Ecological Systems on Gene-Environment Correlations Essay

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For the first concept map, I chose to do my concept map on the topic of gene-environment correlations. Which is in chapter 3 and can be found on page 83. This concept is about how different persons will encounter different environments based off their genes. Gene-environment correlation is broken down into three different parts passive gene-environment, evocative gene-environment, and active gene-environment.

The first gene-environment correlation is the passive gene-environment. This gene-environment has to do with the kind of environment parents bring their children up in.Children are greatly influenced by their parent’s home environment and also the children have inherited the parent’s passive genes. An example of this would be if the parents are sociable then the child is most likely to be sociable. Since the parents are sociable they will more then likely have a social home environment, which will increase the chances of their child to be sociable.

The second gene-environment correlation is the Evocative gene-environment. This gene-environment is fairly straightforward, the child evokes a reaction from other people due his/her genes.For example a child who is smiling and laughing will seem more approachable and evoke a like response, where as a shy child will not seem as approachable and will not receive the same type of response. The third gene-environment correlation is the Active gene-environment.

Your genes will guide you to the type of environment that you feel most comfortable with. For example a person who is sociable will go out to a party or go to other type of social events. While a person who is shy will most likely avoid places with large groups of people.Ecological System of Anne Frank If you look at the concept map on the last page you will see the map starts at the micro level. Anne’s micro level includes just her immediate family members her mom, Pim (dad), sister Margot, and herself.

Anne’s parents connect to her because of the passive gene-environment. A different Active gene-environment is also connected to Anne and her mother because Anne unlike her mother is very sociable. Since her the rest of her family is reserved Anne must have gotten this trait from outside influences. Anne andMargot are connected by the Evocative gene-environment because they evoke each other all the time. This is because they have different genes Anne is out going, she doesn’t get along with her mother, and she doesn’t get good grades. Margot is more reserved, she has a great relationship with her mother, and she gets very good grades.

The second level of the concept map is the meso level. This level is about her friends, Secret Annex, and the people who Anne stayed with her at the Secret Annex. Anne’s friends are connected to Anne by the Active gene-environment because they had a big social influence on her.Next the Secret Annex is connected to Anne by the Active gene-environment this place had a big environmental influence on her in a positive and negative way. First she fell in love with the place and understood that she needed to stay there to be able to survive. The place also had a negative influence on her because she realized that this place would be her home for a few years and she wouldn’t be able to leave the place at all.

She also was a very sociable person and during the day she had to keep quiet to avoid being caught. This was very hard on her.Lastly the meso level included the people Anne stayed with while at the Secret Annex. Albert Dussel and Mrs.

van Daan were connected to Anne by the Evocative gene-environment because they caused reaction out of Anne whenever they spoke and vice versa especially whenever Mrs. van Daan spoke this would cause a big reaction from Anne. Lastly I connected Peter van Daan to Anne because he had a social influence with her, he was shy. The third level on this map is the Exo level.

This level is about the people who helped Anne stay in hiding, the rumors that Anne would hear from them.First Miep and Bep were connected to Anne because they brought her food and books to read. Mr. Kugler and Mr. Kleiman were connected to Anne because they also helped Anne stay in hiding and when they were around in the building they brought a sense of security to everyone living in the Secret Annex. These people are all connected to Anne by the Evocative gene-environment because they all reacted to the laws of Nazi’s by trying to help the Franks and van Daans out by hiding them.

I connected Rumors to Anne through the evocative gene-environment because they a negative nvironmental influence.Anne would hear about her parents friends being taken away to camps and this caused a negative reaction out of her. The last level on the map was macro level. This level is about WWII, concentration camps, Hitler, and the Allies. These four things are connected to Anne and everyone else on the map through the evocative gene-environment because they all caused a reaction out of everyone.

Similarities with and Differences to my Ecological System I will now look the similarities and differences of my ecological system compared to Anne’s.At the micro level we both have our immediate family and the genes that were passed on from our parents to us. At the meso level we both have our friends who made big social influences on us. A similarity on the macro level would be leaders of countries Hitler and the Allies on Anne’s and President Bush on mine. They all make decisions that we can’t control but these decisions have the biggest impact on our environmental influences.

Another similarity comes at the macro level WWII for Anne and 9/11 for me.WWII had a much greater impact on Anne compared to 9/11 for me but they are still very similar because we were both leaving with the fear of unknown because we both didn’t know what was going to happen. Anne didn’t know if she was going to die because of battle going on in Amsterdam or because she was taken away to a concentration camp. I didn’t know what was going to happen to me because 9/11 was a surprise terrorist attack and I didn’t know if there would or wouldn’t be any more of them. We were different on the meso level because Anne did not have an outside positive influence from adults like I did.

We different on the exo level because I could go to places like my school, my job, social events while Anne had to stay in the Secret Annex. My Conclusion as Educator I learned a lot from this assignment that I believe can help me when I become a teacher. First I learned that a person with different genes will encounter different environments. Second I learned that my own genes will cause a reaction from my students because of the Evocative gene-environment. Third I learned that my teaching environment, my classroom will have a big impact on the students I’m teaching to because of the Active gene-environment

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