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The Sniper Test Questions Persuasive
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The story ends ironically when the IRA sniper realizes that the enemy he killed was his own brother. But there are larger ironies here: first, that all of the sniper’s Free State enemies are, in a sense, his brothers, for they had been comrades in arms fighting for the same cause; second, that all men […]

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Adam And Eve Evil Literature The Sniper
The Sniper Test Questions Essay Example
1208 words 3 pages

I lay there on the roof of the building not knowing what to do. I had been hit. I could hardly move. There was silence on the warm June night. The wind was calmly blowing and the light of the moon shone through the clouds. I could faintly hear the ruffling of the person that […]

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Feeling The Sniper
Sniper and How Much Land Does Man Require
2455 words 5 pages

Tolstoy did not believe that human life was futile. In his later years he came to believe that the best life was one of Christian humility and simplicity. His story “How Much Land Does a Man Require” shows the futility of human greed. The protagonist is to gain possession of all the land he can […]

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Greed Literature Man The Sniper

Popular Questions About The Sniper

Is "the sniper" a fictional story?
" The Sniper " is a fictional story based on the Irish Civil War in the 1920's. Fiction is writing that is made up by the writer. The characters are not real people and the events are not presented as something that actually happened as the writer described.
What is the irony of the sniper?
The irony is that the sniper kills his own brother. The story is set during the Irish civil war in the 1920's. Each brother has chosen a different side on which to fight. During his battle with an enemy sniper, the author foreshadows the ending by showing how similar each shooter is.
What is the summary of the story the sniper?
The Sniper Summary. The story begins on a night in June as the sounds of war rages throughout the city. On a high rooftop, a sniper eats a sandwich and washes it down with some whiskey. He is described as having the face of a student with the eyes of a fanatic.
What is the climax of the story the sniper?
The climax is when the sniper finally kills his enemy; after being wounded and killing all the other enemies. The falling action was when he decided he should go and see who the enemy was. The resolution was when he discovered the true idenity of his target, his brother.