EMS 7 Science 3.1 Review of Vocabulary Chapter 3, Lesson 1

Question Answer
A system of units used by scientists to measure the properties of matter International system of Units (SI)
A system of measurement based on the number 10 and developed in the 1790s Metric System
A measure of how much matter is in an object Mass
A measure of the force of gravity acting on an object Weight
The amount of space that matter occupies Volume
A measure of how much matter is in an object Mass
The curved upper surface of a liquid in a column of liquid Meniscus
The measurement of how much mass of a substance is contained in a given volume Density
Scientists use ________ units of measurement, rather than nonstandard units (like body parts) to minimize confusion and to be able to communicate accurately with other scientists all over the world standard
The prefix kilo- (k) means… 1,000
The prefix milli- (m) means… 0.001
The prefix centi- (cm) means… 0.01
What would change if you were on Mars, your mass OR weight? weight
The basic SI unit for measuring length is the … meter
On what mark do you start measuring with a metric ruler or meter stick? zero
What unit would you use to measure long distances (like those between cities)? kilometer
How many centimeters are in a meter? 100
How many millimeters are in a centimeter? 10
What tool do you use to find the mass of an object? balance
What is the SI unit for measuring mass? kilogram
What is the SI unit for measuring weight? Newton
To find the mass of large objects like cars, people or bicycles, you would use which unit? kilograms
To find the mass of smaller objects like a pencil, a paperclip or a candy bar, you would use which unit? grams
Your mass on the moon is the same as your mass on the earth…true or false? true
There are 100 milligrams in a gram…true or false? false
What tool is used to measure weight? scale
In SI, the basic unit for measuring volume is the… cubic meter
When finding the volume of liquids, what unit do you use? liter
Where should you read the meniscus? The top or the bottom? bottom
The white board eraser is 7cm long, 3 cm wide and 1 cm high… what is the volume of the eraser? 21 cm3
You can use the ____________ method to find the volume of irregular solids displacement
The SI unit for measuring density is …. kg/m3
If you want to decrease the density of an object you would ________ its volume (or spread its mass out over a greater area) then it might float. increase
Which is more dense, a beach ball or a bowling ball? bowling ball
If you have a piece of bread, and you want it to sink, rather than float, you would smoosh it into a ball (or ________ its volume) to increase its density. decrease
An orange has a mass of 60g and a volume of 20 cm3…what is its density? 3 g/cm3
What is the density of water? 1.0 g/cm3
A piece of wood has a density of 0.7 g/cm3, will it sink or will it float? float
All samples of pure substances (elements), no matter how large or small, have the same ______ density
The official SI unit for temperature is the… kelvin
Scientists like to use the Kelvin scale because its units are the same size as those in the celsius scale and there are no ________ numbers. negative
In the Celsius scale, water freezes at _ degrees 0
In the Celsius scale, water boils at ___ degrees 100
The SI unit used to measure time is the … second
What tool is used to measure temperature? thermometer
What tool is used to measure time? stopwatch
How many minutes are in an hour? How many seconds are in a minute? 60
In order to find the density of an object, first you must know its ___ ___ _______ mass and volume
What is the abbreviation for the International System of Units? SI
What formula do you use to determine the volume of a rectangular solid? l x w x h
Anything that takes up space and has mass Matter
Shape, color, texture, size (including mass, weight, volume and density) are all __________ of matter properties

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