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Nommo and the Bible Essay Example
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A Comparison and Contrast of the Character Names in The Poisonwood Bible Barbara Kingslover writes a book entitled, The Poisonwood Bible that explore the effects one culture has on another.

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Analysis of Book Titles in the Poisonwood Bible
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Just like the first book in the Bible, the first book of The Poisonwood Bible is named Genesis. As well as the beginning, Genesis can also mean rebirth. When characters arrive in the Congo they realize the things they brought with them are changed by Africa and can no longer be as they once were. […]

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Character Representation of Christianity in Poisonwood Bible Essay Example
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The strong commentary on Christianity in Barbara Kingsolver’s The Poisonwood Bible is strongly evident throughout the novel. The narrative itself is divided into ‘books’ that mirror those of the Bible, including: Genesis, The Revelation, and Exodus.

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Popular Questions About The Poisonwood Bible

What is the purpose of The Poisonwood Bible?
The Poisonwood Bible by Barbara Kingsolver. "Oh, mercy. If it catches you in the wrong frame of mind, the King James Bible can make you want to drink poison in no uncertain terms.". The clear purpose of the multivocal narrative is to let you piece together the apparently strange world of the Congo from these different accounts.
Is the Poisonwood Bible a true story?
Plot Summary. The Poisonwood Bible is largely set in the Congo during its short-lived bid for independence from Belgium. However, the story actually spans three decades and is told through the wife and four daughters of a zealous preacher, Nathan Price, who move to a small village there, Kilanga, to do missionary work.
What are allusions in The Poisonwood Bible?
Biblical Allusion In The Poisonwood Bible. 908 Words4 Pages. Biblical Allusion In The Poisonwood Bible In The Poisonwood Bible, written by Barbara Kingsolver, the aspect of biblical allusion is clearly present throughout the majority of the novel. For example, one of the most conspicuous allusions to the Bible is the way that Kingsolver has purposely named some of the main characters in her book after different people and images in the Bible.
What is the setting of The Poisonwood Bible?
Setting Damsel in DistressThe Congo isn't just a setting in The Poisonwood Bible: it's practically a character. The Poisonwood Bible is told from five—count 'em, five—points of view: Orleanna Price, and her four daughters, Leah, Adah, Rachel, and Ruth May.