EIDWS Board Study Guide

Safety and Mishap Reporting Instruction

How many categories of Hazard Severity?

What kind of fracture Is internal/external and causes open wound that the bone is protruding through the skin

Save Life, Prevent Further Injury, Prevent infection
Three objectives of first aid

Heat stress
Effects- increased body temp, severe headache, nausea
Treatment- remove from heat source

Heat Exhaustion
Effects- serious disturbance of blood flow to the brain and other organs.
Treatment- move to cool place

Heat Stroke
Effects- hot and dry skin, uneven pupils, weak, rapid pulse
Treatment- contact emergency, move victim to cooler environment, reduce heat, submerse body in cold water

Hazards from Electromagnetic radiation to Ordinance
What does HERO stand for?

Hazards from Electromagnetic radiation to Personnel
What does HERP stand for?

Hazards from Electromagnetic radiation to Fuels
What does HERF stand for?

Command and Control, Operations, Warfare, Logistics, Intelligence, Planning
6 areas of Naval Doctrine – COWLIP

Simplicity, Attainability, Flexibility, Economy, Responsiveness, Sustainability, Survivability
7 principles of Naval Logistics – FEARSSS

Ships of the line, 64-100 guns
Frigates, 28-44 guns
Sloops of War, 10-20 guns
Three classes of Naval vessels at inception

Battle of Midway
What battle was from 03-05 Jun 1942, Turning point of the Pacific War, Allied code breaking allowed Admiral Nimitz to position his three carriers beyond Japanese range.

Battle of Leyte Gulf
What battle was 23 OCT 1944, First usage of ELINT for USN, Allowed tracking Japanese movements using radar signals

Battle of Guadalcanal
What battle was from 13-15 Nov 1942, Largest amphibious assault landing, Lost 700 including five Sullivan brothers

On the Roof Gang
October 1, 1928. What was the name of the enlisted radio operators who were specially trained at a unique school located on the roof of the old Navy Department Building? they were trained to intercept and analyze foreign radio communications. Laid the cornerstone of Naval Cryptology.

Purple Code
What code was broken Sept 20, 1940?

Capture of USS Pueblo
Oct 8, 1955. North Koreans transferred cryptology to Russians. 1 sailor killed in action, 82 held for 11 months.Crew was able to destroy less then 10% of classified information on board.

EC-121 shoot down
What happened on 14 Apr 1969, was the worst loss in the history of US aerial reconnaissance, 31 died no survivors?

Strategic, Operational, Tactical
Three levels of War

National Security Act of 1947
What established the CIA, merged war and Navy Departments into the DOD, created Air Force, Established National Security Council?

Sailor’s Creed
What was created by the Blue Ribbon Recruit Training Panel in 1993 at the direction of CNO Kelso, In 1994 CNO Jermy Boorda made the creed all hands

RADM Grace Hopper
Who was known as the Grand Lady of Software and co-inventor of COBOL. Credited with coining the term “Bug”?

ENIAC, University of Pennsylvania
What was the first computer and location?

What was the predecessor to the Internet, plan first published 1967, First public demonstration in 1972 by sending the first “E-mail”.

John Walker
Who was a Retired USN CWO, Spying for Russia 1965-1985, help soviets decipher over a million messages?

ONI, 1882
What is the oldest Intelligence Organization in the US Navy and when was it established?

National Council Authority (NCA)
Who is the ultimate lawful source of military orders comprised of the President,SECDEF, and Joint Chief of Staff?

Pearl Harbor, HI, Asia Pacific Regions

Stuttgart, Germany

Joint Forces Command, Suffolk, VA.

