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intended listener and reader
Why you are writing and/or reading it
Three reasons why a paper is written
Inform, Persuade, Engage
What does a narrative do?
Tells a story
Is a novel a primary or secondary source?
Titles of short stories are italicized.
False, they are in quotations,” “.
Contractions are okay in essays. True/False.
What is the difference between revision and editing?
Revision is when one helps develop a paper, editing is fixing all errors in paper
What are concrete words?
words that stand for items you can touch
What are abstract words?
Words that stand for things with no specific images, like emotions and feelings.
What is syntax?
The way words are arranged.can be loose or periodic
What is loose syntax?
When the main clause or idea comes first
What is periodic syntax?
Depending clause comes first, then main clause or idea comes last
What secondary sources?
Sources that analyze the primary source
What is the biggest task in writing?
Engaging the reader
Feminist Theory
studies equality of gender in text
Psychoanalytic Theory
Incorporates psychology when analyzing a text
New Historianism Criticism
understanding the time period of when the text was written historically
Describe a thesis
A road map, makes a claim that others might dispute, point to something specific, and does not go off course.
Where and when plot in text takes place
attitude author has toward the text
Central ideas within the work
When the text appears to mean one thing and ironically means something else
visual quality added to the text
What is descriptive writing?
Helps the reader completely understand the subject you are writing about and explains thing in great detail.
“Five dollars to the first one of you who reads ‘Huckleberry Finn.'”
Compulsory Reading by Alison Bechdel
“More and more people began to write, and the new technologies of writing enabled writers to create new genres. But even so, the rise of literacy was painfully slow”
Should Everybody Write? by Dennis Baron
” We pedants are supposed to hate texting, but we don’t.”
The Joy of Texting by Lynne Truss
“The feeling eased the moment I turned the corner and saw the dark outline of my school at the top of the hill. “
The Sanctuary of School by Lynda Barry
“When my friends followed up by asking if I could get recalled again, I repeated the rumor I’d heard that involuntary mobilized service members could not be recalled again for a full two years.”
Bidding Farewell to Arms by Roman Skaskiw
“When my brother was twelve and I was eighteen, the police left a message that they’d arrested him for stealing a car. My mother wasn’t home from work yet, and I ran the eight blocks to the station.”
Tell Me Something by Michelle Cacho-Negrete
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