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The Grudge Essay Example
1566 words 6 pages

Are the openings of ‘Sleepy Hollow’ and ‘The Grudge’ effective openings for Horror films?’The Grudge’ and ‘Sleepy hollow’ are both films which fall under the genre of horror. The director of the grudge was Sam Raimi but he also received help from Takeshi Shinizu the director from the original Grudge in which they have used […]

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Business Operations Compensation Film Analysis Human Resources Music Tim burton
Analysis of the marketing campaign of Alice in Wonderland Essay Example
1113 words 5 pages

Marketing is whereby a company decides what will be of interest and importance to their target client and creates campaigns to capture this and draw the client in. The three main points of marketing is to identify the customer, keep the customer and satisfy the customer. Marketing is important for a film as it must […]

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Alice in Wonderland Entertainment Marketing Tim burton
Tim Burton: Crafting a World of Unusual Imagery and Outsiders
1255 words 5 pages

Tim Burton as a director unleashes his imagination and experiences when making a film, his unique skill at creating dreamscapes of unusual, freakish characters, outsiders conflicting with the so called “norm”. The clashing of two worlds that co-exist as well as his gift at incorporating childlike imagery – the idea of innocence and taking pride […]

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Tim burton
Johnny Depp as Edward Scissorhands Essay Example
163 words 1 page

Edward, although gentle, was unaware of what the world had in store for him. Having been alone for such a long time, he longed for the attention that Peg gave him. I believe that the main goal of Tim Burton’s film was to convey that one should not judge a person by their appearance and […]

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Dating Society Tim burton
Sleepy Hollow’ and ‘Batman’ Essay Example
1462 words 6 pages

When analysing a film, it is always necessary to consider genre. Genre is how we describe a film category or type. Some different types of genre are Gothic Horror, thriller, sci-fi, comedy, romance, westerns, period drama, adventure and fantasy. A hybrid genre is a film that has conventions from two or more genres. Other hybrid […]

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Fantasy Film Analysis Gothic Fiction Health Human Sexuality Tim burton
Sleepy Hollow’ and ‘Edward Scissor Hands’ Essay Example
1353 words 5 pages

Sleepy Hollow and Edward Scissor Hands are both created by director Tim Burton, who has recently directed the film Big Fish. The two films were made back in the last millennium, Edward Scissor Hands in 1990 and Sleepy Hollow in 1999. Both films include the girls favourite Mr.Johnny Depp, also Sleepy Hollow includes the legends […]

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Film Analysis Genre Narration Tim burton
Tim Burton Analysis Essay Example
787 words 3 pages

In this essay I will be talking about different types of sound and lighting among these three movies. How they differentiate and how they are similar. The first cinematic technique I studied while watching these movies was sound. Non-diegetic sound is when the characters cannot hear the music or sound, it is used for foreshadowing, […]

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Gothic Fiction Movies Music Tim burton
Tim Burtons Cinematic techniques Essay Example
887 words 4 pages

Tim Burton is a unique American filmmaker that grew up watching horror movies and even lived near a cemetery. He was surely a self-admitted oddball. However, Tim Burton’s style always seems to appear in any movie he directs. A few of his movies are Edward Scissorhands, Charlie And The Chocolate Factory, and Corpse Bride. These […]

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Irony Tim burton
Frankenweenie Essay Example
382 words 2 pages

Frankenweenie is a 3D film directed by the famous film director, film producer, writer and artist, Tim Burton. The film has a dark, gothic, and horror style taste that add spice to the award winning movie. The story runs with a boy named Victor who has a dog named Sparky. They are so close to […]

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Film Analysis Tim burton
Edward Scissorhands and Hook Essay Example
3251 words 12 pages

“I remember growing up and feeling there is not a lot of room for acceptance. You are taught at a very early age to conform to certain things. It is a situation that is very prevalent and starts from day one at school: this person’s smart, this person’s not smart, this persons good at sport, […]

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Books Fairy Tale Film Analysis Steven Spielberg Tim burton
Edward Scissorhands Essay Example
1339 words 5 pages

The film that I watched is ‘Edward Scissorhands’. Tim Burton produced it in 1990. Johnny Depp plays the main character. Johnny Depp has starred in ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ and ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’. The main genre of the films Depp has featured in is Neo-Gothic fantasy. In this essay I will be illustrating […]

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APA Film Analysis Tim burton
The Tim Burtonization of Alice in Wonderland Essay Example
1341 words 5 pages

An essay on Alice in Wonderland Novel by Lewis Caroll Film adaptation by Tim Burton In 1962, film critic Andrew Sarris points out a repeating movement of ideas and images throughout a filmmaker’s body of work. This later on becomes the basis of Auteur theory which describes the authorship of the filmmaker who despite is […]

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Alice in Wonderland Tim burton
Alice in Wonderland and Charlie and the Factory Essay Example
1825 words 7 pages

Timothy W. Burton is a renowned award winning American film director better known for producing “dark quirky themed” films that include The Nightmare before Christmas, Sleepy Hollow and Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street. His most recent works, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and Alice in Wonderland feature one of his seemingly favourite […]

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Alice in Wonderland Tim burton
What Is Educational Sociology? Essay Example
945 words 4 pages

Educational Sociology Educational Sociology is a broad concept that can be looked at from different perspectives. It includes the application of a wide range of sociological principles and methods in efforts to solve the numerous problems in the education sector. From as sociological perspective, one can understand the different goals of education in addition to […]

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Popular Questions About Tim burton

Are Tim Burton and Johnny Depp friends?
Tim Burton has cast Johnny Depp in eight movies over their 30-year friendship, citing specific reasons for why he so often works with the actor.
Is Coraline by Tim Burton?
"Coraline" is a stop-action film just like "Nightmare Before Christmas" but Burton didn't produce or direct it. SelickSelickEarly life Selick. He was raised in Rumson. Selick did little but draw from ages 3 to 12. His fascination with animation came at a young age, when he saw Lotte Reiniger's stop-motion film The Adventures of Prince Achmed and the animated creatures of The 7th Voyage of Sinbad by Ray Harryhausen.
What is Tim Burton's most successful movie?
It seems that Beetlejuice will forever be one of the best movies Burton ever made. Upon its release, it was a critical and commercial success (on a budget of $15 million, it grossed $74 million) proving that Burton is a truly worthy director.
What is Tim Burton's style called?
I looked it up, and it's called “gothic suburbia”. Basically Tim burton has a very distinctive style. He combines 19th and 20th century visuals and images to create a gothic sort of film that has dark implications hidden in a children's movie, that can be enjoyed by people of all ages.
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