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Bettie and Zahara belong to different cohorts. The only DEFINITE difference between these two women is
A theory that stresses the potential of all humans for good and the belief that all people have the same basic needs, regardless of culture, gender, or background, is
Socioeconomic status refers to an individual’s
social class
When a researcher wants to determine the cause of a particular behavior, the appropriate research method to use is a(n)
If a researcher watches 1-week-old babies and records how many times they open and close their eyes while lying in their cribs, he is most likely using
scientific observation
_____ are the foundation of psychoanalytic theory.
Inner drives and motives
To determine if vitamin D consumption slows the progress of multiple sclerosis, a researcher would most likely use
a laboratory experiment
_____ emphasizes unconscious drives and early experiences, whereas _____ emphasizes learning by association, reinforcement, or observation.
Psychoanalytic theory; behaviorism
Dwayne was born to a single mother living in Chicago. Within the context of the ecological-systems approach, knowing this fact allows one to know something about his
Psychoanalytic theory originated with
Sigmund Freud
Genes and environmental forces both shape development, which has led to the understanding that many human characteristics are
Dr. Kilbey is studying the impact of exosystems on human development. Which of these would she be MOST interested in examining?
medical centers and religious institutions
IRB stands for _____.
Institutional Review Board
Social learning theory indicates that learning occurs from ____
bserving and imitating others
What term did Bronfenbrenner use to describe the impact of the specific time in history on a person’s development?

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