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Space Travel: Importance and Setbacks
608 words 2 pages

SpaceX is an American based space manufacturer and transporter company situated in California. It was founded in 2002 by Elon Musk with the primary goal of making technologies that will ease costs incurred during space transportation as well as enabling exploration into planet Mars. SpaceX is developing various space vehicles such as the Falcon 1 […]

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Flight Gravity Solar System Technology
Solar System and Universe Essay
1063 words 3 pages

Introduction Most scientists, led by Kalita (18), widened the scope of astronomical study by posing the significant question, “What composes the universe?” In most non-scientific studies, the question finds simple answers, but in the distinct field of astronomy, the study attracts more defined answers, as depicted by Gibney (8). Among the leading contributions to the […]

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Solar System Universe
Solar System and Asteroids Essay
1492 words 3 pages

Asteroids are airless, rock worlds that orbit the sun. They are also called minor planets. Most of these minor planets are collected in the major asteroid belt, which is a vast doughnut-shaped ring found between the orbits of Jupiter and Mars. This belt has more than 1,150 asteroids. Larger asteroids have been given the name […]

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Solar System Universe
Galileo’s Letter Essay
291 words 1 page

It was written in 1615 to explain the rationale behind astronomical inventions to patroness and the Grand Duchess of Tuscany. Galileo argues against literal interpretation of the Bible by his opponents to prove that the sun was at center of the solar system. It’s an exemplary on how non-religious views crash. He spoke of certain […]

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Solar System
The Big Bang Theory Essay
3015 words 6 pages

Introduction The Big Bang theory is an emerging issue in the astronomic field. It is the study of the formation of the universe. The Theory shows the process of formation from the hot, dense initial condition at its current state. The universe is continuously expanding, and the scientists need to make detailed predictions of the […]

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Solar System Thomas Edison Universe