Miami, FL. US Southern Command

MacDill AFB, FL Central Command

Peterson AFB, CO, Homeland Defense, civil support, NORAD

MacDill AFB, FL Special Operations Command

Scott AFB, IL, MSC, Air Mobility Command

Offut AFB, NE Strategic Command

Stugart, Germany, Combined JTF-HOA, Africa

FT Meade, MD, DOD Information Networks

2nd Fleet
What fleet is located in Norfolk, VA, and AOR is North Atlantic Ocean

3rd Fleet
What fleet is located in San Diego, CA. and AOR is Pacific Ocean

4th Fleet
What fleet is located in Mayport, FL and AOR is Carribean, South America, South Atlantic and Pacific

5th Fleet
What fleet is located in Manana Bahrain and AOR is the Suez Canal to Indian Ocean, Somalia

6th Fleet
What fleet is located in Naples, Italy and AOR is Baltic, Black and Med seas

7th Fleet
What fleet is located in Yokuska Japan and AOR is Pacific and Indian Oceans, waters east of Africa

10th Fleet
What fleet’s AOR is worldwide and located Fort Meade, MD

Task Force
What does TF stand for and was established to work on a single defined task or activity

Task Group
What does TG stand for and is assigned to a Task Force?

Task Unit
What does TU stand for and is within a task group?

Task Element
What does TE stand for and is an individual component of a Task Force?

Command, Control, Computer, Communications and Intelligence, Surveillance, Reconnaissance
What does C4ISR stand for?

01 OCT 1961
When did DIA become operational?

What provides a NEC of the commands manning status and has 12 Sections

1070/602 – Page 2
What page has Application for dependency allowances, used to capture spouse data

1070/604 – Page 4
What page has History of Service, training related quals, awards

1070/613 – Page 13
What page has records of significant miscellaneous entries

What are official reports which include Oprep 3, Navy Blue, and Pinnacle.

Inspector General (IG)
Who inspects, investigate, or inquire any and all matters important to the Navy from claims of fraud and mismanagement of resources

1) First installed
2) Compromised or believed to be compromised
3) Transferring of personnel
4) Every 2 years at a minimum
When should safe combinations should be changed?

What is a weakness within a security system?

What is a computer program that copies itself and infects the computer?

What is a self replicating malware program?
(minimal user intervention)

What kind of malware is disguised to look like a friendly program?

What is put in place by a hacker in order to regain access at a later time?

Sending an email attempting to acquire personal information

Essential Elements of Friendly Information
What does EEFI stand for?

What brings immediate attention to circuit operators that an EEFI disclosure has occurred?

Message Precedences
R- Routine 6 hours
P- Priority 3 hours
O- Immediate 30 min
Z- Flash less than 10 min
W- Flash override less than 3 min (CRITIC))

Name the five IO Core Capabilities

Navy Blue Team
Group responsible for defending IS by maintaining its security posture against mock attackers

Navy Red Team
Tries to attack Information Systems to better improve IA

USC Title 10
What USC title outlines the role of armed forces in the US Code?

USC Title 50
What USC title outlines the role of war and national defense?

OPSEC Officer
Who is responsible for administering the OPSEC program?

Ebb Tide
What are currents named that flow away from the shore?

Wave Height
What is the vertical distance measured in feet from crest to trough?

Space Force Enhancement
5 force enhancement missions- ISR, Missle warnings, environmental monitoring, SAT comms, and PNT

Space Control
Protect space capabilities and deny freedom of use to adversary

Space Force Application
Combat operations in/from space to influence the course and outcome of conflict

Solar Winds
What are winds that streams continuously from sun, 1 million mph, degrades radar performance?

Low Earth Orbit
What orbits takes 100 minutes to orbit around the earth?

What is the point on the orbit farthest from the center of the Earth?

What is the point on the orbit closest to the center of the Earth?

Kennedy Space Center, FL and Vandenburg AFB, CA
Where are the two main space launch facilities?

US Space-based global navigation system, provides reliable positioning navigation, and timing world wide

Closed Fracture
What kind of fracture is entirely internal and does not break skin?

What is any event with potential to adversely impact operations? Can attack a vulnerability?

What system provides Commanders and operators common graphical depiction of the battle space of an area of operations?

What agency creates GEOINT products using imagery, geospatial and targeting analysis, image sciences and modeling for U.S. national defense and disaster relief?

What office is located in Chantilly, Virginia, is one of the 16 U.S. intelligence agencies. It designs, builds, and operates the spy satellites of the United States government?

