English 91 College Writing Skills 9th Edition Chapter 1 and 2

Four Steps to writing an Essay
Develop a Clearly stated point
Provide logical detailed support.
Organize and connect your supporting information
Revise and edit so that your sentences are error free.

State Difference between talking and grammar
using slang instead of proper grammar

Short paper 150 -200 words
Topic sentence (Subject and Point)
and 3 -5 Reason to support the topic

Paper with 500 words or more
Has Thesis Statement (Subject & Point)
Several Supporting paragraphs more than 3
May be several modes of writing (narrations) in essay

Benefits of Essay Writing
Make you a better:
Reader; writer
Thinker; listener

The Writing Process 4 Steps
Pre-writing – Making list of ideas
First Draft – – thoughts ideals1
Revising – unified, supported, organized perallism
Editing – proof reading, Spelling & Grammar

not wordy
“To be a good essay writer you must be succinct.

Brain Storming
Coming up with random ideas

Structured in the order you want to write it

Topic Sentence
Subject of what you are writing about and Point you are going to make.

Thesis Statement has 2 things
Point being made about the Subject

Check for and correct errors in: grammar, punctuation, capitalization, and spelling

Use Parallelism to balance words and ideals
consistent point of view
active verbs, correct organization

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