emarketing 3

% of US consumers use the internet
main reason consumers do NOT use the internet:
basic marketing concept that refers to the act of obtaining a valued object from someone by offering something in return
tools that companies can use to send data to customers:
-voice mail
-fax machine
Attention Economy
there is INFINITE info, but demand for it is limited by human capacity
some shoppers are more _________ oriented than ________ oriented
MORE goal oriented than experience
cost of consumer’s resources for exchange:
money, energy, time
alternatives to credit card payments on the internet is _________
smart card
time poverty is a problem for today’s consumers, they want:
appropriate benefits for the time they spend online
social networking widgets
bring directly specific information, news reports, or promoted specials
Five major activities that consumers do as they spend time online

-NOT trade

reasons for probably increase in US adoption of broadband in near future
-most television is now transmitted digitally
-devices such as DVRs allow TV programs to be delivered on demand
-broadband services are increasingly offered by cable companies

-NOT broadband will be required for employees to work from home

_____ of US tv viewers still watch live tv, while _____ of viewers using DVRs fast-forward through commercials
95% ; 70%
High bandwidth allows:
-phone calls delivered over the internet
-delivery of music and movies over the web
-real-time virtual reality
which of the following strategies have been implemented to deal with a mixed bandwidth audience for a web site:
-design for slowest user
-design for fastest user
-design fast and slow versions of the site

-(all of the above)

way for marketers to watch the trends of internet users is to:
-monitor search terms entered at Google, Yahoo!, and other search engines/directories
DSL technology is a method for:
transmitting data at high speed over phone lines
social/cultural trends that have impacted online exchange:
information overload, time poverty, work at home
strategies to deal with users with mixed bandwidths include all the following:
-design for the slowest user
-design for the fastest user
-create fast and slow versions of the website

-NOT use text only websites

online oxygen is a term coined by www.trendwatching.com which refers to:
-addictive nature and qualities of the internet
net evaders represent 8% of internet nonusers who don’t find the internet to be of necessary use
killer app:
global internet: e-mail
all media: TV
truly unconnected:
70% internet nonusers who earn low incomes and have little formal education
Integrated marketing communication (IMC)
is a cross-functional process for planning, executing, and monitoring brand communications designed to profitably acquire, retain, and grow customers.
IMC strategy requires a thorough understanding of what 3 things?
target markets, brand, competition
Marketing communication consists of _________ messages between firms and customers, as well as those among customers

(all of the above)

The “think, feel, do” model is well accepted for what kind of product decisions?
HIGH-involvement decisions
Brand advertising
putting the brand name and product benefits in front of users
non-personal communication of information through various media, usually persuasive in nature about products or ideas and usually paid for by an identified sponsor.
promising marketing technique for mobile devices
-content-sponsored advertising
-location marketing
-short message service (SMS)

NOT sponsorships

The biggest downside of animated and highly interactive banners is that they
require a lot of bandwidth
Sales promotions
short-term incentives of gifts or money that facilitate the movement of products from producer to end-user.
Online sales promotions can
-build brands
-expand databases
-support increased offline sales

all of the above

Public relations:
Building good relations with the company’s various publics by obtaining favorable publicity, building up a good
corporate image, and handling or heading off unfavorable rumors, stories, and events
Direct Marketing uses direct communication with consumers to generate a response in the form of:
an order, a request for further information, or a visit to a retail outlet


Direct markeing
direct communications with carefully targeted individual consumers to obtain an immediate response.
The personal presentation by the firm’s sales force for the purpose of making sales and building customer relationships is called:
Personal Selling

-most expensive

Owned Media:
carry communication messages from the organization to internet users on channels that are owned and, thus, at least partially controlled by, the company.
Paid Media
properties owned by others who are paid by the organization to carry its promotional messages (e.g., advertising).
Which of the following represents physical media in a paid media space?
Blog authors use blogs to:
a. disseminate views
b. build audience or clientele
c. promote a product


____________ is the process of aggregating individuals or businesses along similar characteristics that pertain to the use, consumption, or benefits of a product or service.
Market Segmentation
Marketers commonly base their segmentation of consumer markets on
– demographics
-geographic location
– psychographics


What kind of firms develop multi-segment strategies based on geographics?
a. small firms operating in local markets
b. Large multinational firms
c. firms that focus on consumers in rural or metropolitan locations exclusively


Top 3 languages
english, japanese, chinese

english, chinese, spanish, japanese

User psychographics include:

NOT geographic location

Marketers using ________ often form groups of consumers based on the outcomes they desire from the product.
BENEFIT segmentation
key driver for marketing mix strategy
-benefits sought
Usage segments:
-home versus work access
-access speed
-time spent online

NOT brand loyalty

sidelined citizens
process of selecting the market segments that are most attractive to the firm and selecting an appropriate segment coverage strategy.
Targeting can be achieved by building community in all of the following ways:
-online chat room
-discussion groups
-online events

NOT solicitation

An important group for e-marketers to target for developing buzz or word of mouth
attitudes and behaviors
attitudes: INTERNAL evaluations about people

behavior: physical action

most ignored group:
new age nurturers
niche marketing:
company selects one segment and develops one or more marketing mixes to meet the needs of that segment.
tageting criteria:

NOT reliability

Differentiation; Positioning
Differentiation: what company does to product

Positioning: what it does to consumer’s mind

is the process of adding a set of meaningful and valued differences to distinguish the company’s offering from the competitor’s offerings.


Market offerings can be differentiated along each of the following dimensions EXCEPT:

(product, service, image)

Experience branding
company differentiates itself by creating a unique customer experience.

-retain customers, enhance profits, target key customer segments

Web differentiation strategies:
-site environment
Highest level differentiation is:
providing specialized personal services
Firms can position
brands, entire company, individual product
firms base positioning on:
attributes, benefits, user categories

NOT marketing

attributes of products/services includes:
size, speed, color NOT prince
Positioning strategies
create a desired image for a company and its products in the minds of a chosen user segment.
Highest level differentiation is:
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