Collection, Feedback, Evaluation
Intelligence cycle

– Commanders Objective/Intent
– Target Development and Prioritization
– Capabilities Analysis
– Commanders Decision and Force Assignment
– Mission Planning and Force Execution
– Assessment
Name the Six phases of the Joint Targeting Cycle

Planned Target
What kind of target is known to exist in operational area with actions scheduled against them

Immediate Target
What is a target that is identified to late, or not selected for action in time to be included in normal targeting process

No Strike List
What kind of target list has objects protected from the effects of military operations

Restricted target list
What kind of target list has certain specific restrictions associated with them

Derived from the recommendations of components in conjunction with their proposed operations

Law of Armed Conflict (LOAC)
What is the international law that regulates the conduct of armed hostilities?

Distinction, Unnecessary Suffering, Military Necessity, Proportionality
Four principles of LOAC

What transmits energy toward an object or target and rely on the return of echo of that energy to determine range, speed, and heading

Force Protection Normal
What Force Protection is a ROUTINE security posture?

Force Protection Alpha
What Force Protection is a general threat of POSSIBLE activity, unpredictable?

Force Protection Bravo
What Force Protection is a PREDICTABLE terrorist threat exists?

Force Protection Charlie
What Force Protection is a when INCIDENT OCCURS or terrorist targeting is imminent?

Force Protection Delta
What Force Protection is when an ATTACK has occurred, imminent actions against specific locations?

What is the name of the Non SCI message system?

Confidentiality, Integrity, Availability, Non-repudiation, Authentication
5 attributes of IA

To provide timely, objective, and cogent military intel to warfighters, defense planners, and policy makers
What is DIA’s Mission

Micro purchase
$3,000 for supplies and services

Accountable Property
What kind of property are servers, cpu, lcd tv, computer monitors, printers, copiers

Non Accountable Property
What kind of property are keyboards, computer mouse, speakers, VOIP phones, switch boxes

Osmond Ingram
Who was the first enlisted man killed in action in World War I?

Electronic Warfare
Any military action involving the direction or control of
electromagnetic spectrum energy to deceive or attack the enemy.

Direct pressure
Pressure Points
Constricting bands
3 ways to control bleeding

Navajo Code
What code was never broken.

Attack on the USS Stark
What attack happened on 17 May 87, was struck by two EXOCET missiles from Iraqi mirage?

Battle of Coral Sea
What battle took place on 07-08 May 1942?

Geosynchronous Orbit
24hr orbit around the earth?

Geostationary Orbit
Satellite seems to stay in one place due to same rotation as the earth?

As the Navy’s Center of Excellence for Information Operations (IO), Navy Information Operations Command Norfolk advances Information Operations war fighting capabilities for Naval and Joint Forces by providing operationally focused training and planning support; developing doctrine, TTPs, advocating requirements in support of future effects-based warfare; and managing functional data for Information Operations
What is NIOC Norfolk’s mission?

1) Plans
2) Operations
3) Readiness
4) Command Support
How many and what directorates is NIOC Norfolk composed of?

– Deployers
What areas is the OPERATIONS department composed of?

– Planners
– Intel
What areas is the PLANS department composed of?

– Fleet Assessment (Blue Team)
– Fleet Training (Red Team)
– Doctrine (Create TTPs, SOPs)
– OPSEC (for entire navy)
– EWTGU (give EW training on ships)
What areas is the READINESS department composed of?

– Comptroller (Mrs. Pennington, money, travel)
– ESO (Mr. Rogers, training, education)
– CSO (CDR Short, XO’s right hand man)
– SSO (Mrs. Freeney, security)
– ADP (network security)
– Supply (purchase supplies for command)
What areas is the COMMAND SUPPORT department composed of?

– Electronic Warfare Development
– Electronic Warfare Reprogramming
– Put info into NIODB
– (OOB, parameters, TACELINT)
What does EWD/EWR stand for? What is it responsible for?

Electronic Warfare Training Guidance Unit
What does EWTGU stand for?

– Go to ships and give an IO perspective
– Bldg 1126 across from ADP
What does is the deployer shop responsible for? Where are they located?

– Planners: plan IO
– Intel: Answer RFIs, weekly brief to CO, daily readboard, targeting shop
What do are the planners and intel department responsible for?

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