Essay Summary of Enlightenment in Europe & the Americas

Flashcard maker : Charles Clay
Literacy in the Enlightenment was concentrated in what social strata?
upper class
The topic of children is largely absent from Enlightenment writing, why?
children were not understood to possess reason
What was \”the Great Chain of Being\” as Enlightenment thinkers understood it?
a hierarchy that put everything in its place
Enlightenment philosophers & writers, regardless of their belief in tradition or progress, tended to value what?
The Enlightenment’s emphasis on individual reason as a ruling principle led to increasing belief in the divine right of kings. (TRUE or FALSE)
As part of the Enlightenment belief in the constancy, or universality, of natural laws, God was often imagined as what?
a watchmaker
What did the Enlightenment ideal of decorum suggest?
literary subjects must be fitted to their appropriate genre
Enlightenment authors put great emphasis on \”realism\” in their work. (TRUE or FALSE)
The Enlightenment was a time of great tension between the two ideals of what?
tradition & progress

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