Egan’s fundemenat of respiratory care

medical director
The physician who helps manage your department
body that reviews health care companies such as hospitals
Characteristic reflecting excellence
Credentializing organization for respiratory care
original author of your textbook
permission to pracice
someone like you
Informal training in the work place
Agency that regulates drugs
Therapist driven protocols
Improvement that is ongoing in nature
The collegen of chest doctors
providing quality care to patient;name three elements are part of quality respiratory care
personnel, equipment, method or manner in which care is provided
Quality must be monitored;name two monitoring strategies
Hospital-based quality,programs as mandated by TJC
How can protocols enhance the quality of RT care
by reducing misallocations,such as overordering,reduce costs,
Four essential components of disease management programs
1.integrated health care that can cross full range of patient needs
Evidence-based medicine have methods for analyzing data and making decisions.
1. rigorous and systematic review of available evidence 2.Analysis of evidence to determine guidelines for clinical practice 3.incorporate literature into practice
Who are responsible for the clinical funtion of the respiratory care department
medical derector
Ordering too many respiratory care servicesis called
Missallocation and it hinders delivery of quality care
guidelines foe delivering appropriate respiratory care services called
What is highest credential in the profession of RC
registered ( RRT)
Respiratory care credentialing examination are administered by the
National Board for respiratory care NBRC
What is personnel cross-training
is the method most freqquently cited as the optimal strategy for decreasing redundancy of patient care activities
Continuous quality improvement
an ongoing form of quality assurance that puts emphasis on quality and cost-effectiveness
what is two major forms credentialing in health fields
LIcensure and voluntary credentialing
What are the clinical signs of hypoix/hypoxemia Name at least three?
SOB, Tachycardia, diaphoresis confusion etc.
when using the oxgyen therpy protocol, how do determ if the oxygen therapy is appropriate for this patient
The pulse oximeter shows a good saturation. The patients has no clinical signs of hypoxemia and no history that suggest heart or lung disease.The RR and heart rate are normal. than oxygen therpy is not indicated
notWhat action would you recommend with the above question at this time
place the patient on room air and recheck the saturation. Thehistory of abdominal surgery suggests starting the patient on postoperative protocol like a incentive spiromey. Discontinue the O2 if room air saturations are good
Use the algoorithm in Figuure 2-1, P23
The patient has a history of smoking and lung disease and has had surgery. His radiograph shows atelectasis. He is wheezing so he needs a bronchodilator.
Step 1. patient is alert
Step 2.Can take a deep breath
Step 3.Does not meet MDI perform criteria breath hold
Step 4.SElect SVN
NBRC questions:18. Apatient with chronic obstruc tive pulmonary disease complains difficuly breathing when he is ambulating. His Spo2 is 88% at rest. Which of the following would you recommend
A. oxygen therapy
C.antibiotic therapy
D.aerosolized brochodilator therapy
19. An alert 18-year-old patient is admitted with difficuly breathing. A diagnosis of asthma is determined,and you areed to instruct the patient in the use of an MDI. An MDI is a device used for
A. oxygen therapy
B. peep therapy
C. antibiotic therapy
D. aerosolized bronchodilator therapy
20. A patient with pneumonia is receving oxygen via nasal cannula at 2l/min. The Spo2 is is 89%, heart rate 110,and respiratory rate 24. Which of the follow would you recommend?
A. Increase the lter-per-minute flow to the cannula
21. Incentive breathing device are primarily used in the treatment of
B. postoperative patient
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