropical Gyre. The Gulf Stream establishes the Sargasso Sea's western boundary, while the Sea is further defined to the north by the North Atlantic Current, to the east by the Canary Current,
What is the setting of Jean Rhys' Wide Sargasso Sea?
Setting and BiographyThis novel takes place in the Victorian era.The setting of this novel takes place in the West Indies when slavery ran the economic and politics; specifically in the 1830's in Coulibri.Jean Rhys was born in Dominica, which was a British owned Caribbean island to a Welsh father and a Scottish mother, she then moved to Britain at the age of