English 101

Laura Holman
Mollie Ficek
English 101
29 September 2013
My Genre Project
For my genre project, I tried to be creative, as well as interesting about my choices. I had many different ideas run through my head, but I narrowed it down to my 3 favorites. An extremely significant part of my life is my boyfriend Shane. As I went through our lives together for exploration 2, there were a lot of significant events we have had, but the main one I decided on was the 3 weeks we were apart while I was on a school trip to Europe. We had been dating for about a year, and I left for Europe with my French class. While it was an amazing experience, it was hard to be away from Shane.
For my first genre project, I chose to do a message in a bottle. There was a lot of significance in this project, plus I also thought it was a very creative idea. The main idea of the message was that I a ‘lost traveler,’ was stranded on a deserted island in the middle of the ocean. In the message it says I was stranded in between New York and France, which were the two airport destinations we left and landed in when I actually went to France. I took a lot of time to make the paper look like an old piece of parchment paper, worn and tattered from traveling across long oceans. That helps to make it know that it’s traveled long distances, and very important.
The biggest aspect on the message is that in huge letters, it says HELP and SOS, showing that I am in great need of help and rescuing. I think the scribbly writing and ripped paper is a mean to show that I am desperate. A regular letter would be written neatly or typed, while this is scrawled long hand. The intended audience would most likely be a family on vacation to the beach, or a passenger on a ship. I would say these were the intended audiences, because of the nature of the area in which it would most likely be found.
This genre was difficult for me to place an actual genre name to. I finally decided on a dramatic mystery. I do not…