Elvis Presley Analysis Essay Example
Elvis Presley Analysis Essay Example

Elvis Presley Analysis Essay Example

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Elvis Presley made a huge impact on people of today! He changed the way we sing our song today by singing the song fast than other writers of that time would have sang it. He changed the way people may have dressed in that time to some new some that would pop make them stand out from other singer or dancers. He inspired people of today to put raps in their songs. He inspired everyone today how to sing their songs and how to dance and how to dress and stand out. Elvis Aaron Presley was born January 8, 1935. He was born in Tupelo, Mississippi.

Elvis had twin brother ( Jessie Gordon Presley), Jessie was born stillborn. As a teenager Elvis stared to like country, Christian, and pop music. In 1953 Elvis graduated from Hume's Hig


h. Awhile after high school Elvis Served in the US Army for about two years. Elvis was first recognized when he had gone to The Sun Records Witch was owned by Sam Phillip's. He was there to record a song for his mothers birthday. After Elvis and Sam did a little talking Sam signed a contract over to Elvis. Elvis First recorded in the 1950s. His first recording was " That's All Right Little Mama".

That's All Right Mama was one of his most famous songs. Elvis was the hit of the century. He was the one every one looked up to. He was the one that everyone listened to. Everyone wanted to be Elvis. They want to meet him and go to his concerts. People thought he had the best songs. Everyone loved the way he sang his song different

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some of those songs are, "Hound Dog", "Love Me Tender", "Heartbreak Hotel" ext. Around the 1950s everyone stared calling Elvis the king of Rock "n" Roll. He was well known in the U. S. A. Elvis starred in 33 movies.

A few of his most liked movies were Love Me Tender in 1956. He other most liked movie was Loving You in 1957. Elvis Changed the life of today. He inspired more people to Right faster and slower songs. By giving us more songs playing lets take Rock "n" Roll for example he inspired people of today to put raps, speaking, ext. He also made people write more of it. He inspired more and more people to listen, sing and write it different. The people of today listen to music differently because we have the different types of song such as, rock, metal, pop, Christian, country, ext.

Elvis was known as the king of Rock "n" Roll by him having a nickname ( King of Rock "n" Roll ) made other singers, actors, actresses want nicknames also. People stared making up nicknames that were catchy such as T-Pain. We also have bands with catchy names such as "The Ready Set". We have nicknames even if we aren't famous like I get called Dillpickle and Becca Boo by my all of my friends. Elvis also changed the way Singers, dancers, actors, actresses ext. dress today. we dress now with our collars popped up. We used a one piece outfit. We dress with a shirt and pants. we Use boot cut jeans or skinny jeans.

We use more necklaces, rings, bracelets, feathers, ext. We add things on our outfit like

sparkles, patterns, and other things. He has also changed the way we do our hair. Now we use hair extensions, feather, wigs ext. We curl our hair or straighten it. We use Hair spray, moose, gel and other thing that make you hair stay in place. We wear our hair up in pony tails or in halve up and halve down or in bus or in pig tails. We wear accessories in our hair that we think looks cute. Rock n roll has changed because its faster we add raps to our song we add people singing we add sound effects.

Elvis has changed our lives with his music. He made us sing it different listen to it different and write it differently. He has Made a huge impact on us. Elvis Aaron Presley died on August 16,1977. He had, had a daughter named Lisa Marie Presley. Where every you go you can see how Elvis has change our way of life weather its how we sing, dress, dance, act.


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